Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 109 – Baza City

Chapter 108 – Undead Hellion

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The six curses from the twilight dagger could slowly eat at a level-2 Warlock, with the final result being death. Yang Fengs body tough had a terrifying resistance towards curses as he had bathed in the heart blood of an ancient dragon. Thanks to his tyrannical life force, Yang Feng had finally dispelled the last of the six curses after half an hour.

Yang Feng looked at the ground filled with corpses after recovering; his eyebrows creased slightly before he murmured: “Who was it that had sent assassins to kill me?”

Judy said curiously: “Werent the dark elves the ones that sent the assassins? As long as they killed You, then the leaderless mob of Satsuma Marquisdom wouldnt pose a threat to them and the marquisdom would be a ripe fruit for their plucking.”

Yang Feng responded with a bitter smile: “Thats what I had thought. But her words made me suspicious.”

“Additionally, the issue would gain larger proportions if hellions were to join forces with dark elves!” Yang Fengs gaze fell on the corpse of the tentacle young woman hacked into pieces; he creased his eyebrows tightly before murmuring.

That tentacle young woman was from one of the five great Hellion Royal Clans, the Undead Hellion Clan. The clansmen from the Undead Hellion Clan wouldnt die even if their heads were to be blown off. Were it not for Yang Feng sensing that there was something fishy with her and hadnt he acted in advance by blowing her head off, then getting rid of her definitely wouldnt be so easy.

The Hellion Clan came about as the product of taboo experiments from the 2nd Warlock Dynasty. The five great hellion ancestors were the crystallization of the highest skills from the 2nd Warlock Dynasty.

The five great hellion ancestors were respectively the Undead Hellion Ancestor, the Myriad Beasts Hellion Ancestor, the Elder Demon Hellion Ancestor, the Titan Hellion Ancestor and the Pantheon Hellion Ancestor. The five great hellion ancestors were the strongest weapons manufactured by the 2nd Warlock Dynasty. They were manufactured from the flesh, blood, spirit and a portion of the soul from the founder of the 2nd Warlock Dynasty, the Taboo Emperor; as well as outstanding treasures and precious materials.

The five great hellion ancestors immediately rebelled against the 2nd Warlock Dynasty after the fall of the Taboo Emperor. They created a large numbered hellion army and fought for several millennia against the 2nd Warlock Dynasty. In the end, the 2nd Warlock Dynasty quelled the rebellion of the five great hellion ancestors by paying a terribly painful price. It eventually collapsed after its rule was shaken.

Hellion were human-eating taboo life forms. Unless they were promoted to the Great Warlock rank; otherwise, low level hellions were basically unable to control their appetite and needed to consume human flesh everyday in order to preserve their reason. Additionally, hellions that consume humans would receive all of their knowledge and a large part of their strength; therefore, hellions were practically the natural predators of humans.

Countless human experts had stifled hellions in the World of Warlock. Although the hellions were defeated over and over and were stifled for a large number of years by human Warlocks, but they still existed and their operations became only more and more covert.

Within the hellion community, there were five great Hellion Royal Clans which respectively originated from the five great hellion ancestors. They had the bloodline of their hellion ancestors and their cultivation speed was as astonishingly fast as that of human Bloodline Warlocks. Furthermore, their evolution potential was practically limitless, to the point that there were even human Warlocks that directly degenerated into hellions in order to gain strength.

The tentacle young woman was from one of the five great Hellion Royal Clans, the Undead Clan. Yang Feng had a slight headache over killing her, as it was equivalent to being at odds with the Hellion Clan. Although the tentacle woman wasnt of any importance towards the Undead Hellion Royal Clan, but the experts of the Hellion Clan wouldnt mind getting rid of him once a chance arose.

The severed heads of the assassins as well as the corpse of the tentacle woman were collected and put in a store house in order for the customized memory reading robots to read their memories.

The origins of those assassins were then very quickly read. They came from an assassin organization called Shadow of Death and were hired to kill Yang Feng. Apart from this, those small-fry assassins didnt knew anything of importance.

Hellions were different from humans, their memories were located within the hellion core. Of course, the hellion core was very important to the hellions as it was the crystallization of their energy. The hellion core was also one of the hard currencies in the World of Warlocks.

Although the head of the tentacle young woman from the Undead Hellion Clan was blasted away, but her hellion core wasnt damaged. Therefore, Yang Feng managed to read a large quantity of memories from her hellion core.

The tentacle woman from the Undead Hellion Clan came from the bordering Samuel Dukedom. Samuel Dukedom was governed by the Samuel Family, one of the 36 black dragons Bloodline Warlock families. This young hellion female was the favorite concubine of a son from the Duke Samuel. Yang Feng learned from the memory of the young hellion female that the son of Duke Samuel was clear of her identity as a hellion. Moreover, hellions from the Undead Hellion Clan were reared by the Samuel Family to serve the family.

Only by consuming human flesh could hellions maintain their reason. For the Samuel Family to rear hellions was a simple matter, as the hellions could consume a lot of criminals every year in their territory. The hellions were used as a sharp sword to strike at their enemies.

Undead hellions had the bloodline of their hellion ancestor. Even if the concentration of their bloodline was thin, yet it was still easy for them to promote to a level-1 Warlock. Additionally, it was very common for hellions to kill humans. Samuel Family wouldnt be suspected of rearing hellions even if the hellions were to be captured. The hellions were equipped with restriction spells and couldnt leak any information, or they would self-detonate and perish.

Yang Fengs eyebrows creased slightly as his mind was full of doubts: “Whats going on? Theres no grudges nor enmity between us, so why would Samuel Family send assassins to kill me?”

Yang Feng was currently the Lord of the Satsuma Marquisdom and had the heavy responsibility of obstructing the under worlds allied forces. Even Johan merely pulled all of his forces without hindering Yang Feng too much. Satsuma Marquisdom and Samuel Dukedom neighbored each other. Once Satsuma Marquisdom was breached, then the under worlds allied forces would have a border with Samuel Dukedom. Any Lord with their mind intact wouldnt send assassins to kill Yang Feng during such a time.

Yang Fengs expression was gloomy as he felt that something smelled fishy: “Could it be that the Samuel Family had colluded with the under worlds allied forces? How would they benefit by doing this?”

Eunice arrived beside Yang Feng and said: “Master, theres a pressing matter.”

Yang Feng had an ominous premonition: “What pressing matter?”

Eunice said with a gloomy expression: “Fish-Tooth City was captured by the allied forces of the dark elves one day ago! Theyre currently marching towards Baza City.”

Yang Feng was shocked and asked: “Fish-Tooth City was captured? How could it be so quickly?”

Fish-Tooth City was a large city with a population of 200,000 odd people and a gateway towards Satsuma Marquisdom. Once captured, then Satsuma Marquisdom would lay bare before the allied forces of the dark elves.

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