Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 1087 – Shi Xue

Chapter 1086 – The Boyan Lord Arrives

Translator: Xaiomoge

Icicles, windblades, fire dragons, curses, and other kinds of attacks barreled towards the Boyan Lord like a tide.

Almost in an instant, the place where the Boyan Lord is located became a huge target.

The nine stars suspended in the void shone brilliantly, locked the heaven and earth, and forcibly blocked the countless attacks. Even the attacks of Holy Spirit Warlocks couldnt destroy the nine star space lock boundary.

With a cold look in his eyes, Yang Feng willed, and three Imperishable Battlestars emerged from the void.

As soon as the three Imperishable Battlestars emerged, they attracted the gazes of countless powerhouses.

“Is this a trump card of the Battle Demon Sect? These three warships give me a very dangerous feeling.”

When the fiend emperor hiding in the void saw the three Imperishable Battlestars, his eyes flashed with a dignified color.

The eyes of the Tyrant Dragon Holy hiding in the void flashed with enigmatic light: “The Firmament Holy has finally used his trump card.”

When the three Imperishable Battlestars emerged, their primary artillery shone and fired three beams. The beams of light instantly tore through the firmament and slammed into the boundary formed by the nine stars.


Along with earth-shaking noise, the nine star space lock boundary disintegrated and disappeared together with the three beams.

The xizu walked the path of a mechanical civilization. As such, the power their weapons is terrifying. The beams fired by the Imperishable Battlestars main artillery can deal serious damage to even Warlock Emperors.

Of course, if its in terms of comprehensive combat strength, a Holy Spirit Warlock can destroy an Imperishable Battlestar.

“So strong!”

“Is this the most fearsome mechanical warship of the Battle Demon Sect? What terrifying destructive power!”

“The Battle Demon Sect has extraordinary underlying strength!”


The countenance of the powerhouses watching the goings-on changed, and their eyes flashed with a severe shade.

When the nine stars space lock boundary broke, countless attacks rained down on the Boyan Lord.

The Boyan Lord smiled coldly, countless mysterious and bright runes appeared on his body, and, except for the attack containing immortal Holy might, his skin absorbed all the other attacks. His breath suddenly soared by a large fraction.

“Stop! With the exception of Holy Spirit Warlocks, everyone is to stop attacking! He can absorb your attacks and turn them into his power!”

When the Brilliant Great Holy, who has rich combat experience, saw this, his expression suddenly changed dramatically, and he faced upwards and roared.

After he spoke, the countenance of the powerhouse in this starfield changed drastically.

In the central starfield, there are hundreds of thousands of Transcendent rank powerhouses, but the number of Holy Spirit Warlocks is lower than 200. That is, although there are countless powerhouses here, only the less than 200 Holy Spirit Warlocks can really cause the Boyan Lord damage.

“A bunch of ants, thank you for the help! Now open!”

The Boyan Lord smiled ferociously, surged with runes all over his body, frantically burned his blood essence, issued a deafening bellow, and struggled with all his might.


The heaven and earth in the central starfield shook as the Boyan Lord forcefully squeezed half of his body into this universe.

In an instant, cracks appeared all over the Boyan Lords body, and a copious amount of blood spilled out into the starry sky.

Originally, with the Boyan Lords terrifying power, theres no way his precious blood would have been spilled out into the starry sky. But due to the frightening backlash force caused by forcibly crossing into another universe, despite how powerful he is, he was still seriously injured and couldnt restrain his blood from spilling out.

The Source of Curses shone, and black gas slammed into the Boyan Lord.

As if it has a life on its own, the black gas formed from countless strange runes extended all over the Boyan Lords body.

In the wake of the black gas, the Boyan Lords green skin, which can resist the attacks of countless powerhouses, withered and collapsed.

The Crab Transcendent Scissors cut the Boyan Lords head and penetrated deep into it.

With a flash of light, the Empyrean grade secret treasure the Zigud Wood Staff flew out of the void and hit the head of the Boyan Lord.

The Boyan Lord spat out a large amount of blood, and his head sunken in slightly. The Zigud Wood Staff didnt manage to crush his head.

A small imprint suddenly flew out of the void, countless transcendent projections appeared, and Empyrean grade fluctuations of power emanated. This small imprint is the Empyrean grade secret treasure the Transcendent Empyrean Imprint.

When the Transcendent Empyrean Imprint appeared, it evolved into many divine countries, each of which has many gods sitting inside, and slammed into the Boyan Lord.

All of a sudden, the Boyan Lord surged with countless runes, frantically burned his blood essence, and dispelled the black gas formed from countless curses. His body glittered, and the green rock skin appeared again.

When the Transcendent Empyrean Imprint hit the Boyan Lord, it crushed his green rock skin, and countless runes stabbed into his body, twisted frantically, and sucked his blood, conveying it to the Transcendent Empyrean Imprint.

An Empyrean grade secret treasure, the Phoenix Emperor Spear, engraved with countless abstruse runes and enveloped by endless fire, looking like a living phoenix, suddenly appeared, tore across the firmament, and stabbed into the Boyan Lord, and then burned him.

A 10,000-meter-long wolf tooth club, the Qilin Club, engraved with qilin runes suddenly appeared, slammed into the Boyan Lord, and smashed his green rock skin, and his blood spilled.

Although the Boyan Lord is incredibly strong. But due to the fact that hes stuck in the universe barrier and that his hands and feet are sealed, he can only watch as the Empyrean grade secret treasures launch attacks at him and deal him damage.

Nevertheless, despite being besieged by the Empyrean grade secret treasures, the incredibly strong Boyan Lord resisted the attacks.

The Divine Eyes Eternal Sovereign said, “Wing Eternal Sovereign, go ahead! We will make it up to you!”

The green wings radiated brilliant light and fanned out. Then, the eternal light turned into green wings of light that tore through the sky and slashed the universe barrier.

The terrifying backlash force was instantly crushed and the green wings of light collapsed and disappeared.

The Gumana Universe, in the Wing Eternal Sovereigns temple.

Covered in green feathers, the Wing Eternal Sovereign trembled slightly and spewed out gold blood.

The Wing Eternal Sovereign sighed slightly: “When you go against the heavens, the backlash really isnt small. It will take at least 100,000 years to fully heal this kind of injury.”

Eternal Sovereigns are the most formidable powerhouses in a universe, are peerless powerhouses proficient in the essence of fate. They can perceive any danger in advance. Except when fighting against powerhouses of the same rank, as long as they dont seek death, they will never be injured or killed.

In order to let the Boyan Lord cross the passageway between the two universes, the Wing Eternal Sovereign bore a tremendous universe backlash force and sustained serious damage.

If it wasnt for the fact that the two universe are mortal enemies and that the two other Eternal Sovereigns promised to give the Wing Eternal Sovereign great benefits, he would never have taken action just now.

“The rest is up to you guys.”

The Wing Eternal Sovereign narrowed his eyes, his vision crossed the distance of countless light-years, and he saw everything that is happening at the universe rift.

When the green wings of light formed by the Wing Eternal Sovereign slashed the universe barrier, a crack appeared in the universe barrier in front of the Boyan Lord once more.


The Boyan Lord bellowed, struggled to get free with all his might, burned his blood essence wildly, and jumped towards this side.

The crack opened, and then closed and severed the Boyan Lords legs like a terrifying guillotine, leaving his legs on the passageway leading to the world of Warlocks from the Gumana Universe.

A spatial storm erupted and blew the Boyan Lords legs away.

The Boyan Lord instantly crossed the void and arrived at the world of Warlocks.

The Source of Curses turned around, melted into the void, and disappeared.

The Zigud Wood Staff turned into a stream of light, tore through the firmament, and disappeared.

The Transcendent Empyrean Imprint shook slight, and a void transcendent appeared and tore the void, and then the imprint burrowed into the void rift.

The Phoenix Emperor Spear blazed and directly collapsed and disappeared, and then reappeared on a burning parasol tree more than 100,000 light-years away.

The Qilin Club shone with runes, and a void qilin suddenly appeared and tore the void, and then the club escaped into the distance.

The Crab Transcendent Scissors trembled slightly, turned into a stream of light, flew out of the Boyan Lords head, and escaped into the distance.

“You want to escape? Fat chance!”

The Lord of Boyan smiled ferociously and extended his hand, and a giant hand suppressed the void and shot towards the Crab Transcendent Scissors.

The Crab Transcendent Scissors fought back and left a huge cut in the Boyan Lords right hand.

“Its useless. Now that Ive arrived, only destruction awaits your universe!”

The Boyan Lord smiled ferociously, opened his mouth, and inhaled.

In an instant, a copious amount of elemental particle and life magic energy surged towards the Boyan Lord like a tide.

In the whole universe, energy storms rose and turned into whirlpools that poured into the Boyan Lord.

The injuries covering the Boyan Lords body healed at a speed visible to the naked eye, and his breath became more and more frightening.

After ten breaths of time, the severed legs regrew. The entire person emanates immortal Empyrean might that suppresses the heaven and earth.

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