Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 1103 – Sweeping the Abyss

Chapter 1102 – Advancing to an Abyssal Holy

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The complexion of the Nefarious Ghost Holy suddenly changed drastically, and he shouted madly, “No, stop! Abyssal king Warren, stop! Stop! I implore you! Do you want to die together with me?”

Yang Fengs abyssal king avatar smiled coldly and said, “As long as I devour your power, I will be able promote to an abyssal holy in one fell swoop! To dominate the endless Abyss! It doesnt matter if the 666th floor is destroyed! Ill just take another one as my foundation!!”

“Abyssal king Warren, give me a way to survive. As long as you let me go, I am willing to make an oath to serve you for 1,000 years. At the same time, I will give you the floor lord authority of the 6,666th floor. In this way, with your strength, you will be able to advance into a new abyssal holy within 1,000 years!”

“Right, dont you like beautiful women? I have a Myriad Beauties Diagram with countless beautiful women sealed inside. High elves, kindred, succubi, beastmen, hellions, devils, dragons; you name it, the diagram has them sealed. As long as you dont kill me, the Myriad Beauties Diagram is yours!” The Nefarious Ghost Holy begged desperately.

The succubus empress looked at the Nefarious Ghost Holy, who is desperately begging Yang Feng, with enigmatic light in her eyes, “This is the Nefarious Ghost Holy! The most promising prodigy in the endless Abyss to promote to an abyssal emperor!”

Yang Feng replied indifferently, “I just want you to die!”

The fearsome devour force poured into the Nefarious Ghost Holy, extracted his blood essence, and channeled it into Yang Fengs abyssal king avatar.

No matter how hard the Nefarious Ghost Holy begged and cursed, Yang Feng didnt waver. He just focused on devouring the other partys power.

Yang Fengs abyssal king avatar has long understood the virtues of abyssal fiends — abyssal fiends only revere power.

If he lets him escape, the Nefarious Ghost Holy will forget todays oath and do everything in his power to take revenge on Yang Feng.

As Yang Fengs abyssal king avatar devoured the Nefarious Ghost Holys power, his own power rose.

“Since you want to devour me! Then Ill help you and give you everything!”

The Nefarious Ghost Holys eyes flashed with a malevolent shade, and he no longer resisted. He converged his soul and cast a soul secret method. His soul, essence, and power poured into Yang Feng.

When the tremendous power poured into Yang Fengs body, the Nefarious Ghost Holys soul extended towards Yang Fengs sea of knowledge along with the tremendous power.

In an instant, the indomitable Nefarious Ghost Holy appeared in his second form in the sea of knowledge of Yang Fengs abyssal king avatar.

“Interesting, you are an avatar! If I consume your avatar, it will cause your true body considerable damage. To dare attack me, Go to hell!”

The eyes of the Nefarious Ghost Holy, who is in his second form, flashed with a ferocious glint. He raised his head and emitted an earth-shaking roar, which shook Yang Fengs sea awareness and set off a storm.

The Nefarious Ghost Holy suddenly erupted with demonic qi full of erosion force and tried to completely erode Yang Fengs sea of knowledge.

“You fool!! Although you are a tyrannically strong old antique, but it seems that you dont know how incredible human Warlocks secret treasures are! Let me give you a final lesson!”

Yang Fengs eyes flashed with derision, and he silently recited an incantation and pointed at the Nefarious Ghost Holy.

In an instant, the God Slayer Dagger appeared at the Nefarious Ghost Holys chest, and countless runes emerged and suppressed the Nefarious Ghost Holy. Drawn by the power of a mysterious law, the strange demonic qi poured back into the Nefarious Ghost Holy.

With a flash of panic in his eyes, the Nefarious Ghost Holy issued a heart-wrenching roar: “No, how can this be?”

“Once stabbed by the God Slayer Dagger, your flesh, soul, and power will be sealed and suppressed. Without my permission, theres no way you could get your soul into my body. Now, lets have your soul become my nutrients!”

In the sea of knowledge, Yang Fengs abyssal king avatar turned into a gold horned. With a fierce glint in his eyes, he appeared in front of the Nefarious Ghost Holy and bit his soul.

The Nefarious Ghost Holys soul contains an immortal property, which is a great tonic for Yang Fengs abyssal king avatar.

After more than a dozen breaths of time, Yang Feng completely devoured the Nefarious Ghost Holy. Overbearing demonic might diffused from him and spread in all directions.

When the succubus empress sensed the overbearing demonic might, she trembled and knelt on the ground, and her beautiful eyes filled with awe.

A terrifying vortex appeared on the 666th floor and frantically devoured the abyssal force in the endless Abyss.

“Someone broke through and is promoting to an abyssal holy!”

“Someone is promoting to an abyssal holy! On that floor, only that person has what it takes to advance to an abyssal holy!”

“Abyssal king Warren, he is promoting to an abyssal holy!”

“How is that possible? Does it mean that he devoured the Nefarious Ghost Holy?”


When the floor lords saw this scene, their hearts filled with shock.

There are countless demonic creatures in the endless Abyss. At the same time, there are far more Transcendent rank abyssal fiends than there are Transcendent rank humans. However, due to bloodline shackles and the fact that they have been suppressed by human Warlocks many times, its hard for even one abyssal king to be born in the endless Abyss, not to mention abyssal holy.

The birth of an abyssal holy means that the power structure of the endless Abyss will be changed. Perhaps the whole endless Abyss will be unified by the new abyssal holy.

On the 666th floor, a vast abyssal force poured into Yang Feng, and his breath rose and grew madly.

Yang Feng detected bursts of joy come from the endless Abyss.

The endless Abyss is a chaotic and evil place, and its will encourages massacre, betrayal, and chaos. After Yang Feng killed the Nefarious Ghost Holy, whom the endless Abyss had chosen as an abyssal son, he won the favor of the endless Abyss and was selected as the next abyssal son.

If Yang Feng is killed by another powerful being in the endless Abyss, that being will be selected as the next abyssal son.

Along with flashes of lights, the Nefarious Ghost Holys corpse turned into ashes and the floor lord authority he grasped turned into a white jade scepter.

Yang Feng grabbed the white jade scepter and absorbed it into his body.

After Yang Feng absorbed the white jade scepter, he felt a close connection with the 6,666th floor come into being.


Yang Feng looked past the 666th floor, gazed at the approaching 6,666th floor, and uttered a word.

The word echoed in the endless Abyss.

The 6,666th floor trembled slightly, rapidly decreased its speed, and finally stopped next to the 666th floor.

The 666th floor trembled slightly, turned into a stream of light, and entered the center of the 6,666th floor. As if a heart, it embedded itself in an empty space of the 6,666th floor.

Tremendous abyssal force transmitted from the 6,666th floor, and the power of Yang Fengs abyssal holy avatar rose. He broke through in one fell swoop and directly promoted to an intermediate Holy Spirit Warlock rank abyssal holy.

“From now on, I, Warren, shall be called the Gold Phasma Holy!”

Yang Fengs voice came from the 6,666th floor and spread in all directions.

“Gold Phasma Holy!”

“He has indeed promoted to the Holy Spirit Warlock realm!”

“To even defeat an ancient abyssal holy, what a dreadful guy.”

“What means did the Firmament Holy employ? To suppress an ancient abyssal holy with just his avatar, thats beyond incredible!”


When the floor lords heard heard Yang Fengs voice, their faces fell and they confirmed the outcome of this battle, and the shade of incredulity flashed in their eyes.

The 36th floor of the endless Abyss.

In front of a castle, the 36th floors floor lord, a marquis-level horned is commanding an abyssal fiend legion to fight against a skeleton army.

While standing on a grand duke-level black bone dragon suspended in the void, one of the 13 abyssal kings subordinates of the Nefarious Ghost Holy, the lich king, is indifferently watching the fight below.

An army of liches is constantly casting dark spells to create new skeletons to fight against the abyssal fiend legion.

Once the abyssal fiends are killed, their flesh is stripped and integrated into their bones, changing them into more formidable blood skeletons.

The lich king suddenly raised his head, looked into the void, and sighed, a gloomy glint in his eyes: “My lord has fallen!”

A grand duke-level lich came to the lich king and asked respectfully, “Lord, what shall we do now? Shall we leave the endless Abyss, or shall we hide at once?”

After Yang Feng promoted to an abyssal holy, so long as old monsters hidden in the endless Abyss dont appear, no one in the entire endless Abyss is his opponent.

The 13 abyssal kings subordinated to the Nefarious Ghost Holy are bound to be dealt by Yang Feng.

The lich king said indifferently, “Leave? Hide? No, what we should do now is to express our allegiance to the great Gold Phasma Holy. Our phylactery [1] are on the 6,666th floor. Where can we escape to? Besides, the strong are revered in the endless Abyss. Since the Nefarious Ghost Holy has fallen, he is no longer be our lord. Pass down my order. The army is to immediately retreat to the 6,666th floor.


[1] – philactery

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