Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 1099 – Nefarious Ghost Holy

Chapter 1098 – Powerhouses Awaken

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After he casually dispelled the blood curse, Yang Feng narrowed his eyes, looked at the God Blood Plane, and revealed thick killing intent: “Did he do it to anger me and provoke me into going to the God Blood Plane?”

As one of the 36 primary material planes, the God Blood Plane is full of powerhouses. It is the domain of true blood kindred. Once the true ancestors use the power of their race, they will be able to even contend against Great Holy step powerhouses.

Many Holy Spirit Warlocks may only possess a junior Holy Spirit Warlock rank cultivation base. But if they mobilize the power of their race, they can even contend against Great Holy step powerhouses.

With a cold look in his eyes, Yang Feng restrained his killing intent, restored his calm, and put the issue with the God Blood Plane in the back of his mind. Before he has enough strength, he doesnt intend to set foot in a dangerous place such as the God Blood Plane.

Yang Feng already retrieved his grand duke avatar on the God Blood Plane and hid it.

After he extracted knowledge from the Seventh True Ancestor and the Ghoul Holy, Yang Feng used them to refine Springs of Immortality.

The world of Warlocks, deep in the universe, in the middle of a dark world, there is an ancient bronze gate suspended.


The bronze gate suddenly issued crisp sounds, and a huge crack appeared in it.

A mysterious breath transmitted from the bronze gate.

“The Eternal Ancient Road is about to open!”

“The gate blocking the Eternal Ancient Road opened a crack!”

“Its finally going to open! Ive been waiting a long time for this!”


When they sensed fluctuations coming from the bronze gate, tyrannical wills emanated waves of excitement.

“Finally reached this stage!”

In a secret place with a true dragon skeleton, a bronze coffin opened, and a young man with fluttering black hair and a domineering temperament woke up, emitting frightening immortal Holy might.

“I can finally take the stage! The Eternal Ancient Road is about to open, this is my chance! This time I must advance to the Empyrean step!”

In a world full of raging flames and parasol trees, a phoenix egg suddenly cracked, and a devastatingly beautiful woman with long, flame-like hair and a sexy figure stepped out of the egg.

Pure phoenix breath diffused from the devastatingly beautiful woman and spread in all directions.

The Cangzhi Plane, in a hidden alternate space, there is a black ocean formed from life magic energy extending without end.

The black ocean suddenly churned and roiled, and a 100,000-kilometer-long, star-like giant fish swam out of the ocean.

As soon as the star-like giant fish swam out of the ocean, it erupted with countless runes and turned into a peng [1].

“This is my era! The kunpeng [1] race will once again reign in the world! I will continue the glory of the previous generation and step into eternity!”

An imposing voice rose in the world and shook heaven and earth.

The Cangzhi Plane, in a danger zone that even Holy Spirit Warlocks dont dare to lightly set foot in.

The earth cracked, and a coffin made out of an eternal god tree emerged in this danger zone full of ghost qi. The coffin opened, and a human-shaped skeleton with a horn suddenly appeared. Immortal Holy might gushed out and suppressed heaven and earth.

“This era belongs to me! Ive been sleeping since the Eternal Sovereign age in order to set foot in eternity in this era! Whoever dares to block my path shall die!”

A dominating breath emanated from the human-shaped skeleton and suppressed the void.

One after another, fearsome powerhouses from different eras began to awake in the world of Warlocks.

When the Eternal Ancient Road opens, the breath leaking from it is enough to awaken those Holy Spirit Warlocks from different eras.

One after another, Holy Spirit Warlocks flew towards this area.

The Eternal Ancient Road is the place with the greatest amount of traces left by Eternal Sovereigns in the world of Warlocks. It even contains many eternal remnant races created by Eternal Sovereigns.

There are countless opportunities in the Eternal Ancient Road. Every time a Holy Spirit Warlock who sets foot in the Eternal Ancient Road, they will gain countless benefits.

Now that the gate of the Eternal Ancient Road is about to open, people who arrive first here will naturally have some advantages. Moreover, there are also many treasures near the Eternal Ancient Road, which are tempting to Holy Spirit Warlocks.

“The Eternal Ancient Road is about to open. According to the current speed, it will be fully opened within ten years!”

Yang Feng looked into the distance with enigmatic light in his eyes.

Along with flashes of light, Shi Yu, Yue Wuxian, and Michaelia appeared behind Yang Feng.

Yang Feng asked, “Im going to the Eternal Ancient Road. Do you want to go with me?”

Shi Yu and Michaelia spoke in unison, “Ill go!”

Yue Wuxian pondered for a while before saying, “Sect master, Id better stay in the Battle Demon Sect and guard the headquarters.”

Although Yue Wuxian has promoted to a Holy Spirit Warlock, but she did so with the Shi Xues help and by consuming a Spirit Moon Emperor Tree fruit. Her evolutionary potential has been completely exhausted. If she wants to advance further, it will be thousands of times more difficult than for ordinary Holy Spirit Warlocks.

There are many dangers in the Eternal Ancient Road. Every time the Eternal Ancient Road opens, countless Holy Spirit Warlocks will enter. But most of them will die.

Yue Wuxian, who with great difficulty managed to promote to a Holy Spirit Warlock, doesnt want to enter the dangerous Eternal Ancient Road and continue to fight. In addition, the Battle Demon Sects underlying strength is weak. There needs to be a Holy Spirit Warlock standing guard, so as to reassure the allies and prevent them from entertaining dangerous ideas.

“Okay! Elder Yue Wuxian, please take this!”

Yang Feng nodded and threw a magic cube to Yue Wuxian.

With this magic cube, Yue Wuxian can mobilize the defensive systems hidden in the Battle Demon Sect. Even if a Great Holy step powerhouse breaks into the Battle Demon Sects headquarters, they wont stand much of a chance.

Ye Wuxian replied, “Yes! I will guard the Battle Demon Sect, sect master.”

Yang Feng is in full control of the Battle Demon Sects defensive systems. In order for Yue Wuxian to take control of the defensive systems, she need to familiarize herself with them for some time first. Only in this way will she be able to understand what level of defensive force to use against what enemy.

Yang Fengs group of three began closed-door cultivation as well as began to make preparations for the Eternal Ancient Road.

The Cangzhi Plane, in a barren part of the Dulan Sea.

Nine flood dragons pulling a gold chariot dropped down from the sky and suspended in the void.

“I am Green Dragon Prince! According to the ancient covenant, show yourselves! Descendants of ancient green dragons!”

A majestic voice transmitted from the gold chariot.

Boom! Boom!

World-shaking noise rose as the projection of a continent hidden in an unknown alternate space appeared.

In the projection, you can see countless divine dragons similar to true dragons flying on the continent, with each divine dragon emitting a fearsome breath.

The projection turned real bit by bit as the continent flew out from the alternate space, appeared in the sea, and became a huge island.

Fearsome breaths permeated the island. There are even two Great Holy step breaths.

From the gold chariot came a cold voice: “Do you want to violate the ancient covenant?”

With a flash of light, a Great Holy step old mans stepped into the air, came to the gold chariot, sighed slightly, saluted the gold chariot, and said respectfully: “No! Greetings, Green Dragon Prince. According to the ancient covenant, we green dragons will do our best to serve you.”

Green dragons are a race created by the Green Dragon Emperor in the archgod age. The Green Dragon Emperor left countless restrictions on the green dragons. Consequently, they cannot resist the Green Dragon Prince at all.

Since the green dragon Great Holy had already confirmed the identity of the Green Dragon Prince via secret methods, he doesnt dare to slight the other party.

The Cangzhi Plane, in the blistering hot Yanga Desert.

Nine fire qilins pulling a gold chariot arrived above the Yanga Desert, and an overbearing voice rose in the sky and shook the world.

“I am the Gold Qilin Prince! According to the ancient covenant, show yourselves! Descendants of ancient gold qilins!”

After the fearsome voice rose from the gold chariot, a gold qilin projection fell down from the sky and entered the earth.

The earth trembled, and the projection of a continent suddenly emerged and turned real.

Fearsome breaths emanated from the continent.

A Great Holy step old man walking on air arrived in front of the gold chariot and said respectfully: “Greetings, Gold Qilin Prince. According to the ancient covenant, we gold qilins will do our best to serve you.”

As the terrifying powerhouses from different eras woke up, they started to activate their fallback plans. As if bamboo shoots that sprung up after rain, formidable forces appeared on the Cangzhi Plane one after another.


[1] – peng / kun

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