Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 1097 – Aftermath

Chapter 1096 – Suppressing Two Holy Step Powerhouses

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The black hole trembled as the Dark Ghost Arrow Holy struggled inside.

After a few breaths of time, the black hole suspended above Yang Feng disappeared.

“The Dark Ghost Arrow Holy was killed by him!”

“The Dark Ghost Arrow Holy fell!”

“So quick, what a dreadful guy!”


When the four Holy Spirit Warlocks saw this scene, they inhaled a breath of cold air.

The Dark Ghost Arrow Holy was a peerless powerhouse. Although he was slightly weak in terms of close combat, but he was still a genuine Holy Spirit Warlock. For such a powerhouse to die at Yang Fengs hands so quickly, this is beyond shocking.

The figure of the Swallowing Heaven Whale Holy, who has engaged countless battle roots, fluttered, and it ripped apart the sky and flew away. It abandoned its three companions without hesitation.

A pair of bloody wings emerged behind the Seventh True Ancestor and flapped, the Seventh True Ancestor shone brightly, sundered the firmament, and flew away.

The Dark Green Dragon opened its mouth, and a scarlet demonic dragon flew out and rushed towards Shi Yu, while he himself blurred, turned into a dark ray, and escaped.


The eyes of the Ghoul Holy flashed with a fierce glint, and he roared, erupted with countless runes, sucked in the three Holy Spirit Warlock rank corpses, and then turned into a stream of light and flew towards the sky.

“You want to escape, fat chance! Void Ban!”

With a cold flash in her beautiful eyes, Yue Wuxian silently recited an incantation and pointed with her hand at the sky.

Countless runes suddenly appeared, attracted spatial force of the heaven and earth, and sealed the Ghoul Holy in the void.

In terms of fighting strength, Yue Wuxian is far from the level of heaven and earth variants such as Shi Yu and Michaelia. But she has mastered many mysterious spells, and the Void Ban is one of them.


With a fierce flash in his eyes, the Ghoul Holy bellowed and inserted his hands into the void, trying to tear it apart. Countless runes shone in the void, ripples rose, and a huge rift appeared in front of the Ghoul Holy.

With a flash of light, Shi Yu appeared in front of the Ghoul Holy and sent a fist flying towards him.

All of a sudden, countless evil spirits flew out from the Ghoul Holys hands and rushed towards Shi Yu like a tide, trying to gobble her up.

In the wake of Shi Yus punch, terrifying essence of petrification surged, bright light shone, and the evil spirits turned into stones, dropped from the sky, and collapsed.

After shredding countless evil spirits, Shi Yu unleashed another punch.

The Ghoul Holy raised his hands and tried to block the punch. A formidable force erupted, and he fell from the sky and spewed out a large mouthful of blood.

Strange runes extended along the Ghoul Holys body and eroded him. After a few breaths of time, less than half of his body was petrified.

The countenance of the Ghoul Holy changed greatly. He opened his mouth, and Holy Spirit Warlock rank corpses flew out and attacked Shi Yu.

Michaelia operated the essence of speed, turned into a green ray, and entered the void. In a flash, she appeared in front of the Seventh True Ancestor and slashed at the other party with her sword.

“Youre seeking death!”

The Seventh True Ancestors eyes shimmered with a fierce gleam. He spread the fingers of a hand, and blood fire formed from burning blood swept towards Michaelia.

Michaelia slashed with her sword, and a brilliant light of purification stabbed into the blood fire. The two sides intertwined with each other, dispelled one other, and disappeared.

A river of time emerged of the void and shot towards the Seventh True Ancestor.

The Seventh True Ancestor suddenly slowed down nine-fold.

Originally, there was little difference in strength between the Seventh True Ancestor and Michaelia. But now his flow of time slowed down. Michaelia suddenly erupted with resplendent light, and her sword tore the firmament apart, split open the magic force field around the Seventh True Ancestor, and then slashed him.

Tremendous light of purification, like the most terrible poison, purified the Seventh True Ancestor inch by inch.

Yang Feng emerged from the river of time and stabbed the God Slayer Dagger into the Seventh True Ancestor.

Countless strange runes emerged from the God Slayer Dagger and shrouded the Seventh True Ancestor.

A mist of blood converged on the Seventh True Ancestor from all directions, making it so his true body cannot escape.

There was a flash of fear in the Seventh True Ancestors eyes, and he shouted madly: “Stop! Yang Feng, do you want to become a mortal enemy of the true blood kindred?!”

“If we become mortal enemies, then so be it!”

Yang Feng smiled coldly and pointed at the Seventh True Ancestor, and countless mysterious runes appeared, poured into the opponent, and sealed him.

A bronze coffin suddenly appeared, and green light flew out of the bronze coffin, swept the Seventh True Ancestor, and pulled him into the bronze coffin.

After suppressing the Seventh True Ancestor, Yang Feng looked into the distance and saw that the Dark Green Dragon Holy and the Swallowing Heaven Whale Holy have already escaped, nowhere to be seen.

Despite how strong Yang Feng is, he cant find the whereabouts of these two Holy Spirit Warlocks.

Yang Fengs eyes fell on the Ghoul Holy.

Tied down by Ye Wuxian and Shi Yu, the Ghoul Holy suddenly had a creepy premonition of danger.

The Ghoul Holys face changed greatly, and he screamed madly, “Yang Feng, let me go! I will swear that Ill never oppose you again and give you three Springs of Immortality. Furthermore, if I ever see people from the Battle Demon Sect, I will retreat by 3,000 kilometers.”

“Fool, is this supposed to impress me? Youre too naive! If I suppress you, your wealth will fall into my hands!”

With a flicker of derision in his eyes, Yang Feng walked towards the Ghoul Holy while treading on air.

The Ghoul Holy is only slightly stronger than Yue Wuxian. If Yang Feng joins the battle, he will stand no chance.

The Ghoul Holy screamed, “Dark Heaven, I can give you information on the Dark Heaven. The Dark Heaven is a terrifying organization with three Warlock Emperor rank old monsters. If you to kill me, they wont let you get away with it.”

Yang Fengs eyes shimmered with ridicule: “Idiot, will the Warlock Emperors take action that easily? If they could wake up, theres no way the Boyan Lord would have come to this universe.”

The world of Warlocks Warlock Emperor rank old monsters are sleeping in the river of time, waiting for the best time to wake up.

If they wake up prematurely, they will have to pay a painful price. If some old monsters whose soul is seriously eroded by time wake up prematurely, their soul may decay at once and extinguish.

The Boyan Lord was in a weakened state when he was stuck in the universe rift while crossing into this universe. If the Warlock Emperor rank old monsters could freely appear, they would have attacked the Boyan Lord at that time and collected his body, blood essence, and soul.

Yang Fengs successful refinement of the Empyrean grade secret treasure the Xi Shen Armor while in the Holy Spirit Warlock realm is largely thanks due to the Boyan Lords blood essence. If not for it, he would have been killed by the lightning tribulation.

The Ghoul Holys knees buckled, and he knelt down and kowtowed to Yang Feng: “Yang Feng, spare me! As long as you spare me, I am willing to serve you.”

“Ill think about it!”

With a cold look in his eyes, Yang Feng strangely appeared behind the Ghoul Holy and extended his hand towards the back of the other partys head.

Ghoul Holys eyes glimmered coldly. All of a sudden, his back split open, and a still eye formed from nine eyes suddenly emerged and looked at Yang Feng.

A ray of stillness that can slay Holy Spirit Warlocks shot towards Yang Feng.

“I knew you wouldnt give up so easily!”

A cold voice sounded behind the Ghoul Holy, and a large hand covered in the Xi Shen Armor slammed into the still eye.

The still eye instantly collapsed. Consequently, the Ghoul Holy issued deafening screams, and a large amount of filth blood turned into corpsefeeders that escaped in different directions.

The corpsefeeders are the life origin of the Ghoul Holy. As long as one of them escapes, hell be able to survive.

Shi Yu unleashed a punch, and light of petrification shrouded the earth. Illuminated by the light of petrification, the corpsefeeders turned into stones and flew into her hand.

Yang Feng smiled coldly, extended his hand into the void, and grabbed a fat corpsefeeder hidden in the void, and countless runes poured into the corpsefeeder and sealed it.

“Five Holy Spirit Warlocks of the Dark Heaven besieged Yang Feng. One died, two fled, and the remaining two were suppressed. How dreadful!”

“Yang Feng has become more powerful!”

“That looked like a lightning tribulation. Did Yang Feng forge an Empyrean grade secret treasure while in the Holy Spirit Warlock realm? Thats incredible!”


The Holy Spirit Warlocks who just arrived nearby were shocked when they saw this scene.

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