Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 1072 – Escape

Chapter 1071 – Causing a Sensation

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Lights shone, and the Spirit Osta Fortress changed into a small imprint that merged into Yang Fengs left hand and turned into a brand.

As soon as the brand appeared, Yang Feng felt that there is a mysterious connection between him and the Spirit Osta Fortress. As long as he wants to, he can use part of the power of the Spirit Osta Fortress.

However, Yang Feng can clearly perceive that there is still a gap between him and the Spirit Osta Fortress.

Yang Feng said: “Spirit Osta Fortress, help me arrange an opportunity for my avatar to become a Warlock Monarch.”

The Spirit Osta Fortress replied: “Alright!”

The Spirit Osta Fortress is a bigshot on the Bloodmoon Battlefield with a wide range of knowledge. Its not difficult for it to arrange for an Infinity Warlock to promote to a Warlock Monarch.

Yang Fengs avatar Gadi cautiously traversed the Bloodmoon Battlefield, when suddenly, his eyes lit up, and he picked up a piece of metal the size of a palm.

The piece of metal radiated mysterious brilliance and drew Yang Fengs avatar Gadi into a mysterious space.

In the mysterious space, there are more than ten springs, most of which have dried up. Only one spring still emits wisps of immortal fluctuations of power.

“A Spring of Immortality, Im so lucky!”

Yang Feng spoke in a tone of surprise and threw himself into the Spring of Immortality.

The precious power inside the Spring of Immortality surged and transformed Yang Fengs Gadi avatar.

“Spirit Osta Fortress, are there more Springs of Immortality?”

Yang Feng gazed at his Gadi avatar from a secret space and saw that avatar can use the Spring of Immortality for his advancement. His eyes unwittingly became shot with blood and flickered with a burning color.

In general, Holy Spirit Warlocks may only have one Spring of Immortality. Some weak Holy Spirit Warlocks that just advanced may not even have a single Spring of Immortality.

The Spring of Immortality is a rare treasure even to Yang Fengs true body. Seeing it being consumed by his Gadi avatar, Yang Fengs true body cannot help but feel pained.

The Spirit Osta Fortress responded: “Springs of Immortality arent cabbages that can be picked up on the side of the road. Being able to find one is already great. It is indeed true that there is a great number of good things on the Bloodmoon Battlefield. If you make an oath and let the resentment and malice into your body, you can get all the legacies on the Bloodmoon Battlefield.”

Yang Feng shook his head, “Forget it! I dont want to be reduced to a carrier of resentment and malice.”

Once Yang Feng swears an oath on the Bloodmoon Battlefield, he will attract endless resentment and malice to gather on him. By then, even if he becomes a Warlock Emperor, hell just be a monster dominated by madness and malice and be no longer himself.

Only a madman pursuing power at all cost would agree to accept the malice and resentment of the Bloodmoon Battlefield.

The effect of the Spring of Immortality is amazing. Ten days later, Yang Fengs Gadi avatars promoted to a junior Warlock Monarch rank powerhouse.

Originally, a rapid promotion would lead to an unstable foundation. But Yang Fengs true body is a genuine Holy Spirit Warlock. Furthermore, he doesnt have too high expectations for this avatar. As a result, he didnt hesitate to let this avatar be promoted to a Warlock Monarch.

As soon as his avatar advanced to a Warlock Monarch, Yang Feng used treasures that he prepared beforehand to seal soul fluctuations and cultivation base, so as not to be killed by the Bloodmoon Battlefield.

“Its too dangerous to stay here. Now that Ive obtained my opportunity, Id better go back!”

Yang Fengs Gadi avatar talked to himself, and then entered a Black Crow mecha, turned into a stream of dark light, and flew towards the entrance of the Bloodmoon Battlefield.

Half a month later.

Outside the Bloodmoon Battlefield, a dark radiance shone, and the Black Crow mecha flew out from the Bloodmoon Battlefield.

The Black Crow mecha flew to a warship of the blasteel race, and then Yang Feng revealed himself.

“Gadi, hes back!”

“Thats the blasteel Gadi! To be able to come back alive, how lucky.”


Eyes full of surprise focused on Gadi.

Gazes containing wisps of immortal Holy might fell on Yang Feng and surged with slight surprise.

“The Starcraft step (Warlock Monarch)! He promoted to the Starcraft step!”

“This Gadi definitely came across a great opportunity on the Bloodmoon Battlefield!”

“I wonder what opportunities did this Gadi met on the Bloodmoon Battlefield.”


Awed by the power of the blasteel race, although the Holy Spirit Warlocks didnt act, but their heads are nonetheless filled with malicious thoughts.

If an ordinary Infinity Warlock has become a Warlock Monarch after entering the Bloodmoon Battlefield, they must have had an incredible opportunity.

“The Starcraft step! That lowly adventurer was promoted to the Starcraft step!”

“Curses, that lowlife was promoted to a Starcraft step powerhouse! How can this be?”

“He-he, that lowly adventurer is toast! He is just an ordinary adventurer. Now that he obtained a great opportunity, hes finished!”


The blasteel Infinity Warlocks looked at Yang Feng with malice in their eyes and sneered in their hearts, waiting to see a nice play.

If Yang Feng was a blasteel royal or if he came from a powerful aristocratic family, then others wouldnt covet the fortuitous encounter he had on the Bloodmoon Battlefield. However, Yang Fengs Gadi avatar is an adventurer. Such a huge fortuitous encounter is likely to tempt the blasteel Holy Spirit Warlocks.

With their dreadful means, its easy for Holy Spirit Warlocks to kill a Warlock Monarch.

“You must be really curious about what fortuitous encounter I got in the Bloodmoon Battlefield. No need to guess, Ill show you now.”

Yang Feng smiled faintly and pressed the Black Crow mecha, and the mecha radiated light that formed a holographic projection in the void.

The holographic projection showed what happened when Yang Fengs Gadi avatar entered the Bloodmoon Battlefield.

The holographic projection was sped up by 100,000 times. An ordinary person wouldnt be able to make out anything. As for the Infinity Warlock rank powerhouses, however, they could easily see everything depicted on the holographic projection.

“Spring of Immortality! He found a Spring of Immortality!”

“Damn it, he used it! He used the whole Spring of Immortality to advance!”

“This damned fool! It actually took the whole Spring of Immortality for him to evolve!”


When the Holy Spirit Warlocks saw Yang Fengs Gadi avatar use the Spring of Immortality to advance to a Warlock Monarch, their eyes turned red, and then they fiercely glared at Yang Feng, wishing to tear him to pieces.

The Spring of Immortality is a treasure that even Yang Feng would covet. The resources needed to refine a Spring of Immortality can be used to cultivate 10 ordinary Warlock Monarchs. To use such a treasure to advance to the Warlock Monarch realm, it was crazy.

However, when the Holy Spirit Warlocks saw Yang Feng with a calm look on his face, they had to admit that this was the best choice he could make.

An Infinity Warlock cant guard a treasure such as the Spring of Immortality. To use it to upgrade his cultivation base and strength, this was the best choice Yang Feng could make.

When the Holy Spirit Warlocks saw Yang Feng return after using the Spring of Immortality, disappointment flashed in their eyes.

“These are image crystal. I made a total of 100 copies. You can check it at will!”

Yang Feng smiled and a waved his hand, and image crystals flew inside the blasteel warship and scattered in the surroundings.

“I put the original image crystal here. Anyone who is interested can come and examine it.”

Yang Feng dug out a crystal from the Black Crow mecha, put it on a transparent projector, and then turned around and walked away.

Blasteel powerhouses quickly came to the projector to check.

“Its true!”

“Curses, he actually got a Spring of Immortality!”

“That guy is really lucky!”


The powerhouses used all kinds of methods to check the authenticity of the image crystal. Then, they sighed slightly, and envy flashed in their eyes.

After confirming the authenticity of the crystal, the eyes of the Holy Spirit Warlocks flashed with disappointment, and they no longer paid Yang Feng attention.

The blasteel elites, however, are full of admiration towards Yang Feng. A Warlock Monarch is a bigwig even in the blasteel race.

Originally, Yang Fengs title of Grand Prince Blue Glory was just an empty title that the Blasteel Lord conferred. But after Yang Feng became a Warlock Monarch, he became a true grand prince of the empire.

Upon his return, Yang Feng entered closed door cultivation in the blasteel warship.

With the passage of time, people left the Bloodmoon Battlefield bit by bit.

When the channel of the Bloodmoon Battlefield was completely closed, only several hundred elites of different races have survived. The number of elites that entered the Bloodmoon Battlefield reached tens of thousands, but only several hundred survived. The cruelty of the Bloodmoon Battlefield can be seen from this.

Most of the elites that survived have returned empty-handed. However, a dozen plus have obtained precious treasures that even Holy Spirit Warlocks would covet.

The elites with a background directly offered those treasures to their forces. As for the remaining rogue cultivators, who dont have a great background, they were surrounded by Holy Spirit Warlocks. They exchanged the rare treasures they obtained for a large amount of resources.

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