Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 1093 – Human-shaped Lightning

Chapter 1092 – Lightning Tribulation

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Countless Mist Rulers flew out from the Battle Demon Sect, entered the void, turned into a thick mist that blotted out the sky, and absorbed the power of spells.

“Cant see anything!”

“The Battle Demon Sect cast spells to hide that area from view.”

“Theyre so cautious, whats going on? Why did they hide that area from view?”


Formidable wills reverberated in the void.

Holy Spirit Warlocks are extraordinary beings far beyond the imagination of ordinary people. When they cast spells, they can even see the goings-on in an area tens of thousands of light-years away.

However, spells used to spy from a great distance away are easy to disturb. Unless it is an incredible existence such as an Eternal Sovereign, no one will be able to spy at what is happening in the Battle Demon Sect from thousands of light-years away.

Countless dark clouds gathered in the sky, thunder roared, lightning danced. It seems like the end of the world is coming.

Yang Feng looked up at the sky, feeling elated instead of surprised: “This is an Empyrean treasure tribulation! Only by going through this tribulation can it genuinely become an Empyrean grade secret treasure.”

Empyrean grade secret treasures are earth-shattering, heaven-defying treasures. Once born, they will trigger the rules of the universe and encounter the baptism of a lightning tribulation.

If it can go through the baptism of a lightning tribulation, the secret treasure will be able to become a genuine Empyrean grade secret treasure with unique might.

Yang Fengs figure fluttered, and he walked out of the Battle Demon Sects branch floating continent and loftily stood in the void.


Thunder that shook the heaven and earth sounded in the sky. Pure white lightning the thickness of a bucket intertwined and formed a lightning spear. Bearing the breath of destruction, the lightning spear fell from the sky and stabbed towards Yang Feng.

Yang Fengs eyes flashed with a dignified color. He operated the essence of devour and spread the fingers of a hand, and a black hole suddenly appeared in the void and swallowed the lightning spear.

Fearsome devour force broke out, and Yang Feng devoured a copious amount of lightning force, which made him shine like a god of lightning.

In the next moment, the black hole trembled, and then directly exploded. The lightning spear pierced through the Xi Shen Armor, stabbed into Yang Feng, and blasted open a huge hole. Countless bolts of lightning flashed inside Yang Feng and destroyed his life force.

Black holes emerged from Yang Feng and frantically devoured the lightning, strengthening his fleshly body.


A white bolt of lightning came down from the sky and slammed into Yang Fengs chest.

When Yue Wuxian saw the large hole blasted open in Yang Fengs chest, her expression faltered: “What dreadful Heavens Punishment Lightning!”

After Yue Wuxian promoted to a Holy Spirit Warlock, she swapped pointers with Yang Feng once. She gave her best for half an hour, and then was easily defeated by Yang Feng. She couldnt even harm him.

Yet despite equipping the Xi Shen Armor, Yang Feng was seriously wounded by the Heavens Punishment Lightning. It goes to show that the power of the Heavens Punishment Lightning is incredible.

Shi Yu looked up at the sky, and her beautiful eyes shimmered with worry: “The Heavens Punishment Lightning is the manifestation of the rules of the universe. The most powerful Heavens Punishment Lightning can even kill Warlock Emperors. Even if its big brother, its not that easy to resist the lightning tribulation!”

Michaelia also looked at the sky with worry in her beautiful eyes.

The Xi Shen Armor is an Empyrean grade secret treasure that Yang Feng chose to link and evolve together with. Yang Feng is resisting the Heavens Punishment Lightning by himself. If others tried to help him, they would be killed by the rules of the universe manifested as the Heavens Punishment Lightning.

As Holy Spirit Warlocks, although Yue Wuxian and the other two are incredibly powerful, but they are still helpless. They cannot interfere with the lightning tribulation.

A river of time suddenly appeared around Yang Feng, time flowed back and rewound him to his state ten seconds ago, and all his injuries disappeared.

This is the terror of the essence of time. Although the Heavens Punishment Lightning is so powerful that even Yang Feng cant resist it, but it doesnt contain the power of the law of karma and thus cannot prevent Yang Feng from rewinding time.

Yang Feng looked up at the sky, and his eyes flashed with a dignified color: “How fascinating! Its only the second strike, yet it forced me to play my trump card! Thats the Heavens Punishment Lightning for you!”

In the sky full of dark clouds, lightning danced about, as if something terrifying is brewing there.

After nine breaths of time, nine bolts of silver lightning containing terrifying might came down from the sky and shot towards Yang Feng.

Yang Fengs eyes constricted. The Xi Shen Armor glittered with countless runes, and his fists broke out with many runes evolved into stars that barreled towards the lightning in the sky.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The heaven and earth shook. Accompanied by nine deafening blares, the nine silver bolts of lightning were smashed by Yang Feng.

When the nine silver bolts of lightning were smashed, they turned into silver lightning flood dragons and rushed at Yang Feng from all directions.

The Xi Shen Armor shone, and black holes suddenly emerged, erupted with fearsome attractive force, and engulfed the lightning flood dragons, which can deal heavy damage to Holy Spirit Warlocks.

After the Xi Shen Armor devoured the lightning flood dragons, the Kunmo Stone embedded in its chest lit up and absorbed all the lightning force in an instant.

The Kunmo Stone is a supreme treasure that can become an Eternal grade treasure, has limitless capacity, and, most important of all, is in line with Yang Fengs essence of devour.

When the nine silver bolts of lightning were devoured, the universe law force shrouding an area hundreds of millions of kilometers trembled slightly, and its scope expanded ten-fold.

A virtually endless amount of elemental particles and life magic energy gathered from all directions and disappeared into the dark clouds.

“Whats going on?”

“Dont tell me that someone is advancing to a Great Holy?”

“What on earth is happening there?”

“This doesnt look like someone is promoting to a Holy Spirit Warlock! Could Yang Feng have broken through to a Great Holy?”


Powerful wills reverberated in the universe and gazes converged here.

Chaos erupted in the void as Holy Spirit Warlocks tore the void and rushed this way.

The spell Yue Wuxian cast can prevent the Holy Spirit Warlocks from spying from afar, but it cannot block an inspection from nearby.

In the void above the Battle Demon Sect, after the dark clouds absorbed enough energy, lightning flickered, and Heavens Punishment Lightning, which can severely injure Holy Spirit Warlocks, fell from the sky and rained down on Yang Feng.

Yang Fengs countenance changed slightly, and he frantically operated the Eternal Imperishable Body. A river of time appeared around him, spatial portals shrouded him, black holes surrounded him, and black stars circled him and shot towards the Heavens Punishment Lightning.

The Heavens Punishment Lightning crushed the black stars, then part of it was banished by the spatial portals, another part was devoured by the black holes, and yet another part had their time rewound, delaying them by a second.

The nearly inexhaustible Heavens Punishment Lightning was smashed by all kinds of strange means of Yang Feng.

Black holes appeared on the Xi Shen Armor and devoured the Heavens Punishment Lightning that was smashed by Yang Feng.

The Xi Shen Armor became stronger at practically every breath of time.

The lightning tribulation is the biggest crisis of this Empyrean grade secret treasure as well as its greatest opportunity.

After more than a dozen breaths of time, the berserk Heavens Punishment Lightning disappeared.

Standing in the middle of lightning, Yang Feng is covered in wounds. His hands are burnt black, and there are even some bones sticking out of his body.

In order to strengthen the Xi Shen Armor, Yang Feng isnt willing to use the essence of time and rewind time. Otherwise, the time of the Xi Shen Armor will be rewound as well and it wont be strengthened.

Without hesitation, Yang Feng took out a jade vial and swallowed a drop of the Boyan Lords blood essence.

After she slayed the Boyan Lord, Shi Xue handed Yang Feng a portion of the Boyan Lords blood essence before she left.

As soon as the drop the Boyan Lords blood essence fell into Yang Fengs mouth, it turned into the most pure power and spread along his body.

Nourished by the pure force, the wounds scattered all over Yang Fengs body healed and faded, and he became more powerful.

Yang Feng felt the changes in his body and gazed at the sky, a dignified look in his eyes: “Empyrean grade secret treasure lightning tribulation sure is dreadful. If I didnt have the Boyan Lords blood essence, it would have been dangerous.”

A copious amount of lightning flickered in the void and thundered, forming a variety of weapons, such as swords, spears, halberds, and so on. Each weapon contains the law of karma.

When hit by the Heavens Punishment Lightning, which contains the law of karma, even someone as strong as Yang Feng will have a hard time using the law of time to the rewind time and heal their injuries.

If it werent for the rapid healing property of the Boyan Lords blood essence, Yang Feng would hardly be able to resist the next wave of attacks.

After nine breaths of time, containing the law of karma, the weapons formed from the Heavens Punishment Lightning shot towards Yang Feng like raindrops.

Yang Feng operated the Eternal Imperishable Body, soared into the sky, and attacked the weapons constructed from the Heavens Punishment Lightning.

Lightning flickered and thundered and blood fluttered.

After a dozen plus breaths of time, the powerful weapons constructed from the Heavens Punishment Lightning riddled Yang Fengs body full of wounds. Due to the law of karma they contain, his blood flowed nonstop, and he is practically unable to heal his wounds.

The Xi Shen Armor absorbed Yang Fengs blood and the scattered lightning without hesitation and became brighter and more powerful.

The Xi Shen Armor firmly guarded Yang Fengs vital points and blocked the Heavens Punishment Lightning weapons. But since the protection in the rest of the places was insufficient, the Heavens Punishment Lightning weapons left wounds on his body.

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