Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 1071 – Causing a Sensation

Chapter 1070 – The Wing Eternal Sovereign Takes Action

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“So strong! So this is an Eternal Sovereign! The curses and malice cant harm him at all.”

Yang Feng watched the giant green hand that blotted out the sky via a spell from inside the Spirit Osta Fortress with shock in his heart.

The curses and malice on the Bloodmoon Battlefield are extremely terrifying and can easily curse a Great Holy step powerhouse to death, much like what happened to Bohm the Great.

The giant green hand didnt perform any spells, yet the curses and malice of the Bloodmoon Battlefield were still shattered. This is absolutely shocking.

The three Eternal Sovereigns are unparalleled beings in the Gumana Universe. Apart from a few danger zone that have existed since the universes inception, there is no place that can harm them.

The giant on the Spirit Osta Fortress opened its eyes, and countless runes appeared in its eyes.

All of a sudden, the void split open, and a copious amount of curses and malice spilled out from the void and poured into the Spirit Osta Fortresss giant.

A 100,000 meter-long-spear with endless malice and curses suddenly emerged.

The severed heads of the extraordinary life forms on the Spirit Osta Fortress opened their eyes, and a fearsome immortal Eternal breath surged inside the Spirit Osta Fortress.

The giant stepped out from the Spirit Osta Fortress and stabbed the giant green hand with the spear that materialized from the Bloodmoon Battlefields malice and curses.


A huge hole was blasted open between the heaven and earth, and all the Infinity Warlock rank elites of the Gumana Universe within 10,000 kilometers were crushed to death.

Blasted away by the attack, the giant fell on the Spirit Osta Fortress.

The already dilapidated Spirit Osta Fortress made a series of brittle sounds, and countless cracks extended along the fortress.

The giant green hand in the sky collapsed and shattered.

Countless cracks appeared, and the Spirit Osta Fortress plunged into a crack on the giant floating continent underneath it and disappeared.

After three breaths of time, a pair of green wings tore the firmament, sliced open the Bloodmoon Battlefield, and emerged in this area.

Another giant green hand ejected, crossed the void, and stabbed into the crack that the Spirit Osta Fortress escaped into.

A slightly regretful voice came from the green wings: “A pity!”

The wing divine daughter bowed to the sky and uttered apologetically: “Mighty Wing Eternal Sovereign, its all my fault that the Spirit Osta Fortress escaped! I am deeply sorry!”

“No need to blame yourself! If it was that easy to catch the it, it would have been mine already. You did your best, thats enough. Now go look for your own opportunities.”

Green light flew out from the green wings and turned into a green card, which fell into the wing divine daughters hand.

The frost divine son, the wing divine daughter, and the bona divine son, such peerless powerhouses have treasures to protect themselves. Among them, the most precious treasures are the ones bestowed by the Eternal Sovereigns.

Although the Purple Glory Emperor was a darling of the universe born from the universes dark side, he could not compare with peerless geniuses such as the wing divine daughter in terms of life-saving treasures.

Of course, Eternal Sovereigns arent familiars that can be summoned at any time. Only when coming across a special treasure that would excite them like the Spirit Osta Fortress, would Eternal Sovereigns step in.

The green wings flapped slightly, tore the firmament, flew out from the Bloodmoon Battlefield, and disappeared.

Although the curses and malice filling the Bloodmoon Battlefield cannot harm the Wing Eternal Sovereign. But at the same time, they make his detection spells completely ineffective. Despite how strong the Wing Eternal Sovereign is, its hard for him to find the Spirit Osta Fortress hiding on the Bloodmoon Battlefield.

As soon as the green wings disappeared, the powerhouses on the Bloodmoon Battlefield breathed a sigh of relief.

On the Bloodmoon Battlefield, in another bloody sea formed from curses and malice, the void tore open, and the Spirit Osta Fortress suddenly emerged. With a flash of light, the relic site of the Shidna civilization appeared above the bloody sea.

“Yang Feng, your possess excellent strength and aptitude, you have the qualifications to become my master. If you have the power in the future, will you exterminate all the life forms in the Gumana Universe and avenge the Shidna civilization?”

The Spirit Osta Fortress, inside a huge palace, a voice suddenly sounded.

In a flash, a strong will filled the palace.

“Kill them all!”

“Destroy them!”

“Exterminate the Gumana Universes life forms!”

“Agree to this request and we will be your strength!”

“If you agree to this request, the whole Bloodmoon Battlefield will become your strength!”

“Take revenge! Take revenge! Kill them all! Destroy them! Make a vow! Swear!”


Countless powerful wills reverberate in the palace, and, one after another, silhouettes of powerhouses appeared, distorted, flickered, and emitted endless malice and curses directed at the Gumana Universe.

Yang Feng looked at the countless silhouettes, mysterious runes appeared in his eyes, and the level-6 optical computer network rapidly analyzed the pros and cons.

Yang Feng said calmly: “I wont make a vow! If the life forms of the Gumana Universe stand in my way and become my enemy, then even if I have to destroy them, I wont hesitate. If they are willing to submit to me, then they will be my friends who can get help from me. I will be the one to decide everything! I wont be bound by you!”

“You will die!”

“Without our help, you will die!”

“If you want to gain our strength, you have to pay the price!”

“Swear and oat! Swear! With our help, you can get Perfect step (Warlock Emperor) power!”

“With our help, you can directly advance to a Warlock Emperor! And even to a quasi-Eternal!”


One by one, voices of resentment sounded in the area and tempted Yang Feng.

Projections of relic sites of strong civilizations and treasures of heaven and earth appeared in front of Yang Feng one after another. As long as Yang Feng swears the oath, those relic sites and treasures of heaven and earth will appear in front of him.

Yang Feng said calmly: “With your help, I may be able to promote to a Warlock Emperor. But when it come to stepping into eternity, its just wishful thinking. Leave. You wont be able to shake my heart.”

Now that his cultivation reached this realm, Yang Feng cannot make vows at will. Once he breaks an oath, he will receive great backlash. If he is careless, he may even get stuck at a certain realm, virtually unable to advance.

For those who are determined to set foot in eternity, they will never go against their heart. Moreover, once Yang Feng swears an oath, the malice and curses will enter his body and turn him into a monster with terrifying power hell bent on taking revenge on the Gumana Universe. He doesnt want to become a monster manipulated by others. No matter how powerful hell be, it will be meaningless.

“You will fail!”

“You will come and beg us!”

“You are doomed to fail, just like us!”


Voices full of resentment came from all directions and the strange silhouettes disappeared.

A voice said: “Yang Feng, since you dont want to take revenge for us, then you have two choices. The first one is to become my quasi-master. In the future, when you become a Warlock Emperor, you may truly become my new master. The second one is to obtain the crystallization of the Shidna civilizations technology.”

Yang Feng uttered decisively: “I want to get the crystallization of the Shidna civilizations technology.”

The Spirit Osta Fortress is a powerful treasure. If it is fully restored, it will be no weaker than an Eternal grade secret treasure.

However, for Yang Feng, the technology of the Shidna civilization is the treasure he wants to obtain the most. Only by integrating the xizu technology with the Shidna civilizations technology as well as the blasteel races technology will he have the hope to deduce the path of eternity.

Although an Eternal grade treasure is extremely precious. But it is not worth mentioning when compared with the path leading to the Eternal Sovereign realm. If Yang Feng becomes strong enough, he can make an Eternal grade treasure in the future.

“Very good, Yang Feng, you made the right choice. From today on, you are my quasi-master! As for the crystallizations of the Shidna civilizations technology, Ill give it to you now!”

Gold light ejected from a gold bone and flowed into Yang Fengs storage treasure.

The Shidna civilizations bead flew out from Yang Feng hand and floated in the void.

Countless mysterious runes emerged from the Shidna civilizations bead and stabbed into the void according to a mysterious law.

In the Gumana Universe, one bead after another glittered and strangely disappeared.

Within a few breaths of time, following flashes of light, 36 virtually identical beads appeared in the void. The 36 beads transformed into countless runes that fused together and finally formed into a gold crystal, which turned into a stream of light and fell into Yang Fengs hand.

As soon as Yang Feng grasped the gold crystal, countless bodies of knowledge regarding the Shidna civilizations technology flowed into his sea of knowledge, and then were quickly recorded into the database by the level-6 optical computer network in his body.

The Great Holy step computing power formed by the level-6 optical computer network quickly began to analyze the Shidna civilizations technology, integrate it with the xizu technology, and form new paths.

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