Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 1096 – Suppressing Two Holy Step Powerhouses

Chapter 1095 – Slaying the Dark Ghost Arrow Holy

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As the beautiful stone giant fought the Dark Green Dragon Holy, frightening fluctuations of power nearly sundered the firmament.

Each blow of Shi Yu contains the essence of petrification. When the terrifying force comes into contact with them, the scales of the Dark Green Dragon Holy directly petrify and turn into stones.

When the hard to extinguish flames emitted by the Dark Green Dragon Holy fall on the beautiful stone giant Shi Yu has turned into, they burn wildly, turning the stones covering her body into ashes.

“Angel empress! Heaven and earth variant! If I suck your blood essence, I may be able to take another step and advance to an advanced Holy Spirit Warlock! Michaelia, surrender! As long as you are willing to be my slave and blood bank, I can have mercy on Yang Feng and let him live as my dog!”

Surrounded by bloody light that condensed into bright bloody rings, the Seventh Kindred True Ancestor treading on air walked towards Michaelia, smiled coldly, and spoke.

“You want to be my master? I have only one master and that is big brother Yang Feng! Go to hell, you trash!”

Michaelias beautiful eyes shimmered coldly, and she operated the essence of speed, turned into a green ray, and rushed towards the Seventh Kindred True Ancestor.

“Youre too arrogant! The essence of speed is not invincible.”

The Seventh Kindred True Ancestor smiled and snapped his fingers.

A large amount of bloody threads suddenly appeared and suspended in the void.

When the green ray Michaelia has turned into ran into the bloody threads, the sharp threads easily cut her battle armor and flesh.

A large amount of blood gushed out from Michaelia, flowed along the bloody threads, and poured into the Seventh Kindred True Ancestor.

The Seventh Kindred True Ancestors eyes flashed with a queer shade and filled with intoxication, and he said with a smile of excitement: “Wonderful! Angel emperor blood is delicious. Im grateful for this era. If it werent for this era, I wouldnt be able to drink such wonderful blood.”

The bloodline and talent of true blood kindred powerhouses is far more formidable than that of humans. But at the same time, they are shackled by their bloodline, making it very difficult to reach the top.

For true ancestor-level true blood kindred powerhouses, to go further on their path of cultivation, they must hunt Holy Spirit Warlocks and devour their blood essence. Only then will it be possible for them to break the bloodline shackles and go further.

However, even if he hunts an ordinary Holy Spirit Warlock and absorbs their blood essence, it will be difficult for the Seventh True Ancestor to break through to the advanced Holy Spirit Warlock realm from the intermediate Holy Spirit Warlock realm. Only by absorbing the blood essence of a Holy Spirit Warlock rank heaven and earth variant such as an angel empress, can he break through and promote to the advanced Holy Spirit Warlock realm.

“Disgusting thing!”

With a cold glint in her beautiful eyes, Michaelia suddenly brandished the sword in her hand, and sword rays full of sacred aura and containing fearsome power of purification slashed the bloody threads.

The bloody threads formed from countless strange runes were purified and broken.

The Seventh True Ancestor smiled faintly, and then turned into a mist of blood and disappeared.

After the countless bloody threads constructed from strange runes were severed, bloody light shone, and the bloody threads formed again.

The many strange bloody threads extended towards Michaelia like maggots.

“Your opponent is me!”

With a ferocious smile on his face, the Ghoul Holy opened his mouth and spat out three Holy Spirit Warlock rank corpses. The three Holy Spirit Warlock rank corpses together with the Ghoul Holy rushed towards Yue Wuxian and engaged her.

The three Holy Spirit Warlocks of the Battle Demon Sect are being restrained by the three powerhouses of the Dark Heaven.

With a cold glint in his eyes, the Dark Ghost Arrow Holy nocked a Slaying Holy Arrow forged from the vertebra of a Holy Spirit Warlock rank powerhouse on the Holy grade secret treasure the Myriad Ghosts Bow, locked on Yang Feng, and fired.

Myriad ghosts wailed as a dark ray, which contains the power to erode and destroy anything, sundered the firmament and shot towards Yang Feng.

This arrow fired by the Dark Ghost Arrow Holy, who operated the secret method the Apparition Archery with all his might, contains certain hit karma. Even if it is a quasi-Empyrean grade powerhouse, they will suffer a serious injury when hit by this arrow. If a Warlock Emperor is caught off guard, they will suffer a slight injury when hit by this arrow.

Following flashes of light, 136 Vajra Rulers suddenly appeared in the void.

The 136 Vajra Rulers raised their shields, resonated, and formed a huge shield blocking in front of Yang Feng.


The Slaying Holy Arrow pierced through the huge shield, ripped apart the boundary of the 136 Vajra Rulers, twisted like a snake and bypassed the 136 Vajra Rulers, and then shot towards Yang Feng.

With a cold look in his eyes, Yang Feng suddenly twisted slightly and operated the essence of space with all his might, and the void twisted, distorting the Slaying Holy Arrow in front of him. Then, he pointed with his hand and operated the law of karma, making the Slaying Holy Arrow twist slightly and stab the lightning halberd.

The lightning halberd lodged in Yang Fengs chest shone and erupted with a countless amount of lightning that attacked the Slaying Holy Arrow.

The Slaying Holy Arrow, which once shot a Great Holy step powerhouse dead, flickered with countless apparitions, and then had its Holy Spirit Warlock rank resentment and killing intent were purified by the lightning bit by bit.

When the two terrible forces clashed in front of Yang Feng, they mutilated his body.

Taking advantage of the moment when the power of the lightning halberd was partly diverted away, Yang Feng downed three vials of the Boyan Lords blood essence in one go.

After consuming the three vials of the Boyan Lords blood essence, formidable life force filled Yang Fengs body. He frenziedly operated the Eternal Soul Scripture and absorbed the pure life force contained in the Heavens Punishment Lightning, nourishing his soul.

Lightning force represents both destruction and life force.

Only a Holy Spirit Warlock like Yang Feng can transform lightning force into the purest life force using incredible secret methods.

The Xi She Armor, which was originally suppressed by the lightning halberd, shone, unleashed black holes, and frantically swallowed the terrifying power contained in the lightning halberd and the Slaying Holy Arrow.

All of a sudden, a frightening black hole emerged, swallowed the lightning halberd and the Slaying Holy Arrow, and frantically devoured the power of the two.

“Did the Dark Heaven to send the five of you here to to die?”

Yang Fengs cold voice sounded and his murderous gaze rose into the sky and swept the five people.

Swept by Yang Fengs gaze, the Dark Ghost Arrow Holys eyes flashed coldly, and he spewed out a mouthful of blood essence that merged into the Myriad Ghosts Bow.

From the Myriad Ghosts Bow, 100,000 Infinity Warlock rank, 3,000 Warlock Monarch rank, and 60 Holy Spirit Warlock rank apparitions flew out, intertwined, and formed a myriad ghosts arrow.

If the filthy dark ghost qi of the myriad ghosts arrow is leaked, it can annihilate all life forms of a grade 9 plane.

A dark radiance shone, and the myriad ghost arrow ripped apart the firmament, appeared in front of Yang Feng, and shot at his forehead.


With a fierce glint in his eyes, Yang Feng right hand covered in the Xi Shen Armor shone with countless runes and evolve into a frightening star that slammed into the myriad ghosts arrow, which can shoot dead a Holy Spirit Warlock, and blasted it apart.

When the myriad ghosts arrow was blasted apart, apparitions with terrifying resentment emerged, turned into a black mist of filth, and swept towards Yang Feng.

The black hole suspended above Yang Feng erupted with a formidable force and swallowed the mist of filth.

“How is that possible? How can he be so strong!”

Seeing this scene, the Dark Ghost Arrow Holy was stunned and felt his blood run cold. Then, he cast the secret method the Dark Goblin Nine Changes, distorted nine times in a row, becoming faster each time, and fled into the distance.

The Dark Ghost Arrow Holys archery is extraordinary. Even if it is a quasi-Holy step powerhouse, he can seriously wound them from far away. But when it comes to close combat, he is rather lacking.

“Want to escape!”

With a cold flash in his eyes, Yang Feng snapped his fingers, and the Empyrean grade secret treasure the Bead of Time suddenly appeared.

A river of time formed from countless mysterious runes gushed out of the Bead of Time and entered the void.

Yang Feng stepped on the river of time, and the flow of time around him accelerated thirty six-fold.

The Dark Ghost Arrow Holy immediately discovered that his flow of time slowed down nine-fold. Where it not for the fact that his Holy grade soul is not affected by the change in the flow of time, it would be difficult for him to discover this anomaly.

“Go to hell!”

Almost in an instant, Yang Feng crossed a distance of 100,000 kilometers and appeared above the Dark Ghost Arrow Holy, and his fist, which contains the essence of power, evolved into a star and shot towards the Dark Ghost Arrow Holy.

Barriers emerged on the Dark Ghost Arrow Holys body and a giant bronze shield appeared above him.

When Yang Fengs fist slammed into the giant bronze shield, terrifying essence of power erupted and smashed the giant bronze shield, and then his fist slammed into the Dark Ghost Arrow Holy and blasted his body apart.

The black hole suspended above Yang Feng engulfed the Dark Ghost Arrow Holy.

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