Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 1102 – Advancing to an Abyssal Holy

Chapter 1101 – Suppressing the Nefarious Ghost Holy

Translator: Xaiomoge

The Nefarious Ghost Holys eyes flashed with a fierce glint, the spikes on his fists shone, and pillars of dark light sundered the sky, slammed into the Tier III Hive, and dealt it heavy damage.

The Nefarious Ghost Holy is a member of the royal corneus race. Royal corneuses have a total of three forms. In the second form, their fighting strength is increased two-fold and they can use life corneus force.

Of course, while the second form can increase the strength of royal corneus, but it will also reduce their lifespan. Every breath of time will reduce their lifespan by ten years. Therefore, it is a last resort trump cards.

As for the third form, each breath of time will consume 10,000 years of their lifespan. It only exist in legends. Only abyssal holies with a lifespan of millions of years may be able to use it as a last resort.

“So this is an old monster that survived since ancient times? How scary!”

When Yang Fengs abyssal king avatar saw the Tier III Hive receive serious damage due to the Nefarious Ghost Holys attack, a dignified color flashed in his eyes.

With the support of the 666th floors abyssal origin force, the Tier III Hive possesses unbelievable fighting strength. Even Shi Yu and Michaelia, who are variants of heaven and earth, will find it hard to defeat the Tier III Hive at this time.

Worthy of a heaven-defying genius with the potential to evolve into an abyssal emperor, the Ghost Holy actually wrecked the Tier III Hive on Yang Fengs turf. This is simply incredible.

“After all, an abyssal floor cannot compare to a genuine divine country. In the endless Abyss, an abyssal child favored by the abyssal will is really tricky to deal with. However, I have more than a Tier III Hive!”

Yang Fengs eyes surged with killing intent. In an instant, a thick fog shrouded the 666th floor and blocked sight.

“Abyssal king Warren sealed sight of the 666th floor!”

“Does he want to use his trump card?”

“Damn it, why did he cover sight? What is he hiding?”


When the sight of the floor lords was blocked, dissatisfaction flashed in their eyes. They realized that Yang Feng is going to use a trump card and doesnt want to let them see it.

In the endless Abyss, except for the Nefarious Ghost Holy, there are no more Holy Spirit Warlocks. The floor lords naturally dare not leave their floors and go to the 666th floor to have a look.

“Sealing sight, what does he want to do?”

“The Firmament Holys true body is still in the Battle Demon Sect. The three Holy Spirit Warlocks Michaelia, Shi Yu, and Yue Wuxian are also in the Battle Demon Sect. The Brilliant Great Holy is in the central starfield! The Battle Demon Sect hasnt mobilized anyone. What trump cards can he use?”


As Holy Spirit Warlocks spied on the endless Abyss through all kinds of unimaginable spells, doubt filled their hearts.

The Nefarious Ghost Holy, this prodigy from ancient times, revealed tyrannical strength, showing that hes worthy of his reputation. In the endless Abyss, practically no one can restrain him.

The world of Warlocks Holy Spirit Warlocks are quite curious about how Yang Feng will deal with this Nefarious Ghost Holy.

On the 666th floor, the earth cracked and mechanical towers extended from the earth.

Numerous mechanical towers shone, and countless threads of light suddenly linked together.

As if black holes, the mechanical towers gobbled up the 666th floors abyssal force. Thanks to the many mechanical towers, the abyssal force in the area where the Nefarious Ghost Holy is located was completely extracted.

After the abyssal force around him disappeared, the fighting strength of the Nefarious Ghost Holy dropped by more than 50%.

The Nefarious Ghost Holy glanced at the mechanical towers, felt the lack of abyssal force around him, his eyes flashed with derision, and he sneered: “Magic ban domain? Is this your trump card?”

Magic ban domain is a terrible weapon against elemental Warlocks and extraordinary life forms proficient in some kind of elemental force. However, for existences with a terrifying fleshly body like the Nefarious Ghost Holy, it will reduce their offensive power by only a little.

Rays of light ejected from the mechanical towers, poured into the void, and condensed into an azure pillar of light that fell from the sky and shot towards the Nefarious Ghost Holy.

“Did you actually think that I would block it?”

With a look of contempt in his eyes, a pair of wing spread open behind the Nefarious Ghost Holy and flapped, and he disappeared.


With a loud noise, the Nefarious Ghost Holy knocked into a transparent barrier and ricocheted.

The space where the Nefarious Ghost Holy is located has been completely sealed, forming a strange locked space that blocks escape.

Of course, its not impossible to tear up the locked space with the Nefarious Ghost Holys strength. But that will take a certain amount of time.

The azure pillar of light fell from the sky and barreled towards the Nefarious Ghost Holy.

“Even if I dont dodge,Im not someone that trash like you can suppress!”

With a fierce glint in his eyes, the Nefarious Ghost Holy roared and unleashed a punch upwards, and a pillar of dark light, which can cause serious damage to a Tier III Hive, soared and barreled towards the azure pillar of light.

When the two formidable forces collided, they intertwined, entangled, and extinguished!

In the distance, ten Holy Slaying Artilleries that have already charged shone, and ten pillars of light that can seriously wound Great Holy step powerhouses tore the sky, ran through the void, and slammed into the Nefarious Ghost Holy.

Scales full of mysterious runes appeared all over the Nefarious Ghost Holys body and magic shields emerged in front of him.

The Holy Slaying Artilleries pillars of light slammed into the magic shields, easily tore them to pieces, and then swallowed the Nefarious Ghost Holy in an instant.

After the light of the Holy Slaying Artilleries dissipated, the Nefarious Ghost Holy emerged all battered and charred, with only bones remaining of his lower body.

All of a sudden, countless dark runes appeared, flesh squirmed all over the Nefarious Ghost Holys body, and he recovered in an instant.

After firing a volley, the ten Holy Slaying Artilleries started charging at once.

At this time, another ten Holy Slaying Artilleries fired, and pillars of light blasted into the Nefarious Ghost Holy and swallowed him.

A dark radiance broke away from the light of the Holy Slaying Artilleries and frantically escaped towards the outside of the 666th floor.

Although the Nefarious Ghost Holy has healed already, but that consumed a lot of his life force. Despite how strong he is, if things continue like this, he will be soon obliterated by the Holy Slaying Artilleries.

Yang Feng gazed at the Nefarious Ghost Holy fleeing towards the outside with ridicule in his eyes and sneered: “You want to escape? Its too late! Since youre here, dont go!”

The many mechanical towers radiated light, and azure chains emerge from the void and stabbed towards the Nefarious Ghost Holy.

The countless azure chains completely suppressed and sealed the void in their wake, filling the void with sealing force.

Faced with the countless azure chains, the Nefarious Ghost Holy doesnt dare to let them come close to him. Eyes shot with blood, the spikes on his fists ejected two pillars of dark light that slammed into the net formed from the azure chains and blasted open a large hole in it.

The Nefarious Ghost Holy only stopped moving for a moment, when ten Holy Slaying Artilleries shone, and ten pillars of light slammed into him and pulverized his lower body.

Fan-shaped machines suddenly emerged from the earth, shone, erupted with countless runes, and formed sealing light that instantly ejected and slammed into the Nefarious Ghost Holy.

As soon as the sealing light entered his body, the Nefarious Ghost Holy felt that the power in his body isnt running smoothly. He he reverted to his first form from his second form and his regeneration speed dropped one hundred-fold.

Azure chains ejected from the void, stabbed into the Nefarious Ghost Holy, turned into countless strange runes, and eroded his body.

With a cold smile on his face, Yang Fengs abyssal king avatar brandished the God Slayer Dagger in his hand, and the dagger turned into a stream of light, tore the sky, and stabbed into the Nefarious Ghost Holy.

When the God Slayer Dagger stabbed into the Nefarious Ghost Holy, countless runes appeared, poured into the Nefarious Ghost Holy, and then suppressed and sealed him.

“How can this be? I am a future abyssal emperor! I am sure to promote to an abyssal emperor in the future!! I cant fall here!!”

Eyes shot with blood, the Nefarious Ghost Holy faced the sky and unleashed earth-shaking roars.

All of a sudden, fearsome floor lord authority diffused from the Nefarious Ghost Holy and blasted into the sky.

Countless azure chains suddenly emerged in an attempt to seal off the void.

The fearsome floor lord authority smashed the azure chains, and then flew outside and plunged into the 6,666th floor.

The 6,666th floor trembled slightly. All of a sudden, it fell towards the 666th floor like a meteor.

Eyes shot with blood, the Nefarious Ghost Holy issued a deafening roar: “Abyssal king Warren, let me go!! Otherwise, well die together!”

“Go to hell!”

Yang Fengs abyssal king avatar spoke frigidly. He moved to in front of the Nefarious Ghost Holy in a flash, stabbed his hand into the other partys chest, erupted with terrifying devour force in an instant, and frantically devoured the enemies blood essence.

Wisps of floor lord authority poured into Yang Feng along with the Nefarious Ghost Holys power.

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