Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 110 – Driders

Chapter 109 – Baza City

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It had been already nearly half a month since the allied forces had captured the Demonic Snake Fort. During that time, they had holed up inside the enormous crevice in the mountains, adapting to the different environment of the surface world.

Yang Feng was under the impression that the dark elves would at least require an entire month to adapt to the environment of the surface world. He hadnt thought that they would so quickly launch an attack and easily capture Fish-Tooth City.

Eunice forced a smile and said: “The majority of Warlock families of Satsuma Marquisdom followed Johan and left. Fish-Tooth City was originally part of the sphere of influence of the Side Family. It was left without a Warlock family guarding it after Side Family had left; therefore, its only natural that Fish-Tooth City couldnt mount a resistance against the offensive of the dark elves.”

The allied forces of the dark elves were strong as they dared to attack the surface world. Every adult dark elf was outstanding in martial arts and could easily kill a knight rank expert at night or in the thicket. Simultaneously, their fighting strength was only second to Warlocks, Wizards, Priests, Druids and others with powerful inheritances. Moreover, they reared numerous extraordinary life forms to act as their military arms. Its only natural that Fish-Tooth City couldnt rival them without a Warlock family keeping watch over it.

Yang Feng said with coldness in his gaze: “I know! Eunice, immediately transmit my orders. Deprive all the aristocrats that left their territory without permission of all their territory and ore veins. Since theyre unwilling to stay behind and jointly resist against the allied forces of the dark elves then all of their assets shall belong to me!”

Satsuma Marquisdom was extremely prosperous, with countless precious resources. Just the magic stone veins, there were several dozens of them. It was able to support a Warlock family of any size with such a huge amount of resources.

Steel City was much larger than Satsuma Marquisdom, but it didnt had any magic stone veins. Therefore, only such a small level-1 Warlock group such as Black Cottage would control it.

Eunice said: “Master, only the imperial senate or the Black Dragon Tower have the authority to issue an order and deprive those aristocrats of their territories and ore veins.”

Although Yang Fengs authority in Satsuma Marquisdom was enormous, to the point that he could draft all kinds of illicit laws. But when it came to the property of aristocrats and Warlocks as well as their life and safety, they all needed to be approved by the imperial senate or the Black Dragon Tower.

Yang Feng said: “Then send a letter to the imperial senate and the Black Dragon Tower for them to issue the order.”

Eunice was very smart and immediately pointed out the most crucial point: “As long as Johan puts his foot down, then theyll only procrastinate without issuing the order.”

Johan was one of the successors to the Black Dragon Empire and he had deep connections in the empire. He also had his own people on the imperial senate. He might not be able to accomplish anything too extravagant, but it was simplicity itself to hinder Yang Feng.

“It turned out to be such a big quagmire waiting for me to be stuck in.” Yang Feng frowned and his eyes flashed coldly before a chilly smile crept on his face: “But it wont be so easy to make me suffer losses.”

Eunice also smiled sweetly and gave Yang Feng an idea: “Thats right, we can mine their ore veins to our hearts content now that they left. In any case, the entire Satsuma Marquisdom is under our control. Anyone that dares to stop us from mining the ore veins shall be killed.”

Yang Feng revealed a trace of a smile, gave Eunice a kiss and said: “An excellent idea! I also thing that way! Immediately arrange for the ore veins to be mined. Lets first mine all the ore veins as much as we can. Even if we dont win against the dark elves, we also wont loose out either.”

Yang Feng definitely could mine those large ore veins in a short period of time.

All of the major ore veins in Steel City had been nearly mined dry after a short period of several years by Yang Fengs mining robots, allowing Yang Feng to manufacture more than 1,000,000 level-7 primary battle robots.

If Yang Feng were given a couple of years, then all the magic stone veins in Satsuma Empire would be cleaned dry by him.

Baza City.

A team of city guards were patrolling above the city walls. The captain of the team had a tall and sturdy figure with a head full of short blue hair, a very handsome appearance and an extraordinary temperament. He currently had a gloomy expression on his face.

A blond warrior asked with some concern: “Big brother Ares. I heard that the dark elves had already left the under world. Would they attack us?”

Ares raised his eyebrows before berating in a low voice: “Where did you here that? Dont spread that baseless bullshit; otherwise, youll only get into big troubles if youre heard by the higher ups. Also, call me captain when patrolling.”

“Hey, captain, what times are we in? All of the citys important aristocrats had already escaped.” A warrior with short blue hair swept a five-storied Warlock Tower above the city wall with a glance. A touch of scorn flashed through his eyes before he said with a lowered voice. “Even the bigwigs from the several towers had also disappeared. If we dont leave now, then we might not have the chance to do it later.”

The complexions of the rest of the warriors paled. They felt anxious.

In Turandot Subcontinent, all warriors were aware that the strongest military might belonged to Warlocks or weapons refined by Alchemists. Ordinary warriors were incapable of playing decisive roles and could only be used for simple menial tasks such as occupying cities, maintaining public security, cleaning battlefields, searching for enemies and the like.

Now that all the Warlocks of Baza City had escaped, it was only natural that the warriors would be filled with fear and loose all their confidence.

“Dont panic! The new Lord of our Satsuma Marquisdom has arrived. He definitely wont abandon us!” Aries saw that things were developing in a dangerous direction and immediately said loudly.

“Thats right, the new Lord should be a formidable Warlock.”

“The new Lord has arrived, he shouldnt abandon us.”


The spirits of the warriors recovered a little bit after hearing Ares words. In the Black Dragon Empire, the majority of Earldoms and above had formidable Warlocks as their Lords. The people of those territories would wholeheartedly revere their Lords. It was the duty of the Lord to protect the people in their territory.

“Look! What it that?”

Suddenly, a soldier shouted and pointed towards the sky.

The warriors looked towards the sky and their complexions at once became extremely pale.

In a distant place in the sky, there were level-1 extraordinary life form Hippogryphs with dark elves on their backs flying in this direction.

Dust surged on the ground as a large army of the dark elves rushed towards this direction.

The warriors on the city wall were all trembling after seeing this scene, endless terror and despair flashing in their eyes.

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