Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 1077 – Wiping out the Azure Star

Chapter 1076 – Hand Blots out the Sky

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The Princess of Fires countenance changed, and she exclaimed: “The Azure Stars first heavenly general the Dawn Star!”

The expression of the warriors behind the Princess of Fire flickered.

The first heavenly general the Dawn Star is the Azure Stars first general, is a monster among monsters. In his youth, he fought and defeated the Lord of Fire.

But thanks to a fortuitous encounter, the Lord of Fires strength increased greatly, and he broke through the bottleneck at one stroke and promoted to a 10th rank powerhouse (Warlock Monarch). If that wasnt the case, he would probably be suppressed by the Dawn Star for the rest of his life.

“Why have you come to my city of Tantavina?

A calm voice came from the city of Tantavina, and a flame emerged in the void and formed a handsome, tall, and burly man with long hair that looks like burning fire.

As soon as the man appeared, a frightening pressure swept towards the outside of the city of Tantavina.

An arcane mountain covered in thick ghostly qi, a 100,000-meter-long flying apsara demonic whale cruising in the void, a scarlet warship, a black warship, a disk-like warship, a black mountain range, a six colored flower with a diameter of 10,000 meters, and a demonic bird with a wingspan of 10,000 meters emerged one after another.

Supreme infinity Warlock rank breaths rose from the warships and contended against the domineering pressure released by the Lord of Fire.

The Prince of Blood uttered with a smile: “Lord of Fire, we came here without a shred of malice. We just want two people! Yang Feng killed the core figures of our forces, so he must die. Furthermore, Im really interested in Miss Evnia. I want to marry her. Lord of Fire, please help us out.”

The Lord of Fires eyes flashed coldly, and he said in a deep voice: “This is the holy city of Tantavina! Anyone who enters the holy city of Tantavina will be protected by me as long as they havent violated the laws I stipulated! Get out of here, or else Ill treat this as a provocation and deal with you.”

The Lord of Fire is a Warlock Monarch rank powerhouse, a hegemon of the Roland Continent. Even if it is ordinary people, if they enter the holy city of Tantavina, they will be protected by him and he wont hand them over at will. Otherwise, his dgnity will be dispelled and reputation will be destroyed, and the outstanding talents of the continent wont chose to join his camp.!!!!

The eyes of the first heavenly general Dawn Star flashed coldly: “Lord of Fire, you should consider it some more! Are you sure you want to become enemies will all of us for a person of unknown origins? If you dont hand over Yang Feng, then well go to your other territories at once and destroy them!”!!!

The Lord of Fires expression changed slightly, and he wrinkled his brows.

Any one of the ten major forces is inferior to the Lord of Fires force. But when they work together, the ten major forces are stronger than the Lord of Fires force.

Even though the lord of Fire is a 10th rank powerhouse, is one of the hero lords of the human race. But when the ten major forces work together, they can seal the Lord of Fire in the holy city of Tantavina, making it so that he wouldnt dare to go out.

The master of the Azure Star is also a 10th rank powerhouse. If he takes action and ties down the Lord of Fire, then the rest can do go all out and destroy all the forces under the Lord of Fire.

Among the three hero lords of the human race, the Lord of Fire, who has risen last, only 200 years ago, is weaker than the other two whether it is in terms of strength or influence. He doesnt even have one 9th rank powerhouse ( Infinity Warlock) under him. This is why these major forces joined hands to compel him.

If it was against the other two hero lords, the ten major forces wouldnt dare to compel them like this.

The Princess of Fires beautiful eyes flickered repeatedly. In the end, she swallowed the words of supplication, and bitterness filled her heart.!!!!! Standing beside the Princess of Fire, Evnia looked at her with a flash of bitterness and despair in her eyes and sighed, saying: “Angy, Ill go, It wont implicate you.”

The Princess of Fire wanted to say something. But she only clenched her fists, blood dropped down, and she said in a low voice, “Im sorry! Im sorry! Im sorry!”!!!!!!!!!!

Only if Yang Feng and Evnia leave the holy city of Tantavina on their own, can the dignity of the Lord of Fire be preserved.

Eyes are shot with blood, the whole surging with fire, the Lord of Fire looks like a flame burning the world, like he will explode at any time. Fearsome Warlock Monarch rank breath swept in all directions.

In the sky, two Warlock Monarch rank breaths suddenly erupted and suppressed the Lord of Fires breath.

When the powerhouses in the holy city of Tantavina detected the two Warlock Monarch rank breath in the sky, their complexion changed dramatically.

The two Warlock Monarchs plus the powerhouses of the ten major forces can wipe out the holy city of Tantavina if they are willing to pay the price.

Yang Feng stepped forward, hugged Evnia, and said overbearingly: “Evnia, I like you very much. Be my woman! I will erase those ants for you.”

Evnia is enchantingly beautiful, has a gentle nature, possesses a mysterious fate rune. Yang Feng really likes her. Now that he has an opportunity to get her, he naturally wont let her get away.

Evnias pretty face flushed, and she said with a sweet smile, “Id like to be your woman, sir Yang Feng!”

The countenance of the Princess of Fire turned slightly pale, her charming body shook lightly, and her beautiful eyes darkened.

Yang Feng uttered flatly: “Lets go! Lets go out and wipe out those ants!”

Standing in the void, acting as if he didnt see Yang Fengs group of two, the Lord of Fire let Yang Feng walk out of the citys gate while holding Evnias small hand.

“So you are Yang Feng? To dare mess with the woman I fancy, youre really daring. Then go to hell!”

The Prince of Bloods eyes flashed with frigid killing intent, countless runes appeared all over his body, he extended his hand, and a bloody hand imprint 10,000 meters in diameter shot words Yang Feng along with a fishy smell.

Formed from filthy blood, the giant, bloody hand imprint is highly toxic. Even if it is a Warlock Monarch, they will be eroded and suffer unbearable pain if hit.

Yang Feng looked up, extended his hand, and grabbed empty air.

A giant hand suddenly appeared, easily crushed the giant, bloody hand imprint, and then grabbed the Prince of Blood and squashed him.

A bloody rune seal flew out from the Prince of Bloods forehead and entered Yang Fengs hand.


“The Prince of Blood fell just like that!”

“He is a 10th rank powerhouse!”

“10th rank, a 10th rank powerhouse!”


Everyone was struck dumb when they saw this, unable to believe their eyes.

The Prince of Blood, who was a pinnacle existence in the 9th rank, once even seriously injured a 10th rank powerhouse.

It was because the Prince of Blood that the Blood Skeleton Gang was able to boast an awe-inspiring reputation and possess a terrifying strength. For such an overlord-level figure to be squashed like that, this is simply unbelievable.

The Princess of Fires pretty countenance changed greatly and her beautiful eyes flashed with the color of shock: “How come? How come hes so strong? Is he stronger than father!?”

The Princess of Fire previously felt vaguely superior to her “love rival” Yang Feng. After all, she is the daughter of the Lord of Fire of the three hero lords of the human race. But now that she realized that Yang Feng is more formidable than her father, the Lord of Fire, she received a great blow.

The blue star in the void flashed, soared into the sky, and fled.

“You want to leave? Fat chance!”

Yang Feng reached out with his hand. All of a sudden, a giant hand pinched the blue star, and the blue star exploded together with the first general the Dawn Star.

Following flashes of light, the eight warships flew in different directions. They have never seen such a ferocious individual. Not even the three hero lords of the human race possess such incredible means.

“These things are still useful! It would be a pity to just wipe them put!”

Yang Feng spoke to himself and extended a hand.

A giant hand suddenly formed in the sky, blotted out the sky, grabbed the eight warships, pulled them down from the sky, and pressed them to the ground.

Yang Feng beckoned with a fingers. Then, the eight warships burst apart, and the supreme Infinity Warlocks of the major forces flew to in front Yang Feng like ants.

“How is this possible?”

“How can there be such a terrifying existence in the world?”

“Who is this person? How can he be so terrifying?”


The Infinity Warlocks of the eight major forces looked at Yang Feng in horror and incredulity in their eyes. Even the three hero lords of the human race cannot suppress them that easily. Yang Fengs cultivation base is just heaven-defying.

“There are two more! Come here, as well!”

Yang Feng looked at the sky, his eyes shone with countless runes, and he extended a hand, and a giant hand extended towards two powerhouses hidden in the void 200 kilometers away.

“You cant look down on people that much, human powerhouse!”

A roar came from afar, light shone, and a demonic ape transformed and became 10,000 meters tall.

The demonic ape waved a 100,000-meter-long black stick and hit the giant hand.


The giant hand collapsed. The demonic ape, on the other hand, fell from the sky like a fly, smashed into the ground, and blasted open a huge hole.

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