Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 1082 – Yang Feng Is a Holy

Chapter 1081 – Wiping out Those Who Refuse to Surrender

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Evnia looked at the five demon lords kneeling below in a trance and disbelief: “The Lord of Fire and them submitted just like that?”

Evnia is but a Moonlight Warlock rank powerhouse. For her, the Lord of Fire and them are incredibly amazing figures.

But the legendary lords knelt in front of Yang Feng just like that. This is simply unbelievable.

“Ants, kneel before his majesty!”

Standing next to Yang Feng, the Tyrant Ape Demon Lord turned his eyes, unleashed a Warlock Monarch rank breath that suppressed the heaven and earth, and barked at he human and demon powerhouses below.

As if a clap of thunder exploded in everyones ears, many human and demon powerhouses bled from their ears and trembled, illustrating the great power of the Tyrant Ape Demon Lord.

“Greetings, your majesty!”

“Greetings, your majesty!”


Most of the human and demon powerhouses prostrated themselves on the ground and deferentially saluted Yang Feng.

The five lords have chosen to submit to Yang Feng. As a result, no matter what their thoughts are, most humans and demons also chose to submit

However, there are still three individuals loftily standing amid the humans and demons and gazing at Yang Feng in the sky.

Of the three, two are humans, and one is a demon. All of them are Warlock Monarchs.

“Yang Feng, you arent qualified for I, Lord of Shadows, to surrender to you! Goodbye!”

Shrouded in shadows, the Lord of Shadows gazed at Yang Feng, smiled coldly, shook his head, and plunged into the shadows and ran away.

The handsome and haughty Lord of Refreshing Winds operated the essence of wind, turned into a stream of wind, and disappeared.

“Yang Feng, its absolutely impossible for you to unify the Roland Plane! As long as I, Black Wind Demon Lord, am still alive, the demon race will never yield!”

A dashing demon lord with long, purple hair, dressed in a black battle armor, glared at Yang Feng, an unruly expression on his face. Then, he collapsed into mots of dark light and disappeared.

Aware that they arent Yang Fengs opponents, the three Warlock Monarchs decided to escape and hide in a secret location.

As a grade 3 plane, the Roland Continent is extremely vast. If a Warlock Monarch is determined to hide here, even a Holy Spirit Warlock wont be able to find them.

A few days ago, Yang Feng gave up on suppressing the human and demo races and instead chose to suppress them on the day when the Gate of Providence opens. This is because the most formidable powerhouses of the two races would be gathered at the Gate of Providence, giving him a chance to subdue them all in one go.

Yang Feng uttered flatly: “In this case, the three of you shall commit suicide.”

The Phantom Ruler behind Yang Feng opened three phantom eyes, and, according to a mysterious law, phantom light turned into three invisible phantom rays and slammed into the three Warlock Monarchs.

The Lord of Shadows jumped out of a shadow, countless runes appeared in his eyes, and he smiled strangely, took out a dagger, and stabbed it into his head.

Countless runes broke out from the dagger, eroded his body and soul, and tore them to pieces.

The Lord of Refreshing Winds jumped out from a stream of wind, countless runes appeared in his eyes, and he pointed with his hand.

A huge windblade containing the essence of wind fell from the sky, landed on the Lord of Refreshing Winds head, and sliced him in two, tearing his soul to peaces.

In just a breath of time, the two Warlock Monarchs committed suicide according to Yang Fengs order. This made the blood of the powerhouses of the Roland Continent run cold.

A black pearl flew out from the Black Wind Demon Lord, radiated countless runes, and formed a star illusion boundary that can resist illusions.

When the phantom ray landed on the star illusion boundary, it set off ripples, yet it didnt destroy the boundary.

The black pearl is called the Fantasy Shen Spirit Pearl and it is a pearl formed inside the extraordinary life form fantasy shen. Fantasy shen are innately proficient in all kinds of illusion spells, while the Fantasy Shen Spirit Pearl is supreme treasure of illusion, combining both offense and defense.

The Fantasy Shen Spirit Pearl in the Black Wind Demon Lords hand is a peerless treasure he obtained from a quasi-Holy step fantasy shen. Even though the Phantom Ruler is infinitesimally close to the Holy Spirit Warlock realm, but it still cant destroy the defense of the Fantasy Shen Spirit Pearl in one blow.

“Yang Feng, todays disgrace will be paid back a hundredfold in the future!”

The Black Wind Demon Lords eyes flashed coldly, he faced the sky, and his voice shook the world.

The eyes of many demons flickered with enigmatic light. If he cant kill the Black Wind Demon Lord, then there will be countless demons who will join the Black Wind Demon Lord in the future to contend against Yang Feng.

“Ant, to dare violate my dignity, go to hell!”

Sitting in the gold chariot, a detached look in his eyes, Yang Feng unleashed a punch.

In a flash, a terrifying fist projection tore the sky, shuttled through the void, and shot towards the Black Wind Demon Lord.

The Black Wind Demon Lords eyes flashed with a dignified color, and he silently recited an incantation and extended his hand.

A black windstorm boundary suddenly poured out from the Black Wind Demon Lord and fearsome windblades surrounded him.

Even if it is a quasi-Holy step powerhouse, they will need to attack with all their might for a period of time to tear apart the black windstorm boundary.

When the terrifying fist projection slammed into the black windstorm boundary, it blasted apart the boundary. After that, without its momentum diminished, the fist projection slammed into the Black Wind Demon Lord, and the demon lord exploded into fragments, which turned into a dark mist of blood and flew into a bottle in Yang Fengs hand.

“How dreadful!”

“Two lords committed suicide and one demon lord was blasted into pieces with a strike. This is incredible!”

“What is Yang Fengs origin, how can he be so terrifying?”


When they saw this scene, the humans and demons kneeling on the ground felt a chill go down their spine. Many of them submit to Yang Feng only as a temporary measure.

But after seeing three monarchs who didnt want to submit to Yang Feng being mercilessly killed, these powerhouses felt terrified. Now, theres no one who would dare to jump out and resist Yang Feng any longer.

Yang Feng swept the human and demon powerhouses kneeling on the ground with a gaze and uttered indifferently: “Get up!”

“Yes, your majesty!”

The human and demon powerhouses stood up and gazed at the gold chariot Yang Feng is sitting in with queer gleams in their eyes.

Yang Feng is aware that although he overtly subdued the human and demon powerhouses, but in fact, many of them havent truly given in yet.

However, Yang Feng has no worries regarding this. Once he has a foothold on the Roland Plane, the forces of the Battle Demon Sects will pour in and completely suppress the two races.

As long as all the Warlock Monarchs are suppressed, the rest of the powerhouses wont be able to raise any waves.

“Swallow these beads, thats an order! Anyone who doesnt comply shall die.”

Yang Feng flicked his finger, and five beads landed in front of the five lords.

The five lords are all formidable characters. Although they surrendered, but Yang Feng doesnt trust them.

The complexion of the five lords changed dramatically, aware that this is a method for Yang Feng to restrain them. Once they swallow the beads, their fate will be out of their control.

However, there have been more than five Warlock Monarchs that died at Yang Fengs hands, which greatly awed the five lords. Momentarily, no one showed any signs of movement.

All of a sudden, ripples rose around Yang Feng, and a swarm of Dazzling Light Units flew out and covered the sky.

The Dazzling Light Units extend countless artillery and aimed at the human and demon powerhouses below.

Yang Feng flicked a finger, and the artillery of a Dazzling Light Unit shone and fired a beam at a mountain range.


Along with an earth-shaking sound, the mountain secret treasure brought by a minor human force was completely erased.

“What frightening destructive power! This is 9th rank destructive power!”

“9th rank mechanical golems!”

“There are so many!”


The human and demon powerhouses felt a chill go down their spine as they watched the Dazzling Light Unit legion in the sky. They can tell that with an order from Yang Feng, the Dazzling Light Unit legion can deal the elites of the Roland Plane disastrous casualties.

“Yes, your majesty!”

When the Black Moon Demon Lord realized the terror of the Dazzling Light Units, he decisively grabbed a bead and swallowed it.

The other four lords smiled bitterly and swallowed a bead each.

When the five demon lords swallowed the five beads, they completely fell under Yang Fengs control. There wont be any more variables.

Yang Feng said: “Its time! Open the Gate of Providence, Black Moon Demon Lord!”

“Yes! Your majesty!”

The Black Moon Demon Lord answered respectfully and clapped his hands, and a handsome young man with short, blond hair and a pale face was pulled into the open.

The Black Moon Demon Lord slashed with his hand and cut the arteries of the pure blood guardian, and a large amount of blood poured out from inside the guardian and entered the void.

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