Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 1070 – The Wing Eternal Sovereign Takes Action

Chapter 1069 – Devouring the Purple Glory Emperor

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The Purple Glory Emperor said with a cold smile: “Yang Feng, you are the most outstanding human Warlock talent in this era. Nevertheless, you are destined to be my stepping stone, to be the nutrients for my evolution.”

“You talk too much nonsense!”

Yang Feng pressed the Ruler Magic Cube in his hand. Then, the magic cube shone, and a ruler battle armor covered his whole body.

A river of time suddenly appeared around him. Yang Feng, treading the river of time, tore through the firmament with the halberd in his hand and, as if crossing time and space, stabbed at the Purple Glory Emperor.

A purple bead flew out from the chest of the Purple Glory Emperor, shone with countless runes, and then turned into a purple battle armor that enveloped his entire body.

“Die, ant!”

The eyes of the Purple Glory Emperor flashed fiercely, lightning crackled around him, and he turned into a bolt of purple lightning and rushed into the sky. Then, countless bolts of lightning evolved into a world and swept towards Yang Feng.

Boom! Boom!

Explosions sounded incessantly in the arena of bones.

In just one breath of time, the two exchanged more than 10,000 attacks, and fearsome fluctuations of power almost tore the void asunder. The arena of bones radiated bright light, and countless runes emerged and resisted the consequences of the fight.

Standing in an empty space, Napolena watched Yang Feng fight with the Purple Glory Emperor with astonishment in her heart: “This is s Starfield step (Infinity Warlock) fight? Even Starcraft step (Warlock Monarch) powerhouses may not be their opponents. These guys are monsters!”

Napolena is a supreme Infinity Warlock rank powerhouse. But when faced against monsters such as Yang Feng and the Purple Glory Emperor, she will be killed in an instant.


A star shattered, and a terrifying force flung the Purple Glory Emperor hundreds of kilometers away.

After sending the Purple Glory Emperor flying, Yang Feng said indifferently, “Is that all you got? Thats not even a warm-up.”

“I only used 50% of my strength until now! Dont be so proud, ant!”

There was a fierce flash in the Purple Glory Emperors eyes, he radiated bolts of purple lightning, countless lightning runes flew out, and a lightning horn and a pair of lightning wings were formed on his head and back respectively.

“Die! Ant!”

With a ferocious flash in his eyes, the Purple Glory Emperor turned into a purple lightning star that contains the power to destroy, purify, and erode anything and shot towards Yang Feng.

The Purple Glory Emperor has propelled the essence of purple lightning to an unprecedented degree.

Although the Purple Glory Emperor unleashed the purple lightning star using supreme Infinity Warlock rank cultivation base, but even some quasi-Holy step powerhouses with restrictions placed on them would be seriously injured or even killed when his by it.


There was a flash of excitement in Yang Fengs eyes, and he operated the Eternal Imperishable Body. A river of time, space portals, and a star lying between real and illusory and shrouded by a black hole flew towards the purple lightning star.


The purple lightning star just froze for a moment, and then burst and unleashed terrifying lightning, which was engulfed by the black hole.

The black hole instantly drew in the Purple Glory Emperor.

Countless mysterious and strange runes welled up inside the black hole and took advantage of the moment the Purple Glory Emperor was absent-minded to pour into him and seal him.

At this moment, tremendous life force gushed out of the Purple Glory Emperor and was absorbed by the black hole.

“Damn it, lets die together!”

The Purple Glory Emperors expression changed dramatically as he understood his situation. Then, the shade of determination flashed in his eyes, and he released the seals inside him and slowly recovered the Holy Spirit Warlock rank might.

The black hole trembled, on the verge of collapse.

Although Yang Feng absorbed the Great Heavens Devourers knowledge and pushed the essence of devour a step further, but theres no way an Infinity Warlock grade black hole can suppress a Holy Spirit Warlock.

“Fights in my arena must be fair!”

The Spirit Osta Fortresss voice sounded in the arena, and a black imprint ejected from the ground and stabbed into the Purple Glory Emperor.

The Purple Glory Emperors immortal Holy might was severed, and his strength dropped to the supreme Infinity Warlock realm.

The Purple Glory Emperor issued heartbreaking screams full of unwillingness: “No! I cant accept this! Im a darling of the Gumana universe, a child of the universes dark side, I cannot die in this place! Im not reconciled! Im not reconciled!”

After a breath of time, the Purple Glory Emperor was sucked dry by the black hole.

The Purple Glory Emperor is a Holy Spirit Warlock after all. Even though he was turned into a mummy, there is still a steady flow of power pouring into Yang Feng from him.

Runes shimmered in Yang Fengs eyes. Now that his essence of devour was pushed to a new height, it extracted the Purple Glory Emperors essence of purple lightning and condensed it into a purple crystal.

After 10 days, the Purple Glory Emperor, who was completely refined, turned into ashes and disappeared.

That was because Yang Feng could only use supreme Infinity Warlock rank power to devour the Purple Glory Emperors power and essence. If he could use Holy Spirit Warlock rank power, it wouldnt have taken that long.

Yang Feng scanned the purple crystal in his hand with his eyes: “Do I absorb the essence of purple lightning?”

The essence of purple lightning is extremely powerful and it has reached the limit in the Purple Glory Emperors hands. If it hadnt been for Yang Fengs transformation not long ago, it wouldnt have been that easy for him to defeat the Purple Glory Emperor.

Yang Feng cut off this thought: “Forget it! Ill study other essences after I have promoted to a Warlock Emperor. Now the thing I should do is to push the essences I have mastered to the limit.”

The four essences Yang Feng mastered are all profound and mysterious. Before he has propelled the four essences to the limit, mastering more essences is detrimental to the upgrade of the four essences.

“Next is Yang Feng and the wing divine daughter!”

Light enveloped the wing divine daughter.

With a flash of light, the wing divine daughter appear in front of Yang Feng.

The wing divine daughter showed a sweet, immaculate smile: “Yang Feng, as there are no Eternal Sovereigns in your universe, it is destined to become nutrients for the evolution of our universe. But if you take refuge with the wing divine race, well let you enjoy endless glory and wealth. Among the 18 sacred races, eight are races from other universes that have surrendered. If you submit to the wing divine race and serve us, it wont be impossible for the Gumana Universe to gain another sacred race!”

Yang Feng responded flatly: “Its a very tempting proposal. Unfortunately, my goal is to become an Eternal Sovereign! No matter how magnanimous the three divine races proport to be, they wont allow a defector from another universe to be promoted to an Eternal Sovereign.”

In the Gumana Universe, the three Eternal Sovereigns all come from races native to the universe. The three Eternal Sovereigns allow the defectors from other universes to promote to a Warlock Emperor, but not to an Eternal Sovereign.

Thats because once they promote to an Eternal Sovereign, it will give rise to new variables. The Gumana Universe may even become a universe where the powerhouses from another universe reign. The three Eternal Sovereigns will never allow this to happen.

“What a regrettable choice. Since you made the wrong choice, you can only die here.”

The wing divine daughter sighed, her beautiful eyes flashed with regret, and she flicked her wrist, and a green card appeared in her fair hand.

“Eternal force!”

Thee Spirit Osta Fortress transmitted in a shocked voice. A huge hand made of bones extended from the arena, grabbed the wing divine daughter, and erupted with immortal Empyrean might, trying to squash her to death.

The green card shone, and the projection of a pair of green wings suddenly appeared and blocked the hand of bones.

A bone blade came down from the sky and cut off the hand of the bones.

Countless runes flashed, and the hand of bones disappeared.

“Unfortunately, it was used a little early!”

100,000 kilometers away, the wing divine daughter, who is standing in a sea of malice and curses, sighed slightly, and her beautiful eyes flickered with regret.

Above the Bloodmoon Battlefield, a pair of green wings suddenly appeared, looking like they are trying to crash the void.

“Wing Eternal Sovereign!”

“Greetings, mighty Wing Eternal Sovereign!”


When the powerhouses on the Bloodmoon Battlefield saw the pair of green wings, their countenance changed greatly, and they prostrated themselves of the ground and uttered respectfully.

Except for the Holy Spirit Warlocks, even the powerhouses of the other two divine races prostrated themselves on the ground before the pair of green wings in the sky.

The three Eternal Sovereigns are the protectors of all the races in the Gumana Universe, and any being who sees them must prostrate themselves before them. Only Holy Spirit Warlocks are stand and converse with them.

As soon as the green wings appeared, they flapped gently, and green light shone. The green light, which can easily slay a Great Holy step powerhouse, tore open the Bloodmoon Battlefield.

A giant green hand dropped down from the sky and extended towards the Spirit Osta Fortress.

The void on the Bloodmoon Battlefield split open, and chains formed from endless malice and curses burst out one after another and shot towards the giant green hand.

When the chains formed from endless malice and curses touched the giant green hand, they were forcibly broken.

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