Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 1090 – Audience Requests

Chapter 1089 – Slaying the Boyan Lord

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“Have you fully recovered? How come? How is that possible?”

The Boyan Lords countenance changed greatly, and he roared frantically.

As the energy level of the world of Warlocks declined, the lifespan of the Warlock Emperors got shorter and shorter. Many Warlock Emperors used various means to seal themselves and fall into a deep sleep. They want to awaken at the same time when the world of Warlocks fully recovers.

Only when they awaken when the world of Warlocks has fully recovered can the Warlock Emperors live for a period of time while wielding their peak fighting strength.

The Gumana Universe sent spies to infiltrate the world of Warlocks since a long time ago and gather intelligence for the Gumana Universe.

It is because of this that the Boyan Lord volunteered to go to the world of Warlocks. He was sure that unless the Warlock Emperor rank old monsters who are in deep sleep fight him to the death in the first moments and die with him, then once he gains a firm foothold and regains his full strength, he will be able to suppress the world of Warlocks and gain an opportunity to advance to the Eternal step in this universe.

“Heaven and Earth Freezes!”

Shi Xues beautiful eyes radiated brilliant light, and worlds of frost emerged and disappeared one after another. In an instant, thirty six worlds of frost collapsed and disappear in an instant. The resulting power condensed into a beam of frost that slammed into the Boyan Lord.

When the beam of frost slammed into the Boyan Lord, half of his body froze, and, as if time has frozen, he completely lost all feeling in the frozen part of his body.

“Regrettably, I failed at the last stretch! However, Shi Xue, it wont be that simple to kill me either!”

The Boyan Lord sighed, radiated bright light from his eyes, took out a stone bead, and threw it at Shi Xue.

The stone bead is called the Boyan Bead. It is a rare treasure that the boyan race has consecrated for countless years and has absorbed countless treasures of heaven and earth. It contains earth-shaking power.

The Boyan Bead shone and instantly evolved into a huge world. In this world, boyan powerhouses emitting Holy step fluctuations of power and equipped with all kinds of weapons madly attacked Shi Xue.

These Holy Spirit Warlocks possess the power to injure and even kill a Warlock Emperor.

The sacrifice force gathered by the boyan race over countless years and the endless wealth have culminated into a total of 1,800 Holy Spirit Warlocks. They work as one and gather their power together in order to attack Shi Xue.

“Want to escape? Fat chance!”

Shi Xue smiled coldly, silently recited an incantation, and pointed with a hand.

The Frost Divine Ring glittered, and countless frost elves and frost spirits suddenly appeared, rode storms of ice and snow, and fought against the 1,800 weapons formed from sacrifice force and countless treasures of heaven and earth.

Taking advantage of the moment when Shi Xue entangles with the Boyan Bead, the Boyan Lord slashed with his hands, tore open a turbulent space in the void leading to who knows where, and darted towards the turbulent space.

Even if it is a Holy Spirit Warlock, if they enter the strange turbulent space, they will be stuck in the turbulent space, unable to distinguish the directions. After a long time, they will end up dying in the turbulent space.

Even if it is a Warlock Emperor, if they enter the turbulent space, they will be transported to a random place, and may even end up being banished to a danger zone outside the universe.

Although Warlock Emperors possess shocking strength. But at the same time, the universe holds natural danger zones that can even claim the lives of Warlock Emperors.

If its not necessary, Warlock Emperors wont choose to enter turbulent spaces at will.

“Freeze space!”

A beam of frost broke through the Boyan Beads world, hit the turbulent space, and froze the void.

“Shi Xue, youve been fooled!”

The Boyan Lord suddenly showed a strange smile, and then he collapsed and turned into dust that drifted with the wind.

In a river of stars 100,000 light-years away, a sun suddenly exploded, and a terrifying solar storm spread in all directions.

The Boyan Lord flew out of the solar storm, cast a peerless secret method, and then blurred and disappeared.

To cross 100,000 light-years with a spell, that is the terror of Warlock Emperors. When faced against a large army, they can disappear from the scope of the siege with a spell. This is an incredible point about Warlock Emperors.

Shi Xue smiled faintly. The projection behind her became clearer, and then she collapsed and disappeared.

In the next moment, a snow storm rose in front of the Boyan Lord and instantly condensed into Shi Xue. She calmly slammed her fist into the Boyan Lord.

Countless frost runes suddenly erupted, turned into frost chains, stabbed into the Boyan Lord, and froze his body and soul.

Enveloped by the frightening freezing force, the Boyan Lords thoughts, power, and time seemed to freeze, and an intense chill filled his immortal body and soul.

Surrounded by countless frost chains, Shi Xue, who looks like an invincible transcendent, slammed one fist after another into the Boyan Lord.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The sound of fearsome explosions rose from the Boyan Lord. At the same time, large stones burst out from him and turned into broken stars floating in the universe.

In order to promote a Warlock Emperor, the Boyan Lord has refined who knows how many stars. Every inch of his skin is made of stars.

The Boyan Lords eyes flashed wit peculiar radiance, and he suddenly stopped resisting and sighed: “Shi Xue, whose reincarnation are you? Tell me before I die!”

Powerful wills secretly gathered here.

If they learn about Shi Xues origin, they will be able to prepare to deal with her in the future.

Shi Xues beautiful eyes flashed coldly, and she answered frigidly: “I like to have my enemies die in confusion. So, go guess my true identity in the river of Styx.”

“What a pity!”

The Boyan Lord sighed. Countless frost runes appeared in his body and froze him into a huge piece of ice without any breath of life.

“Died! The Boyan Lord Died!”

“She isnt badly hurt! How is that possible? How could she so easy kill the Boyan Lord when she hastily awoke from the river of time?”

“Thats a Warlock Emperor rank powerhouse! Even though the Boyan Lord was seriously injured, she shouldnt be able to suppress him that easily! What exactly is her origin? How can she be so powerful?”


When they saw this scene, many first-rate old monsters hiding in the universe were shocked.

Shi Xue waved her hand and severed the hands of the Boyan Lord, and then tossed them into the void.

A dashing high elf emanating Great Holy step fluctuations of power suddenly appeared in the void, caught the Boyan Lords hands, and respectfully bowed to Shi Xue, and then surged with spatial ripples and disappeared.

Shi Xue flipped her hand, and nine Seal the Heavens Jewels appeared and flew towards the universe rift like meteors. The nine Seal the Heavens Jewels burst out with brilliant light and seamlessly sealed the universe rift.

Shi Xues beautiful eyes swept towards the void, shone coldly, and surged with killing intent.

The countenance of Holy Spirit Warlocks who cast spells to spy on this side changed dramatically, and they cancelled their spells, concealed their breath, and hid in the void.

Shi Xue looked in Yang Fengs direction with a soft shade in her beautiful eyes, and then turned into snowflakes and disappeared.

Shi Xues projection appeared in front of Yang Feng and gradually turned corporeal. After three breaths of time, she crossed millions of light-years and became substantial.

Shi Xue smiled sweetly like a flower in full bloom: “Big brother, Im back.”

Yang Feng felt a warmth inside and uttered with a smile, “Its great to have you back. Has your premature awakening an impact on you?”

In the world of Warlocks, Yang Feng truly cares only about Shi Xue, Huang Yihe, Yuan Yi, Michaelia, Shi Yu, and a few others. Even if Shi Xue wasnt the reincarnation of an Empyrean step powerhouse, he would treat her with sincerity nonetheless.

Shi Xue answered calmly: “It has! After this, I must sleep for 300 years, or else my foundation will be damaged. Where it not for the Eternal Soul Scripture big brother gave me, I would have to sleep for at least 5,000 years.”

Yang Feng asked curiously: “Can you sleep on a plane with an accelerated flow of time to recover?”

Shi Xue replied: “That wont do! After promoting to the Warlock Emperor realm, those planes with an accelerated flow of time and abnormal laws of heaven and earth can no longer support our existence. Only a plane with intact laws of heaven and earth and full of power like the Cangzhi Plane can let us recover from our injuries while asleep and resist the erosion of time.”

Shi Xue warned: “Big brother, when you promote to the Great Holy and quasi-Empyrean steps, you must do so on the Cangzhi Plane. Only in this way will you be able to obtain huge benefits and lay a foundation for the Eternal step. If its not absolutely necessary, its best not to use planes with an abnormal flow of time like the Light of Eternity Plane.”

Yang Feng nodded. He vaguely felt that after he promoted to a Holy Spirit Warlock, the Light of Eternity Planes accelerated time flow no longer has a great effect on him. Staying there will only consume his lifespan in vain.

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