Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 1066 – Defeating the Frost Divine Son

Chapter 1065 – Battling the Frost Divine Son

Translator: Xaiomoge

A resplendent blue frost radiance ejected from the Frozen Star, drew a pillar of ice in the void, and extended towards Yang Feng.

20 Vajra Rulers stood in front of the frost pillar of light, raised their shields, resonated with one another, and formed a huge shield in front of them.

When the blue frost radiance slammed into the huge shield, it pierced through the huge shield, and then froze the 20 Vajra Rulers one after another.

Yang Feng slightly narrowed his eyes and spread the fingers of a hand, and a black hole appeared, erupted with formidable devour force, and completely swallowed the blue frost radiance.


Crisp sounds rose as the black hole was frozen by the blue frost radiance.

Two powerful forces intertwined and clashed together, and then finally twisted and collapsed.

“You can stop my all out attack! Yang Feng, your pretty strong.”

The frost divine son is loftily standing in front of the Frozen Star, his blond hair is fluttering in the air, and his whole body is radiating blue bands of light, which are formed from countless blue runes. He looks just like a proud, dashing god of frost.

Yang Feng gazed at the frost divine son with a scorching shade in his eyes.

The frost divine son is a powerhouse that the frost divine race went to great lengths to cultivate. He is one of the the top prodigies of the Gumana Universes young generation.

In Gumana Universe, there are only a dozen plus people of the young generation who can stand side by side with the frost divine son. Not unlike the world of Warlocks fiend emperor, those dozen plus people are heaven and earth variants who received the universes favor.

The frost divine son glanced at Yang Feng and said flatly, an arrogant look in his eyes: “Yang Feng, be my servant and serve me. This is a great honor for you. Otherwise, I will make your skull into a specimen in my collection room.”

Yang Feng replied with a light smile: “Frost divine son, you dont have the strength to have me submit to you. You still have time to escape. But if you stay here, Im afraid youll be the one who will be made into a specimen.”

The frost divine son is the peerless genius of the frost divine race of the three divine races. At the same time, he is a freak who has gone through countless battles and adventures in the region dominated by the frost divine race before he finally reached the stage he is at now. Despite how strong Yang Feng is, he is not certain that he can prevent the frost divine son from escaping and get rid of him.

“Alright, youve succeeded in angering me! Turn into ice, vermin!”

The frost divine sons face sank, he spread the fingers of a hand, a Frost Trident appeared in his hand, and he pointed at Yang Feng.

Countless snowflakes danced around the frost divine son and countless runes emerged. In an instant, the temperature in the surroundings dropped by 10,000 °C.

A world full of snowmen, snow wolves, snow bears, snow dragons, and snow sprites suddenly emerged, as if to replace the real world.

The countless snow extraordinary life forms attacked Yang Feng and the ruler series robots around him.

Eroded by frost force, the operation speed of the ruler series battle robots main control core rapidly decreased and the performance of their bodies suddenly plummeted. Covered in ice, they look like they are carrying icebergs. Its difficult for them to move.

Although the snow extraordinary life forms in the world of snow appear to be cute, but they are extremely fierce and powerful. While fighting against the ruler series battle robots, they are not at a disadvantage. They freeze the ruler series battle robots and blast them to pieces on by one.

The world of snow rejects Yang Feng. Endless frost force poured into him from all directions.

In a flash, Yang Feng was frozen into an ice sculpture.

With a dignified look in his eyes, the frost divine son silently recited an incantation and pointed at Yang Feng, and a mysterious rune slowly emerged on the ice sculpture.

Eternal Freeze is the peerless spell that the frost divine son is casting. Once the nine runes of the Eternal Freeze appear on the ice sculpture, even a quasi-Empyrean step powerhouse will be sealed and fall into an eternal sleep.


The first rune has just appeared, when a bright star erupted inside the ice sculpture and smashed it.

Yang Feng, covered in a layer of frost, came out of the ice sculpture, his face slightly pale. Wisps of cold energy are flowing inside him, trying to form strange runes.

Yang Fengs eyes showed a grave shade, and he stared at the frost divine son in the distance with a burning gleam in his eyes: “The frost divine son is impressive! He should be no weaker than the Dawn Lord in the same realm, truly impressive! He is an enemy that must not be underestimated! There are three such enemies, the Gumana Universe is really something else!”

The frost divine sons eyes flickered with surprise, and he shed all arrogance and replaced it with burning fighting spirit: “To be able to free himself from my Eternal Freeze, this Yang Feng is really powerful. Hes the powerhouse of the world of Warlocks human race most promising to advance to the Perfect step (Warlock Emperor) for a reason.”

The frost divine son is a peerless genius of the frost divine race that rose from among countless geniuses and experienced countless battles. Although he is arrogant, but he has also the ability to back it up. However, in the face of a formidable enemy of the same realm, he will never look down on the opponent.

“Surrender, Yang Feng! You were doomed to lose ever since you entered my world. I used to have five dreadful enemies, each of which had the potential to advance to the Perfect step. But after they entered my World of Frost, they all became my specimens and collectibles.”

“Your are really strong. In fact, you are about as strong as my former five dreadful enemies. But now that you entered my World of Frost, you have lost! You are destined to be defeated! If you dont want to become my specimen, then submit to me. I will give you glory and power. Even if the world of Warlocks is destroyed, you will be pardoned and become a nobleman of our universe!” The frost divine son uttered flatly.

“Are you trying to shake my heart? Its no use, frost divine son. Watch how I break your World of Frost!”

Yang Feng smiled haughtily and emitted space fluctuations from all over his body, and Devour Rulers suddenly emerge in the void.

As soon as the Devour Rulers appeared, they began to devour the power of the World of Frost like locust.

The endless frost force was directly devoured by the Devour Rulers and turned into their power.

Yang Feng pressed a magic cube in his hand, and the magic cube suddenly sparkled and turned into a completely black Ruler Armament.

With a black halberd in hand, Yang Feng stepped on the river of time, the flow of time around him accelerated three-fold, and he flew towards the frost divine son.

The swarm of snow monsters attacked Yang Feng, snow flew in the sky, and cold energy flowed all over the place.

Space ripples rose, and Blade Rulers flew out and engaged the snow monsters.

The frost divine sons eyes flickered with ridicule, and he silently recited an incantation and pointed with the Frost Trident at Yang Feng.

Countless dazzling blue runes emerged and channeled the power of the World of Frost towards the Frost Trident.

In the next moment, the Frost Trident stabbed into the empty void behind him and instantly clashed with a black halberd.

After the endless frost force collided with the halberd, which contains the essence of power, the two forces cancelled each other out and disappeared.

The frost divine son was blasted hundreds of kilometers away. Yang Feng, on the other hand, was covered with frost, and bone-piercing cold energy formed countless runes that drilled into his body.

A black hole suddenly emerged and swept Yang Feng, completely devouring the runes formed from frost force.

Treading on the river of time, Yang Feng took a step forward, crossed a space portal, appeared in front of the frost divine son, and stabbed at him with the black halberd.

The frost divine son brandished his trident without hesitation and attacked Yang Feng.

Boom! Boom!

Violent vibrations rose in succession, as if going to tear apart and crush the heaven and earth. The battle between the two powerhouses by far surpassed that between ordinary supreme Infinity Warlocks, and is even more terrifying than that between Warlock Monarchs.

Whether it is the frost divine son or Yang Feng, it seems that they have exert Infinity Warlock rank power to the limit. Every time they clash, additional wounds appear on their bodies.


Under the devouring of Yang Fengs Devourer Rulers, most of the World of Frosts energy was devoured, and it collapsed.

The World of Frost and the frost divine son are closely connected. At the moment when the World of Frost collapsed, the frost divine son froze for a split second, his face turned pale, and blood trickled down from the corners of his mouth.

“You will lose!”

Yang Fengs halberd tore through the void unpredictably and stabbed towards the frost divine son. All of a sudden, a star exploded and blew the frost divine son away. A large amount of blood spilled on the ground.

When the frost divine sons blood fell on the ground, it was devoured and eroded by the malice and curses covering the battlefield and became strange curse aggregations.

“Yang Feng, now youve done it! Ill show you my real strength”

With a flash of anger in his eyes, the frost divine son spread the fingers of a hand, and 36 blue beads suddenly flew out and emanated immortal Empyrean might.

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