Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 1080 – Suppressing the World


The Black Moon Demon Lord was stunned, his eyes shimmered with fear, he shivered, and he broke out in cold sweat from his back: “How terrible! So this is Yang Feng! Hes really terrible!”

The Great Dark Heavenly Demon Lord was incredibly strong. Only when they joined forces and used their trump cards, could the five demon lords barely suppress him. Yet such an incredible powerhouse passed away just like that. Yang Fengs methods shocked the always unbridled Black Moon Demon Lord and filled his heart with fear.

“Are you going to surrender, or die?”

Sitting in the gold chariot, Yang Feng gazed haughtily at the three demon lords and spoke coldly.

Despite being the pinnacle beings of the Roland Plane, but when Yang Feng gazed at them, the three demon lords broke out in a cold sweat from their back and fear filled them.

!”I, a demon, will never surrender! Yang Feng, lets die together!”

The Black Corpse Demon Lords eyes flashed ferociously, countless mysterious runes appeared all over his body, and wisps of immortal Holy might diffused from him.

The skin of the skeleton-like Black Corpse Demon Lord filled with vitality and black hair grew until it reached the shoulders. The skeleton-like demon lord turned into a dashing man emanating immortal Holy might.

The Black Corpse Demon Lord is a Holy grade corpse that bore a spirit and became to a 10th rank powerhouse. Once he goes all out and burns the Holy grade residual blood inside him, he can erupt with fearsome power. In this form, he can severely injure or even kill the Great Dark Heavenly Demon Lord.

But once the Black Corpse Demon Lord changes into this form, he can only fight for one minute at most. The person himself will be burned to ashes along with the Holy grade blood.

“Yang Feng, die!”

With a bellow, the Black Corpse Demon Lord fired a ray that can pollute, erode, and wipe out everything shooting towards Yang Feng.

Yang Feng said with a smile of indifference: “A Holy grade corpse that produced a spirit and turned into a 10th rank powerhouse! Is that your trump card? An ant is an ant after all! You can commit suicide, as well!”

The Phantom Ruler shone behind Yang Feng, and the phantom eye suddenly appeared and looked at the Black Corpse Demon Lord.

Wisps of phantom force shrouded the Black Corpse Demon Lord. Then, the Black Corpse Demon Lord trembled, countless runes emerged in his eyes, and he breathed in and absorbed the ray back into his stomach.

“A Holy grade corpse is useful to me. You will be my material.”

Yang Feng made a throwing motion, and a sealing coffin landed in front of the Black Corpse Demon Lord.

The Black Corpse Demon Lord plunged into the sealing coffin, an expressionless look on his face. Then, countless runes appeared and suppressed and sealed the demon lord, and then the sealing coffin flew into Yang Fengs hand.

Corpses of Holy Spirit Warlocks are a precious materials used in refining Springs of Immortality. However, no matter the universe, Holy Spirit Warlocks are at the top of the hierarchy. Few can kill and use them as materials for refining Springs of Immortality.

Whether it is Holy Spirit Warlocks, Warlock Monarchs, or Eternal Sovereign, every inch of their body is an exceedingly rare material. Only during the universe great tribulation, will such powerhouses die en masse, making it one of the greatest opportunities for anyone.

Yang Feng looked at the Dead Tree Demon Lord and the Black Moon Demon Lord and erupted with undisguised killing intent.

The Black Moon Demon Lord decisively dropped from the sky, knelt on one knee, and uttered respectfully: “I, Black Moon Demon Lord, am willing to submit to your majesty, to die for your majesty!”

Just a split second later, the Dead Tree Demon Lord knelt down as well and uttered respectfully: “I, Dead Tree Demon Lord, am willing to submit to your majesty and die for your majesty!”

The two demon lords are aware that, if they dont adapt to the present circumstances, Yang Feng wont mind wiping them out. Hell make an example out of them to threaten the three hero lords of the human race.

“I, Black Dragon Lord, am willing to submit to and serve you majesty!”

The Black Dragon Lords countenance changed, and then he knelt decisively and submitted to Yang Feng.

Yang Fengs strength is beyond incredible. Even if the human race uses its trumps, they still arent Yang Fengs opponent. Moreover, four demon lords have become Yang Fengs subordinates. If they dont submit, they will be wiped out at once.

The Black Dragon Lord is a wily old fox who lived for who knows how many years, who knows when to retreat and when to advance. Furthermore, Yang Feng is a human. It wasnt that hard for him to chose to surrender.

The Lord of Power hesitated for a moment, then knelt on the ground and said respectfully, a look of helplessness on his face: “I, Lord of Power, am willing to submit to your majesty and serve your majesty!”

The Lord of Fire also knelt on the ground and said respectfully, “I, Lord of Fire, am willing to submit to your majesty and serve your majesty!”

When the five lords knelt down and made a vow of allegiance, a deathly silence pervaded the area.

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