Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 1084 – Upheaval

Chapter 1083 – Eternal Soul Scripture

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As soon as they entered the Gate of Providence, the human and demon powerhouses saw the Spring of Immortality float in the void and water Yang Feng, countless runes form rings of runes around him, and wisps of Holy might emanate from Yang Feng and spreading in all directions.

“Holy! Hes really a Holy!”

“So he is a Holy! No wonder hes so powerful!”

“He is really a living Holy!”


When the human and demon powerhouses sensed the immortal Holy might, their countenance changed dramatically and their eyes flashed with astonishment.

Holy Spirit Warlocks are first-rate powerhouses of a universe, are part of the highest upper echelon of a universe. The human and demon powerhouses naturally dont dare to entertain any thoughts of disloyalty.

An hour later, Yang Feng opened his mouth and inhaled, and countless runes turned into a torrent and poured inside him.

Yang Feng opened his eyes and suddenly showed a smile: “This secret method is really fascinating! After cultivating it, the speed at which my injuries are healed increased one-fold. I wonder what magical effects will it have when its complete.”

Yang Fengs soul and origin were damaged by the Wing Eternal Sovereign. Even if he uses all kinds of treasures of heaven and earth, it will take him 10,000 years to completely recover.

Before, Yang Feng racked his brains, but he still had no way to deal with the damage. Now, however, after just finishing cultivating the Infinity Warlock rank volume of the Gate of Providences secret method, his speed of recovery increased one-fold. This is simply unbelievable.

Yang Feng stepped forward and entered the 100-meter-tall stele area.

The number of 100-meter-tall steles is ten times smaller than that of the 10-meter-tall steles. Yang Feng sent battle robots to scan the steles and record their runes in the database.

The level-6 optical computer network frenziedly operated, performed calculations, and deduced the Warlock Monarch rank volume of the secret method.

Yang Feng scanned the secret method and operated it, and countless runes emerged. The precious water of the Spring of Immortality poured into his body.

More formidable immortal Holy might emanated from Yang Feng and pressured many powerhouses to the point that they were left breathless.

The powerhouses in the Gate of Providence stared at the countless mysterious runes floating around Yang Feng, and their eyes filled a scorching color. That is equivalent to Yang Feng showing them a path to practice cultivation. It is more than one thousand-fold more convenient than them checking the steles themselves.

One day later, Yang Feng opened his eyes, and sacred, formidable fluctuations of power diffused from him.

“I finished practicing the Warlock Monarch rank volume. Now its time to practice the Holy Spirit Warlock rank volume! The Warlock Monarch rank volume increased my speed of recovery fifty-fold. If I succeed in cultivating of the Holy Spirit Warlock rank volume, I may be able to fully heal my wounds in a short period of time.”

Yang Feng scanned himself with his tremendous soul force and found that the green wings winding around his soul are being devoured bit by bit thanks to the blessing of the countless mysterious runes.

Every time he devours a piece of the green wings, Yang Fengs essence of devour becomes stronger.

The damage the Wing Eternal Sovereign dealt Yang Fengs soul is both a disaster and a great opportunity. If Yang Feng can completely devour and refine the power of the Wing Eternal Sovereign, it will bring him countless benefits, and even enhance the power of his life origin.

Yang Feng stepped in front of the 1,000-meter-tall steles.

There are only ten 1,000-meter-tall steles, and each rune they have recorded possesses heave-shaking power.

The battle robots cant record the mysterious runes of the 1,000-meter-tall steles. Naturally, the level-6 optical computer network cannot be used to analyze them, either.

“These runes carry the mysteries of the universe and contain great power. Even the xizu battle robots cannot analyze them. Thats fascinating!”

There was a flash of a burning shade in Yang Fengs eyes. Then, mysterious runes appeared in his eyes, and he looked at a 1,000-meter-tall stele.

In a flash, the 1,000-meter-tall stele radiated brilliant light, and the runes changed and evolved into a mysterious and extraordinary secret method.

Yang Feng sat 10 days before each stele in this area. As a result, it took him 100 days to record the runes on these steles in the level-6 optical computer network to carry out analysis.

“The Holy Spirit Warlock grade volume is 1,000 times more difficult than the Warlock Monarch grade volume. The Great Holy step optical computer network cannot fully analyze it in a short period of time. I have to record he last volume, the Warlock Emperor volume, now. Otherwise, there wont be enough time!”

Yang Feng arrived in front of the only 10,000-meter-tall stele.

“Theres nothing!”

In front of the 10,000-meter-tall stele, there is a thin layer of fog. When Yang Feng arrived in front of this stele, he took a look and was shocked.

There are no runes on the 10,000-meter-tall stele.

“Wrong! a special secret method is needed to be able to see the runes on this stele!”

Yang Feng ran a secret method he just learned, and countless mysterious runes suddenly appeared and formed rings around him.

A ring of runes appears in front of Yang Fengs eyes. Through it, he can clearly see a mysterious rune containing profound meaning appear on the 10,000-meter-tall stele.

Despite his Holy Spirit Warlock rank wisdom, Yang Feng isnt able to comprehend the mysterious rune and engrave it in his sea of knowledge.

Yang Feng looked at the mysterious rune with astonishment in his eyes: “This scripture is really abstruse. Its definitely an Empyrean grade scripture. If someone practices cultivation according to this scripture, they will be able to advance all the way to the Warlock Emperor realm. Its really fascinating.”

Any given Empyrean grade scripture can create only one Warlock Emperor. If other powerhouses dont open their own path and practice cultivation according that Empyrean grade scripture, they can only advance to the quasi-Empyrean step at most.

The Eternal grade scripture, on the other hand, can enable you to practice cultivation all the way to the Warlock Emperor realm. This is simply incredible.

However, compared with Warlock Emperors who open their own path, integrate their essences, and became a law of the universe, Warlock Emperors who practice cultivation to this realm using an Empyrean grade scripture are far weaker. The latter arent the opponents of the former.

Even so, this Eternal grade scripture can be rated as marvelous, and even Eternal Sovereigns would be moved by it. It has great value as reference material for them.

“Damn it, I cant understand it! Do I need to wait until the next time the Gate of Providence is opened to be able to comprehend this secret method?”

Yang Feng ran many secret methods to record this rune, but to no avail.

At this time, the steles in the Gate of Providence shone, and countless runes flew out from the steles and entered Yang Feng.

Due to the blessing from the countless runes, Yang Fengs eyes burst out with mysterious light that shone on the 10,000-meter-tall stele.

The mysterious rune on the 10,000-meter-tall stele slowly flew out from the stele, turned into a gold radiance, and entered yang Fengs sea of conscience.

As soon as the mysterious rune entered Yang Fengs sea of conscience, it burst out with bright light.

Eternal Soul Scripture!

A message filled Yang Fengs mind and informed him of this peerless scriptures name. Following flashes of light, everyone was transported outside the Gate of Providence.

Boom! Boom!

Along with fearsome shock waves, the steles inside the Gate of Providence began to disintegrate.

A teleportation beam enveloped Yang Feng.

Rifts extended all over the small world. In the abyss of the rifts, a gold stele radiating wisps of Eternal breath became faintly discernible.

As soon as Yang Feng saw the gold stele, enigmatic light flashed in his eyes, and an intense thirst filled him: “This is a complete Eternal grade treasure!”

If Yang Feng can get a complete Eternal grade treasure, then once he promotes to the Warlock Emperor realm, he can become a terrifying figure comparable to the seven invincible Warlock Emperors of the human race.

But Empyrean grade treasures are extremely rare. Moreover, most of them posses an arms spirit and are extremely arrogant. Its difficult for even Warlock Emperors to gain their approval.

If it wasnt for the fact that the Eternal grade treasure the Spirit Osta Fortress is badly damaged, to the point that its on the verge of collapse and is inferior to an intact Empyrean grade secret treasure, it would never have acknowledged Yang Feng as its master.

“Recognize me as your master and I will give you supreme glory and make you stronger!”

Yang Feng operated a secret method, and a thought crossed the void and plunged into the gold stele.

As if an inanimate object, the gold stele didnt show any reaction and quietly towered in the void.

With a flash of light, the Gate of Providence collapsed, and Yang Feng was conveyed outside.

“Alas, its an Eternal grade treasure.”

Yang Fengs eyes flashed with regret, and then the corners of his mouth rose into a smile: “This times harvest wasnt small at all. With the Eternal Soul Code, I can take a step further.”

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