Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 1079 – Bullying Everyone Present

Chapter 1078 – Shocking Roland

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The Azure Star was a wicked force of the human race, and it possessed terrific strength. At one point, five 10th rank (Warlock Monarch) powerhouses besieged the Azure Star, yet they were still killed in the end.

But the Azure Star, which was one of the few major forces on the Roland Continent, was easily wiped out by Yang Feng. This is beyond shocking.

Yang Feng scanned the supreme Infinity Warlock powerhouses of the eight major forces and said coldly: “I need some servants and minions to work for me. Will you submit to me, or will you die?”

A handsome supreme Infinity Warlock with short green hair knelt down on the ground and said respectfully: “I, Chicken Bone, am willing to serve sir.”

“I, Black Blade, am willing to serve sir.”


Without hesitation the supreme Infinity Warlocks of the eight major forces knelt down and surrendered.

Seeing how a major force like the Azure Star was easily wiped out by Yang Feng, the forces who dont even have a single Warlock Monarch are likely not his opponents.

“Swallow them, and then return and integrate your forces and act as my eyes and ears.”

Yang Feng flicked his finger, and eight metallic balls flew to the eight supreme Infinity Warlocks.

At a glance, the powerhouses of the eight major forces knew that the metallic balls serve as a method for Yang Feng to control them. As formidable characters, they naturally understand what it means to be at someones mercy. They decisively swallowed the metallic balls.

Yang Feng waved his hand and said: “Go!”

“Yes! Master!”

With a slight flash of light, the eight supreme Infinity Warlocks turned into eight streams of light and disappeared.

Yang Feng spread the fingers of a hand, and a beautiful and luxurious palace emerged in the void. With Evnias small hand in his hand, he went straight into the palace.

“Azure Lord, hand over all the cultivation secret methods you grasped.”

While sitting in a lavish litter and embracing Evnia, Yang Feng gazed at the Azure Lord and spoke indifferently.

In Yang Fengs eyes, the Azure Lord, who was eroded by the Phantom Ruler, is just a tool. If it wasnt for the fact that the Azure Lord still has some use, Yang Feng would have killed him already.

“Yes, master!”

The Azure Lord put on a helmet and let it extracts all kinds of information on secret methods from his head.

Suddenly, Yang Fengs eyes brightened slightly, and he revealed a smile: “Star Imperishable Body! This secret method is pretty good. If its star runes are integrated into my secret method, it can strengthen my fleshly body.”

After advancing to the Holy Spirit Warlock realm, it becomes extremely difficult for powerhouses to advance their cultivation base. Moreover, the fleshly body of Holy Spirit Warlocks is an immortal body full of mystery, making it even more difficult for it evolve.

Most Holy Spirit Warlocks try their best to improve their cultivation base. After their cultivation base is enhanced, the fleshly body will be nourished by the formidable life energy and become stronger.

This secret methods the Roland Planes powerhouse cultivate are really mysterious, and they are even quite useful towards strengthening the fleshly body of Holy spirit Warlocks. This is the reason why they attracted Yang Fengs attention.

Yang Feng swept the Tyrant Ape Demon Lord and the Heavenly Roc Demon Lord with his gaze and uttered flatly: “You two, hand over all your secret methods.”

“Yes! Master!”

The two powerhouses also put on a helmet and handed over their secret methods.

After taking a look at the secret methods of the two powerhouses, Yang Fengs eyes brightened slightly and showed a burning color: “Wonderful, truly wonderful! This planes secret methods have a marvelous effect when it comes to strengthening the fleshly body. If I complete the cultivation secret method I have mastered at the moment, my physical strength can be increased by at least 20%. If I master all the secret methods of this plane, perhaps my physical strength can be improved by more than 50%

Since Yang Feng cultivated the Immortal Imperishable Body and formed the Time Space Devour Body, his physical strength is far above that of other powerhouse of the same realm. If his physical strength is further increased by more than 50%, it will be extremely shocking.

Yang Feng asked indifferently: “Azure Lord, why have you set your eyes on Evnia?”

Evnias beautiful eyes flickered with the gleam of curiosity. Although she has the title of a prophet, but she isnt in control of her predictions. Her predictions are completely random.

The 9th (Infinity Warlock) and 10th rank powerhouses surprisingly stepped in to fight over Evnia, not even hesitating to besiege the Lord of Fire of the three hero lords of humanity. This confused Evnia. She doesnt know whats going on.

“Master, the Gate of Providence, which opens every 5,000 years, is about to open. Only the blood of those who possess guardian bloodline can open the Gate of Providence and enter it.”

“In the Gate of Providence, there are countless mysterious Holy grade secret scriptures. Its even said that there is a Holy grade secret scripture that can break through this worlds barrier.”

“Evnia possesses guardian bloodline. In fact she is one of the only three pure blood guardians in this world.” The Azure Lord answered respectfully.

Yang Fengs eyes suddenly brightened and flashed with excitement: “Holy grade secret scriptures?”

Although the Roland Continents secret methods cannot compared with the Cangzhi Planes Empyrean grade secret treasures. But many of them possess magical effects to strengthen the fleshly body.

The Tyrant Ape Demon Lords fleshly body is extremely formidable because it is blessed by runes. If that wasnt the case, then he would have been turned into minced meat when Yang Feng previously slapped him.

The Gate of Providences Holy grade secret scriptures naturally are really tempting to Yang Feng, even more so than many Empyrean grade secret scriptures.

Yang Feng pondered for a while before asking, “When will the Gate of Providence open?”

The Azure Lord responded respectfully: “It will open in five days.”

Yang Feng pondered for a while and said, “In five days? There isnt much time left. Forget it, Ill give them some respite.”

If the Gate of Providence opened in a year or two, Yang Feng planned to suppress the entire Roland Continent, wiping out any resistance. However, since the Gate of Providence will open in five days, he gave up on the plan to suppress the demons and humans for now.

Holy city of Divine Power, in a rear garden, a handsome man in white, sitting on a soft reclining chair, gazed at a dozen plus dancers in front of him with a light smile.

A Bright World Warlock in black stepped into the rear garden, came up to the handsome man, and said respectfully: “Your Majesty Lord of Power, I have something important to report.”

The Lord of Power frowned slightly and said in a tone of irritation: “Moud, for you to disturb me at this time, there must be something important to report! Out with it!”

Moud uttered in a slightly trembling voice: “Yesterday, outside the holy city of Tantavina, a powerhouse called Yang Feng killed the Prince of Blood of the Blood Skeleton Gang and the first heavenly general Dawn Star of the Azure Star and suppressed the powerhouses of the Black Circle, the Snake of Apocalypse, the Flood Dragon of Terror, the Black Mountain, the Felstorm Sea, the Bone of Tianyuan, the Black Spear, and the Scarlet Sea. Additionally, he also suppressed and captured the Tyrant Ape Demon Lord and the Heavenly Roc Demon Lord.”

At first, the Lord of Power was taken aback, then his eyes surged with endless shock, and all his carelessness faded. His eyes filled with the shade of dignity, and he stared at Moud and asked in a deep voice: “How is that possible! Are you sure the information is correct?”

Moud answered in a hoarse voice, a bitter smile on his face, “Your Majesty, I confirmed this news ten times. Its absolutely true.”

The Lord of Power asked, “Is he a human, or a demon? Yang Feng, is he a human, or a demon?”

Moud replied, “Hes a human!”

There was a dignified flash in the Lord of Powers eyes, and he said slowly: “Fortunately, its not the worst case scenario. However, the situation isnt too optimistic.”

A jade stone shone in front of him, and the Lord of Power pressed it.

Red radiance emerged in front of the Lord of Power and formed a tall and burly middle-aged man with a domineering air about him.

The Lord of Power said in a deep voice: “Black Dragon Lord, what can I do for you?”

The Black Dragon Lord is the leader of the three hero lords of the human race, is the most powerful hero lord of the human race.

The Black Dragon Lord said with a stern expression: “Have you heard about Yang Feng?”

The Lord of Power replied slowly: “I have! Reportedly, I am not his opponent.”

The Black Dragon Lord uttered: “I think we should join forces.”

The Lord of Power was silent for a while, and then nodded and said: “Fine! Lets bring the Lord of Fire on board.”

The Black Dragon Lord responded, “The Lord of Fire agreed to ally with us.”

The three hero lords are 10th rank powerhouses, are haughty and awe-inspiring individuals. But due to the pressure coming from Yang Feng, they ended up joining forces.

The news about the fight outside the holy city of Tantavina soon spread all over the Roland Continent.

The top powerhouses of the Roland Continent have all learned the name of Yang Feng, who defeated the major forces by himself and suppressed two demon lords.

Deep in the Sacred Demonic Mountain Range of the demon race, there is a valley shrouded in demonic qi, forming a sea of demonic qi.

In the middle of the sea of demonic qi, there is a black egg floating. The black egg is inscribed with numerous mysterious runes. A fearsome heartbeat rises from the black egg and sets off waves in the sea of demonic qi.

Three demon Warlock Monarchs shrouded in demonic qi stepped out from the sea of demonic qi. The three demon lords are the Black Corpse Demon Lord, the Dead Tree Demon Lord, and the Black Moon Demon Lord.

The Black Corpse Demon Lord looks like a desiccated corpse. The Dead Wood Demon Lord is a tall and sturdy, yet wizened existence. The Black Moon Demon Lord is a dashing man with a mysterious rune engraved on his forehead.

Treading on the sea of demonic qi, the three demon lords came to in front of the black egg.

The corpse-like Black Corpse Demon Lord said with great difficulty in a hoarse voice: “Great Dark Heavenly Demon Lord, the humans gave birth to a powerhouse called Yang Feng, who suppressed the Tyrant Ape Demon Lord and the Heavenly Roc Demon Lord at one stroke. Please come out and kill him.”

The Great Dark Heavenly Demon Lord is the most powerful being of the demon race. Even if the five demon lords join forces, they may not be his his opponent. He is one of the trump cards of the demon race.

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