Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 1095 – Slaying the Dark Ghost Arrow Holy

Chapter 1094 – A Desperate Situation

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When Yang Feng advanced to the intermediate Holy Spirit Warlock realm, the black hole became more formidable and its devour force increased one-fold. The human-shaped lightnings trapped in the black hole persisted for a while, and then directly collapsed and were devoured and absorbed by the Xi Shen Armor.

After devouring all the human-shaped lightnings, Yang Feng consumed a dozen plus vials of precious elixirs in one breath, and then drank a vial of the Boyan Lords blood essence.

Endless power gushed out from the Boyan Lords blood essence and quickly nourished and restored Yang Fengs power and soul.

After three breaths of time, Yang Feng regained his peak condition.

The dark clouds in the sky billowed and a tremendous force gathered and formed a lightning halberd.

As soon as the lightning halberd, which contains supreme destructive power, was formed, Yang Feng had a premonition of imminent death.

Yang Feng looked at the lightning halberd in the sky with a grave glint in his eyes: “This is comparable to a strike from an Empyrean step powerhouse! If I cant resist it, I will die! Sure enough, its too difficult to refine Empyrean grade secret treasures while in the Holy Spirit Warlock realm.”

Yang Feng silently recited an incantation, frantically extracted the power of the small world inside him, and pointed at the sky, and nine stars appeared in the void and formed a defensive boundary, the Nine Stars Heaven Suppressing Boundary.

The Nine Stars Heaven Suppressing Boundary if a top-shelf defensive boundary that Yang Feng refined with nine stars as the backbone, which guide star force to form the boundary. It is a top-shelf defensive boundary recorded in the Time Scripture [1]. Yang Feng is fully confident that he can use this boundary to block ten all-out strikes from a Great Holy step powerhouse.

When the Nine Stars Heaven Suppressing Boundary formed, countless runes appeared on it and frenziedly absorbed star force from all around.

All of a sudden, a star world constructed from star force emerged and suspended in the void.

The lightning halberd fell down from the sky, instantly sundered the void, and stabbed the star world.

Boom! Boom!

Deafening explosions sounded as the nine stars were pierced through by the lightning halberd, exploded, and turned into broken pieces one after another.

The Nine Stars Heaven Suppressing Boundary, which was enough to contend against a Great Holy powerhouse, collapsed.

With a cold glint in his eyes, Yang Feng operated the essence of devour, and a black hole suddenly emerged and swept towards the lightning halberd.

The lightning halberd stabbed into the black hole, cut it in two like tofu, and easily pierced through Yang Fengs Xi She Armor, and a tyrannical force instantly burst out and enveloped Yang Feng.

The lightning halberd knocked Yang Feng down from the sky, slammed him into the ground, and blasted open a huge hole.

Yang Feng was nailed to the earth like an ant.

A large amount of lightning shone, assaulted Yang Feng, and blasted his arms and legs into ashes.

After destroying his arms and legs, the Heavens Punishment Lightning full of destructive force extended towards the rest of Yang Fengs body, trying to destroy his flesh and soul

The Xi Shen Armor erupted with countless mysterious runes, guarded Yang Fengs head and soul, and continuously absorbed the power of the Heavens Punishment Lightning.

Formidable life force poured into Yang Feng from the Xi Shen Armor and prevented him from being annihilated by the Heavens Punishment Lightning.

The Kunmo Stone embedded in the Xi Shen Armor shone, fully mobilized its previously accumulated power, and eliminated the lightning halberd, which contains the law of karma, bit by bit.

The dark clouds in the sky that seemed to completely cover the heaven and earth slowly dispersed. The lightning halberd, however, didnt disappear. It continued to destroy the Xi Shen Armor and Yang Fengs flesh and soul.

Fired from afar, a black arrow containing thick erosion force ripped apart the void and shot towards Yang Feng.


When Shi Yu, Yue Wuxian, and Michaelia saw this, their countenance changed greatly, and they barked, cast spells, and formed magic boundaries in front of Yang Feng.

The black arrow easily ran through the defensive boundaries the three Holy Spirit Warlocks set up in a hurry. Emanating fluctuations of certain hit karma, the black arrow locked on Yang Feng and barreled straight towards him.

Nailed to the earth by the lightning halberd, Yang Feng cannot evade the attack.

Faced with the fatal strike, Yang Fengs eyes flashed coldly, runes appeared all over his body, and he shrank.

The black arrow instantly slammed into the lightning halberd and stimulated it, and fearsome lightning flickered and electrocuted the black arrow, turning it into ashes.

Stimulated, the lightning halberd became extremely violent, and a copious amount of lightning bombarded Yang Feng, making him tremble.

Shi Yus beautiful eyes erupted with countless mysterious runes, and she looked at a track of void, overflowed with killing intent, and uttered, enunciating each syllable: “Dark Erosion Goblin Arrow! Dark Ghost Arrow Holy! You dare harm my big brother! When I promote to a Great Holy, I will annihilate your dark goblin race!”

100,000 kilometers away, a three-meter-tall, pitch-black dark goblin powerhouse, with a horn on his head, a ferocious face, and countless runes inscribed on his body, appeared in the void, smiled frigidly, and said: “In the Battle Demon Sect, only Yang Feng can make us apprehensive. As for you guys, you are nothing but ants in front of the Dark Heaven. The dark goblin race is a powerful race that has existed since the Eternal Sovereign age! You want to exterminate us, thats a fools dream!”

“Dark Ghost Arrow Holy, dont waste time talking nonsense with her! Lets kill them as soon as possible to prevent any changes. Once those humans arrive, it wont be that easy to kill Yang Feng!”

The void twisted, and a 100,000-meter-long swallowing heaven whale engraved with abstruse runes, enveloped by a distortion force field, and emanating immortal Holy might suddenly appeared.

“Yang Feng, youre too arrogant. Youre just a Holy Spirit Warlock, yet you want to create an Empyrean grade secret treasure. How stupid. If it were that easy to create them, then would there be so few Empyrean grade secret treasures in the universe?”

A 10,000-meter-long dark green dragon that emanates both dragon qi and demonic qi flew out of the void and stared indifferently at Yang Feng, and its eyes shimmered with derision.

“I dont want Yang Fengs soul. But his body must be given to me. A corpse of a peerless talent, thats something to salivate over.”

A powerhouse dressed in a black battle armor, blind in one eye, with a sinister face and a protruding belly, stepped out of the void.

As light laughter rose, and an extremely handsome kindred true ancestor exuding a devilish charm appeared and stared at Shi Yus group of three with an obscene shade in his eyes: “One of the three beauties must be mine. A beautiful Holy Spirit Warlock rank slave, Im excited just thinking about it. Their blood must be delicious.”

“Dark Ghost Arrow Holy, Swallowing Heaven Whale Holy, Dark Green Dragon Holy, Ghoul Holy, Seventh Kindred True Ancestor! Why did such bigwigs join forces to come here?”

Yue Wuxian gazed at the five powerhouses in the sky and inhaled a breath of cold air.

Each of the five powerhouses that appeared is a Holy Spirit Warlock. Among them, the Dark Green Dragon Holy and the Seventh Kindred True Ancestor are intermediate Holy Spirit Warlocks. The Swallowing Heaven Whale Holy is proficient in the essence of devour and its fleshly body is extremely powerful. The Dark Ghost Arrow Holys archery is sublime, and he can wound even pinnacle Holy Spirit Warlocks with his arrows. Although the Ghoul Holy only possesses a pinnacle junior Holy Spirit Warlock rank cultivation base. But at the same time, he is tyrannically strong. He once slayed a junior Holy Spirit Warlock.

With a flash of light, a teleportation beam shot out from the Battle Demon Sects branch floating continent and barreled towards Yang Feng.

If Yang Feng is teleported to the branch floating continent, the five powerhouses wont easily pursue him.

“You want to escape? You wish!”

The Seventh Kindred True Ancestor smiled calmly and extended a hand, and the void distorted. The space within tens of thousands of kilometers turned chaotic.

When the teleportation beam entered the chaotic space, it disappeared.

Along with flashes of light, battle robots flew out of the branch floating continent like a tide and flew this way.

The Seventh Kindred True Ancestor smiled and said: “Swallowing Heaven Whale Holy, well leave these mechanical golems to you!”

“No problem. However, I can hold on for only an hour at most. You must take care of them within that time! Otherwise, you will have to bear the consequences!”

The Swallowing Heaven Whale Holys figure shook slightly, and it tore the void, flew to in front of the battle robot legion, opened its mouth, and swallowed 10,000 battle robots in one go.

Space fluctuations surged and the Swallowing Heaven Whale Holy divided the void in two. Before killing the Swallowing Heaven Whale Holy, crossing the void is a pipe dream.


The Dark Green Dragon Holys eyes flashed coldly, and it belched a dark dragon breath that contains devastating power barreling towards Yang Feng.

The temperature within 1,000 kilometers rose to above 100 °C and, as if the world changed into a world of fire, fierce flames rose everywhere.

“You are the one whos going to die!”

Shi Yus beautiful eyes shimmered coldly, her figure fluttered, and she turned into a 10,000-meter-tall stone giant, brandished a giant stone axe, and slashed at the Dark Green Dragon Holy.


[1] – Time Text was changed to Time Scripture

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