Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 1098 – Powerhouses Awaken

Chapter 1097 – Aftermath

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“The Battle Demon Sects underlying strength is becoming more terrifying!”

“As expected of the place guarded by that person!”

“Empyrean grade secret treasure? Yang Feng refined and Empyrean grade secret treasure?”

“How is that possible? To refine an Empyrean Grade secret treasure while in the Holy Spirit Warlock realm, how come he didnt die? Such a lightning tribulation isnt something than a mere Holy Spirit Warlocks can survive.”


Formidable wills reverberated in an area, some of which are full of malice.

Yang Feng took a look at that area, smiled coldly, blurred into motion, and entered the Battle Demon Sects branch floating continent.

Shi Yu and them also entered the Battle Demon Sects branch floating continent.

When the wills full of malice sensed that Yang Feng flew into the Battle Demon Sects branch floating continent, they retreated unwillingly.

Since Yang Feng has run the branch floating continent for many years already, it has become an extremely dangerous place. Only a Warlock Emperor can destroy this base of Yang Feng with absolute power. Otherwise, even if it is a Great Holy, they will have to face deadly danger is they enter.

The powerhouses full of malice towards Yang Feng are not so stupid as to break into this tigers den.

The Sunrise Alliances general headquarters, in a secret space, there floats a tall mountain emitting endless dawn light. Countless dawn angels are circling the mountain.

The mountain emitting endless dawn light is called the Paradise Mountain. It is an Empyrean grade secret treasure the Dawn Lord refined using the universe origin force of light and the corpse of an Empyrean step powerhouse who embodied the essence of light as the core, which he obtained during a fortuitous encounter.

By relying on the Paradise Mountain, the Dawn Lord finally broke through the bottleneck and stepped into the Warlock Emperor realm.

However, because the Paradise Mountain doesnt perfectly conform with the Dawn Lords path and due to other reasons, he wasnt able to become an unparalleled overlord at the time.

At the summit of the Paradise Mountain, there lies a magnificent temple. In the center of the temple, there sits a person. It is the Dawn Lord Argimiro.

Argimiros eyes flashed with a complex color, and he sighed: “To refine an Empyrean grade secret treasure while in the Holy Spirit Warlock realm, this Yang Feng is a universe child for a reason! He is the most outstanding talent of the human race in this era.”

“But the Empyrean grade secret treasure he refined this early shouldnt perfectly conform with his path. In this way, even if he is promoted to the Warlock Emperor realm, he wont be an unparalleled overlord.”

“The Gumana Universe used the life of the Boyan Lord as a power source to accelerate the universe devouring. This is the best time for me to break through.”

Argimiros eyes glimmered coldly. All of a sudden, Springs of Immortality appeared, and their water poured into him. At the same time, elemental particles and life magic energy within hundreds of millions of killometers converged on him.

Frightening Holy might slowly emanated from Argimiro and spread in all directions.

A reincarnation of an old monster with Warlock Emperor rank cultivation base like Argimiro only needs sufficient resources and a firm foundation to advance to a Holy Spirit Warlock.

In a world shrouded in demonic qi, there is a demonic sea. If a drop of the liquid within the demonic sea were to hit an Infinity Warlock, it would erode them and turn them into an irrational monster.

In the middle of the demonic sea, there is a skeleton throne floating. On the skeleton throne, there sits a person. This person is the fiend emperor.

The liquid in the demonic sea churned and poured into the fiend emperor, enhancing his breath wildly.

“To actually refine his own Empyrean grade secret treasure! Yang Feng is getting stronger and stronger! I must not fall too far behind him.”

The fiend emperors eyes flickered fiercely. Countless runes appeared all over his body, and he suddenly erupted with immortal Holy might that swept in all directions.

The water of the demonic sea roiled, and a great amount of dark force poured into the fiend emperor, allowing him to break through the Holy Spirit Warlock realm wall and become a Holy Spirit Warlock in an instant.

The Cangzhi Plane, in a beautiful garden full of greenery, an enchanting elven girl with long blond hair suddenly erupted with countless mysterious runes and emanated immortal Holy Might, a dignified shade in her eyes.

The quintessence of precious extraordinary plants in the garden was directly extracted and poured into the elven girl.

The light within hundreds of millions of kilometers flickered and poured into the elven girl.

As if some switch had been activated, the secret places on the Cangzhi Plane erupted with fearsome breaths and swallowed the surrounding elemental particles and life magic energy as powerhouses broke through and advanced to the Holy Spirit Warlock realm one after another.

“Since the path to eternity is about to open, those guys cannot sit still!”

In the Battle Demon Sects branch floating continent, countless runes appeared in Yang Fengs eyes, and he looked at different areas of the Cangzhi Plane and saw elemental particles and life magic energy churn.

From time to time, magic barriers appeared and blocked everything, making it so Yang Feng cannot see whats happened in those areas.

Since they learned that Yang Feng has refined an Empyrean grade secret treasure, these powerhouses became restless and thus broke through to the Holy Spirit Warlock realm one after another.

God Blood Plane.

A palace suspended in the clouds and surrounded by a sea of beautiful flowers. This is the Third Blood Temple, the palace where the Third True Ancestor resides.

Following a flash of light, a silhouette appeared in front of the palace.

“This is the Third Blood Temple, the residence of the Third True Ancestor. Who are you?”

Infinity Warlock rank breaths rose from the palace, and eight grand duke kindred powerhouses dressed in battle armors flew out.

“Yang Feng! Sir Firmament Holy! You are the Battle Demon Sects sir Firmament Holy! Greetings, sir Firmament Holy!”

When a grand duke kindred powerhouse clearly saw the silhouette, his countenance changed drastically, and he respectfully bowed towards the person.

The countenance of the other seven grand duke kindred powerhouses changed greatly, and they respectfully bowed towards Yang Feng, a look of awe in their eyes.

In the world of Warlocks, virtually everyone located at the top of the universe knows Yang Fengs name and appearance. Only sealed areas like the Eternal Ancient Road, some sealed celestial bodies, or remote planes where no one has ever gone to will have people who dont know his name.

Yang Feng spoke loudly, “The Battle Demon Sects Heaven Demon requests an audience with the Third True Ancestor!”

With a flash of light, a blonde, green-eyed female kindred grand prince (Warlock Monarch) with a sexy figure came out of the palace, walked up to Yang Feng, bowed, and said respectfully: “Your Majesty, my name is Lena! The great Third True Ancestor invites you for a chat.”

Yang Feng nodded slightly and followed Lena into the temple.

On the throne placed in a palace, there sits a mesmerizing man with amazing charm. This mesmerizing man is the Third True Ancestor.

Yang Feng uttered, “Well met, Third True Ancestor!”

The Third True Ancestor responded placidly, “What can I do for you, Firmament Holy?”

Yang Feng said with a smile, “I suppressed the Seventh True Ancestor. I came here to get your permission to have my legion enter the God Blood Plane and root out the descendants of the Seventh True Ancestor.”

The eyes of the Third True Ancestor flashed with the shade of derision, and he said with a cold smile: “To rout out the descendants, how overbearing. No wonder you didnt come here with your true body, but just sent a golem. Were you worried that I would suppress you?”

Yang Feng replied with a smile, “The Second and Third True Ancestors of the God Blood Plane possess incredible fighting strength. At this moment, I am far from being an opponent of the two of you.”

There is a total of nine true ancestors in the God Blood Plane. The First True Ancestor is a Warlock Emperor rank old monster who is sleeping in the river of time. The Second True Ancestor is a quasi-Empyrean step powerhouse and is also sleeping somewhere.

The Third True Ancestor is a Great Holy step powerhouse and is a top figure in the Great Holy step. The rest of the true ancestors are Holy Spirit Warlocks and they follow the lead of the Third True Ancestor to some extent.

The Third True Ancestor easily understood Yang Fengs implication. At this time, Yang Feng is naturally not the opponent of the Second and Third True Ancestors. But after some time, the Second and Third True Ancestors may not be Yang Fengs opponents instead.

With a sharp gaze in his eyes, the Third True Ancestor asked frigidly: “What will you do if I dont agree?”

Yang Feng responded indifferently, “Then Ill give you a face and temporarily set this issue aside.”

Since Yang Feng isnt strong enough to contend against the entire God Blood Plane at the moment, he can only put this issue aside for the time being. After he has the strength to level the God Blood Plane, he wont mind using this as a pretext to do just that.

Sensing Yang Fengs undisguised malice, the Third True Ancestor smiled coldly and touched the mechanical golem with his hand, which contains the law of karma: “Then you can get lost!”

A vicious blood curse entered the mechanical golem and extended along karma threads, heading towards Yang Fengs true body on the Cangzhi Plane.

The Battle Demon Sects branch floating continent.

Yang Fengs eyes shimmered coldly. Countless runes appeared on his hands and formed a karma blade containing the law of karma, and he slashed the void.

The karma blade quietly cut the void, came into contact with the vicious blood curse, and sliced it into pieces, and wisps of blood force collapsed and disappeared.

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