Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 1068 – Killing the Great Heavens Devourer

Chapter 1067 – The Spirit Osta Fortress

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A thick mist completely covered an area of 100,000 plus kilometers in radius. No magic can pry into what is happening inside.

A cloud of dust rose at the edge of the thick mist and swept in all directions.

After flying for tens of thousands of kilometers, a dust particle twisted slightly and turned into a redstone elite of the Gumana Universe.

“There should be no problems.”

Rune swords formed from the Fate Algorithm shrouded Yang Feng, twisted, and severed all fate threads, making it virtually impossible for anyone to find Yang Feng using magic.

With a flick of his wrist, the Shidna civilizations bead suddenly appeared, shone, and pointed to a corner of the Bloodmoon Battlefield.

A few days later, a bloody sea formed from curses and malice appeared in front of Yang Feng.

In the center of the bloody sea, there floats a star that emanates an ancient and mysterious air.

A huge mechanical fortress 100,000 kilometers in length is suspended above the ancient star like an eternal companion of the ancient star.

On top of the huge mechanical fortress, there are the severed heads of all kinds of powerful extraordinary life forms, among which there are nine that emit quasi-Empyrean grade fluctuations of power.

In the center of the mechanical fortress, there is a 100,000-meter-tall giant. The giant has a dull look in his eyes, his body is covered in countless mysterious runes, and he radiates immortal Empyrean might that soars into the sky, as if trying to break the entire Bloodmoon Battlefield.

Looking at the huge mechanical fortress, Yang Fengs eyes flashed with enigmatic light: “This is the Shidna civilizations ultimate weapon the Spirit Osta Fortress, a weapon that was severely damaged by an Eternal Sovereign. In its prime, it was even inlaid with the remains of an Eternal Sovereign. Regrettably, the proud Shidna civilization was destroyed in the end.”

According to the data, the energy level of the universe of the Shidna civilization was about the same as that of the Gumana Universe. The Shidna civilization also had an Eternal Sovereign standing guard.

At the time, the Gumana Universes geniuses worked hard to upgrade their strength. The Shidna civilization, however, became complacent, corrupt, and fragmented after conquering many other civilizations and suppressed its geniuses. Finally, in the war between the two universes, the Shidna civilization suffered a crushing defeat.

The Shidna civilization used their ultimate weapon, the Spirit Osta Fortress, to deal serious damage to the Divine Eyes Eternal Sovereign. Nevertheless, it was still defeated by the Gumana Universes powerhouses.

After the war, the Spirit Osta Fortress tore open the void and disappeared. Even he three Eternal Sovereigns could not find its trace.

When Yang Feng flew to a distance 10,000 meters away from the Spirit Osta Fortress, a flower with a beautiful female face outside the Spirit Osta Fortress opened its eyes, its beautiful eyes shimmered with frigid killing intent, and it coldly stared at Yang Feng.

“As expected of a peerless treasure that once dealt severe damage to an Eternal Sovereign.”

Yang Feng stopped at once and didnt approach the Spirit Osta Fortress. The flower with a beautiful female face exudes wisps of immortal Holy might. It is a Holy Spirit Warlock rank extraordinary plant.

If this extraordinary plant uses its power to suppress him, Yang Feng wouldnt be able to resist it at this time.

Yang Feng took several steps back. Strange ripples surged around him, and he turned invisible in a breath of time.

“Thats the Spirit Osta Fortress!”

A voice of surprise came from afar, and a powerhouse of the Gumana Universe turned into a stream of light and flew towards the Spirit Osta Fortress.

When the powerhouse entered within the area 10,000 meters of the Spirit Osta Fortress, black smoke rose from him, and his flesh and bones collapsed. Finally, he completely turned into black smoke and entered the Spirit Osta Fortress.

The light radiating from an eye of a nine-eyed monsters severed head dimmed slightly and an expression of ridicule appeared on its face.

After a few breaths of time, another Infinity Warlock rank powerhouse flew over, and then turned into black smoke that was devoured by the Spirit Osta Fortress.

Yang Feng quietly watched elites of the Gumana Universe fly towards the Spirit Osta Fortress like moths to a flame and be devoured one after another.

“Lets have a try!”

Yang Feng pondered for a while, and then willed. Erosion Rulers turned into mist and flew towards the Spirit Osta Fortress.

As soon as the 20 plus Erosion Rulers entered the sphere of the Spirit Osta Fortress, a dragon-like severed head inside the fortress breathed in.

A black hole suddenly sprang up, sucked in the 20 plus Erosion Rulers, twisted, and crushed and devoured them.

Yang Feng sighed: “Sure enough, its a failure! The Erosion Rulers can only deal with beings that I have suppressed. Im afraid this Spirit Osta Fortress has a will of its own.”

Some of the most top-shelf treasures generally possess an arms spirit, which is similar to artificial intelligence. Even if there is no one operating them, they can still display terrifying power.

In its heyday, the Spirit Osta Fortress was an Eternal Sovereign grade weapon. Even though it was severely damaged by the Divine Eyes Eternal Sovereign, it still possesses terrifying power and wont be easily eroded.

Yang Feng mused: “There may be other opportunities on the Bloodmoon Battlefield. However, the Shidna civilizations technology is the one that suits me best. I can give up on other opportunities, but not on the Shidna civilizations technology.”

A dark radiance shone, and an existence enveloped in black gas appeared in the distance.

The existence enveloped in black gas flew over, landed near the Spirit Osta Fortress, and said in a loud voice: “I, Napolena, the last descendant of the Shidna civilization, wish to enter the Shidna civilizations final holy land and accept the inheritance. Mighty Spirit Osta Fortress, please open a path and let me enter the Shidna civilizations last holy land.”

Among the Spirit Osta Fortresss severed heads of nine quasi-Empyrean rank powerhouse, a mirror-like head flashed, and azure light shone on the powerhouse enveloped in black gas.

Illuminated by the azure light, the black smoke collapsed, revealing a gorgeous woman with long, black hair, a fiery figure, and an extraordinary temperament.

Strange runes formed from a mist of blood emerged from the gorgeous woman.

The mirror-like head sneered, “The last descendant of the Shidna civilization? For a mere half-breed to try to seize the final legacy of the Shidna civilization, youre overestimating yourself. Get out of here if you dont want to die!”

Napolena knelt on the ground and pleaded with the Spirit Osta Fortress: “Lord Spirit Osta Fortress, in the outside world, the last descendant of the Shidna civilization are being persecuted by the Gumana Universes bastards. Everyday, our people are killed and reduced to playthings, struggling in the darkness. Ive been sent here with the power of our people to request you to leave here and become our protector. I implore you!”

“The fate of you last descendants of the Shidna civilization has nothing to do with me. My loyalty is only to my previous master, lord Osta Eternal Sovereign. After the fall of lord Osta Eternal Sovereign, I have become free and wont be bound by anyone. The reason why I stay here is just to fulfill the last wish of lord Osta Eternal Sovereign and leave a spark for the burial of the Gumana Universe.”

“Napolena, I only wish to follow the strong. Even if the last descendants of the Shidna civilization are to die in front of me, I wont lift a finger. Unless you can pass the trial by fire and prove that you are qualified to be my master, its no use.”

The Spirit Osta Fortress looked coldly at Napolena and spoke frigidly.

Napolenas beautiful eyes flashed with resolve, and she shouted: “Lord Spirit Osta Fortress, Im willing to take a trial by fire! Please let me take the trial by fire and become your master!”

The Spirit Osta Fortress coldly severed Napolenas Last hope: “No! Youre not qualified. First, your soul aptitude is only at superior level 7. The minimum requirement is inferior level-9. Second, you practiced cultivation for 8,000 years, yet you only possess a Starfield step (Infinity Warlock) cultivation base. Your cultivation speed is really lacking. I dont want to follow a waste.”

“Then, am I qualified to take your trial by fire?”

Following a melodious voice, the enchanting wing divine daughter walked out of the void and came to in front of the Spirit Osta Fortress, a sweet smile on her face.

Napolena is already an immaculate beauty. But compared with the wing divine daughter, she is like a green leaf setting off a red flowers.

The Spirit Osta Fortress uttered coldly, “You are a member of the Gumana Universes wing divine race. According to the agreement with lord Osta Eternal Sovereign, the Shidna civilizations legacy cannot fall into the hands of people from the Gumana Universe.”

The wing divine daughter uttered indifferently: “What I want to ask is, do I have the qualifications to take the trial by fire to become your master?”

The Spirit Osta Fortress replied: “Intermediate level-9 soul aptitude, reached the Imperishable step (Holy Spirit Warlock) in 3,000 years, your cultivation aptitude is not much worse than that of my original master. You have the qualifications to take the trial by fire to become my master.”

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