Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 1078 – Shocking Roland

Chapter 1077 – Wiping out the Azure Star

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With a flash of light, the demonic ape flew out of the earth, uninjured. It released a cruel breath, took a step, crossed hundreds of kilometers, and brandished the giant stick, which contains the essence of power, in its hands and slammed it towards Yang Feng.

“Unfortunately, most of my power has been sealed. Otherwise, just that slap would be enough to suppress it. However, this demonic ape appears to have some skill. It wasnt even seriously injured. Impressive!”

Treading on air, looking like an invincible god, Yang Feng slapped the giant stick.

The giant stick containing the essence of power disintegrated at once.

Yang Feng extended his hand, and strange power turned into rune chains that stabbed into the sky. The demonic ape shrank until it was the size of a palm and fell into Yang Fengs hand.

The Phantom Ruler suddenly emerged, and countless runes turned into tentacles that stabbed the demonic ape and sealed it.

“Thats the Tyrant Ape Demon Lord, one of the five demon lords of the demon race! How can one of the most terrifying demon lords be suppressed so easily?”

“Who is that person? How could he be so terrifying! Thats the Tyrant Ape Demon Lord, a 10th rank powerhouse. How come it couldnt even resist an attack from him?”


Seeing this scene, the powerhouses in the holy city of Tantavina were dumbfounded.

The Tyrant Ape Demon Lord is as peerless powerhouses as famous as the Lord of Fire, yet it was easily suppressed by Yang Feng. This sort of fighting strength can be rated as incredible.

The Lord of Fire gazed at Yang Feng, unable to believe his eyes: “So strong! Who is this Yang Feng? How come he is so amazing?”

Originally, the Lord of Fire only regarded Yang Feng as a 9th rank powerhouse. But now he discovered that Yang Feng can crush him.

In the distance, demonic qi surged, and a roc with a wingspan of 10,000 meters flapped its wings, turned into a ray of demonic light, and flew away, crossing thousands of kilometers in a flash.

Yang Feng uttered flatly: “Since you have come, then stay,”

A phantom eye opened on the Phantom Ruler and looked at the demonic roc in the distance, and countless runes appeared, surged with phantom force, crossed the void, and silently stabbed into the demonic roc.

The demonic roc flapped its wings again and flew to in front of Yang Feng, a dull look in its eyes.

Transparent tentacles extend from the Phantom Ruler, pierced into the demonic roc, and suppressed it.

“The Heavenly Roc Demon Lord! Known as the fastest demon lord in the world. How could it be caught just like that?”

“Its unbelievable! Its really unbelievable!”

“For such a terrifying powerhouse to hide amid the human race, how lucky.”


The human powerhouses in the holy city of Tantavina revealed looks of excitement when they saw this scene.

After the shock in the Lord of Fires eyes faded, worry involuntarily flooded his heart.

Evnia gazed at Yang Feng with anticipation, and her beautiful eyes radiated a brilliant light: “So strong! This is the man I was destined to be with! Hes so powerful.”

As a prophet, Evnia already foresaw that she would encounter great danger as well as her future lover on her way to the holy city of Tantavina. The one to save her would be her destined lover.

Because of this, Evnia treated Yang Feng favorably as soon as she met him and invited him to her luxurious carriage to get along with him.

“Lets go!”

A rainbow appeared at the feet of Yang Feng and Evnia, and the supreme Infinity Warlocks of the major forces he captured hang from the rainbow like gourds.

The rainbow fluttered and extended into the distance.

The Lord of Fire said: “Yang Feng, I am the Lord of Fire. Please come to the holy city of Tantavina.”

Without giving an answer, the rainbow shot into the clouds and disappeared.

The Lord of Fire deeply wrinkled his brows, and an intense sense of anxiety welled up inside him.

The Azure Stars headquarters.

A rainbow came over from afar and landed outside the headquarters of the Azure Star.

Yang Feng ordered indifferently: “Demonic ape, go destroy the Azure Star!”

“Yes! Lord!”

Completely eroded by the Phantom Lord, the Tyrant Ape Demon Lord respectfully bowed to Yang Feng, and then transformed into a giant and slammed the giant stick in its hands towards the Azure Star.

The Azure Star shone and formed a blue barrier around it.


When the giant stick slammed into the Azure Star, demonic light and starlight intertwined and neutralized each other, setting off ripples on the blue shield.

“Tyrant Ape Demon Lord, my Azure Star and you are unrelated! Why have you come and attacked my Azure Star? Do you demons want to become enemies of my Azure Star!”

A heaven-shaking bellow transmitted from the Azure Star.

“Azure Lord, you old thing actually dared to sent people to attack master Yang Feng! This is a terrible offense! Die!”

With a roar of fury, the Tyrant Ape Demon Lord brandished the huge stick and repeatedly slammed it into the Azure Star, setting off ripples.

From the Azure Star came the Azure Lords bewildered voice: “Yang Feng? Is it that Yang Feng who sheltered Evnia? Isnt he a human? How can he be your master?”

The Heavenly Roc Demon Lord uttered in provocation: “How could an ant life your understand the masters greatness! Master, please let me destroy the Azure Star.”

Yang Feng responded flatly: “Dont let him escape.”

If it was somewhere else, when he was in his optimal condition, Yang Feng could easily smash the Azure Star and squash the Azure Lord.

However, since Yang Feng is using most of his power to fight against the Wing Eternal Sovereigns power inside him, his strength dropped sharply. Otherwise, he wouldnt have to use the Phantom Ruler to capture the Heavenly Roc Demon Lord.

The Tyrant Ape Demon Lord said respectfully: “Yes! Master!”

Within the azure star, the Azure Lord looked up at the sky and felt a slight chill: “Whats the origin of that guy? To be able to subdue two demon lord, Hes simple incredible!”

Both the Tyrant Ape Demon Lord and the Heavenly Roc Demon Lord are unruly powerhouses with tyrannical strength. Such powerhouses wont submit to others. But seeing how they submitted to Yang Feng, the Azure Lord couldnt help but feel his blood run cold.

With his hands clasped behind his back, Yang Feng looked at the Azure Star and said loftily, “Azure Lord, Ill give you a chance to submit to me and serve me! Otherwise, die!”

The Azure Lord uttered in a neither servile nor overbearing tone: “Yang Feng, the Azure Star has existed for more than 100,000 years, and it has witnessed all kinds of storms. At one point, 5 10th rank powerhouses besieged the Azure Star, yet they were all killed in the end. Lets sweep this under the rug, what do you think?”

“Then go to hell!”

Spatial fluctuations emanated from Yang Feng, and a swarm of Dazzling Light Units flew out and formed terrifying mechanical legion.

The space outside the Azure Star was soon filled with countless Dazzling Light Units.

In an instant, the 3,000 Dazzling Light Rulers resonated, and the fighting strength of the countless Dazzling Light Units increased sharply, and they ejected artilleries.

Along with flashes of light, the Dazzling Light Unit legion fired a torrent of light at the Azure Star.

The Azure Star burst out with bright starlight, and star barriers suddenly appeared and enveloped it.

When the torrent of light fired by the Dazzling Light Unit legion slammed into the blue barriers, they ran through them and blasted into the star itself.


Along with a deafening roar, a greater part of the Azure Star was destroyed.

“Yang Feng, lets die together!”

The Azure Lord flew out of the Azure Star, his face twisted into a hideous expression, and he waved of his hand, and a skeleton emanating immortal Holy might suddenly flew out. Then, he blurred, turned into countless mysterious runes, and merged into the Holy Spirit Warlock rank skeleton.

Holy might diffused from the Azure Lord.

The Azure Lord he gazed at Yang Feng with a ferocious look on his face and uttered coldly: “Yang Feng, this is the strongest trump card of the Azure Star, a Holy grade corpse! This is a Holy grade corpse that has surpassed the limit of the 10th rank and broken the boundary of this world. You forced me to use it. Anyway, youre toast. No one can save you now!”

Yang Feng responded with a faint smile: “To be able to harvest a Holy grade corpse, it seems that my luck isnt bad. Alright, get out and dont waste the power of the Holy grade corpse.”

The Phantom Ruler suddenly appeared, and a phantom eye gazed at the Azure Lord.

Phantom force enveloped the Azure Lord and forced him to separate from the Holy grade corpse.

All of a sudden, transparent tentacles emerged, stabbed into the Azure Lord, and eroded and sealed him.

“Azure Star was wiped out just like that?”

“How is that possible?”


The powerhouses suspended from the rainbow were shocked when they saw this scene, unable to believe their eyes.

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