Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 1104 – Shock

Chapter 1103 – Sweeping the Abyss

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Along with flashes of light, of the 13 abyssal king legions subordinated to the Nefarious Ghost Holy, 10 abyssal king legions immediately gave up attacking the low-level floors and rushed to the 6,666th floor.

The 6,666th floor of the endless Abyss.

“Lich king Zewde!”

“Dark knight king Naige!”

“Dark skeleton king Werther!”

“Abyssal dragon king Ghani!”

“Devilman king Zeta!”

“Blade ghost king Nard!”

“Dragonwinged king Senj!”

“Bone dragon king Ocantus!”

“Dark dragon-lizard king Sattani!”

“Requests an audience with sir Gold Phasma Holy!”

The 10 abyssal kings came out of the ten abyssal fiend legions and spoke in a clear voice.

All of a sudden, gold stairs constructed from abyssal force extended from the 6,666th floor. In front of the gold stairs, there stands a person. This person is Yang Fengs abyssal holy avatar.

Yang Feng glanced at the ten abyssal kings, raised the corners of his mouth into a smile of contempt, and asked, “Have you come to avenge the Nefarious Ghost Holy?”

The gap between abyssal kings and abyssal holies is like an uncrossable chasm. Unless they have an Empyrean grade secret treasure, then even if the ten abyssal king legions join forces, Yang Feng can easily wipe them out by himself.

“I, the lich king Zewde, am willing to submit to and serve sir Gold Phasma Holy! Please accept me!”


Practically in unison, the ten abyssal kings bowed to Yang Feng and spoke respectfully.

Yang Feng smiled flatly and said sharply: “As soon as the Nefarious Ghost Holy fell, you came to take refuge with me. Thats some “loyalty” you have!”

The lich king Zewde replied respectfully, “Sir, in the endless Abyss, the strong are revered. If the Nefarious Ghost Holy was alive, we would treat him as our lord and naturally fight for him to the death. But since he has fallen, we arent violating the law of the Abyss by taking you as our lord. Once you become our lord, we will naturally fight for you until you fall.”

Yang Feng smiled faintly and said, “In that case, Ill take you in. Just keep fighting for me!”

The ten abyssal kings and their abyssal fiend legions are extremely powerful forces. With the ten abyssal kings as his pawns, Yang Fengs power in the endless Abyss will increase sharply.

Yang Feng silently recited an incantation. All of a sudden, the scepter representing the 6,666th floors floor lord authority emerged, and black runes flew out of it and entered the forehead of the ten abyssal kings, forming a strange brand on their foreheads.

If the ten abyssal kings ever think about betraying Yang Feng, the brand can kill them.

Although the ten abyssal kings sensed the power and rules contained in the brand, but they didnt resist and instead let the brand be engraved on their foreheads.

Yang Feng glanced at the ten abyssal kings and said faintly, “Now continue to collect floor lord authority for me.”

“Yes! My Lord!”

The ten abyssal kings responded respectfully, and then led their abyssal fiend legions towards low-level floors of the endless Abyss.

Yang Feng looked into the distance, revealed a chill in his eyes, and walked away.

The 68th floor of the endless Abyss.

In front of a castle, there is a skeleton army with flags flying in the wind and surging with killing intent.

In the center of the skeleton army, there is a 10,000-meter-tall skeleton giant. With a cold glint in his eyes, he is gazing at he void. Who knows what is on his mind.

Frightening demonic qi fell from the sky and condensed into a giant hand that swatted at the skeleton giant like he were a fly.

“Gold Phasma Holy! I, the dark giant king, am now the floor lord of the 68th floor! I have no intention to be your enemy! I hope we can live in peace!”

The dark giant king raised his head, issued and angry roar, and employed the floor lord authority, and countless bones flew out around him and formed a huge bone barrier.

Blessed by the floor lord authority, the bones emit a fearsome breath and have all extraordinary forces stimulated, forming an indestructible bone barrier.

Once the giant hand collided with the bone barrier, countless cracks appeared on the barrier, and it nearly collapsed.

When the dark giant king saw this scene, he want shocked but elated. He willed, and a tremendous amount of abyssal force suddenly poured into the bone barrier and repaired it.

“Dark giant king, is this what your betting on? Do you think that floor lord authority, which could do nothing against the Nefarious Ghost Holy, can stop me? Youre really naive! Die!”

Yang Fengs abyssal holy avatar stepped into the floor, radiated gold light, and turned into a 10,000-meter-tall gold horned.

The 10,000-meter-tall gold horned opened his mouth, breathed in, and sucked in the abyssal force within 100,000 kilometers. With a fierce glint in his eyes, he sent his fist, which contains the essence of power, barreling towards the bone barrier.

A bright, domineering gold pillar of light slammed on the bone barrier and blasted it to pieces.

“How could this be? I used the 68th floors floor lord authority, so ho come it couldnt stop his attack!”

The dark giant kings eyes flashed with despair. Then, he launched floor lord teleportation authority and tried to escape.

“Floor lord teleportation authority? Its no use, dark giant king! Floor lord authority is not invincible. Otherwise, the endless Abyss would not have been swept away by human Warlocks before.”

Yang Fengs golden horned avatar smiled coldly, and his eyes fired two gold rays of light that suppressed the void.

To his alarm, the dark giant king discovered that his floor lord authority was sealed by and he couldnt teleport, and his face turned ashen at once. He spread the fingers of his hand, and a dark radiance shone behind him and formed a pair of black wings.

Engraved with countless mysterious runes, the black wings flapped, countless bright lights shone, the essence of speed shrouded the dark giant king, and he turned into a stream of light and fled to the distance.

The dark giant king abandoned the abyssal fiend legion subordinated to him. For abyssal fiends, only they themselves are the most important existence. Anything else can be discarded.

“Essence of speed!! What treasure is this? To enable someone to operate the essence of speed, thats really something!”

Yang Fengs gold horned avatar was slightly taken aback, and then his eyes glimmered with excitement. Of all the means of the dark giant king, only the secret treasure that can enable someone to operate the essence of speed came somewhat as a surprise to him.

Thanks to that secret treasure, the dark giant kings speed is far beyond Yang Fengs imagination. In the blink of an eye, he flew out of the scope that Yang Feng can pose a threat.


When the dark giant king was about to leave the 68th floor, he knocked into a space boundary and was ricocheted hundreds of kilometers away.

“Since I came to kill you, how could I not be prepared? This secret treasure is really good! Thank you for giving it to me! Now, you can die!”

A calm voice sounded from behind, and a gold light beam tore the sky, hit the head of the dark giant king, blasted his head apart, and even crushed his soul.

Swept by the gold light beam, the broken black wings were removed from the dark giant kings body, and then fell into Yang Fengs hand.

“Dark Heaven Wings, this is a broken part of an Empyrean grade secret treasure. In terms of quality alone, it is far above ordinary Holy grade secret treasure. This was the dark giant kings trump card. However, he was too weak. If this secret treasure had fallen into the hands of the Nefarious Ghost Holy, I would only be able to defeat him at the most. It would be impossible to kill him.”

Yang Feng spread the fingers of his hand, and the broken black wings became the size of a palm. The black wings shine with mysterious light.

“The dark giant king was killed!!”

“The dark giant king was killed on his floor! The Gold Phasma Holy is really powerful. Is floor lord authority ineffective against him?”

“New abyssal son, the Gold Phasma Holy must be the new abyssal son!”


In the endless Abyss, when the floor lords saw what happened on Yang Fengs side, they felt a chill in their heart.

The dark giant king was an abyssal king rank powerhouse and he employed floor lord authority, yet he still was crushed like an ant by Yang Feng. The abyssal fiend grand dukes, who only possess Infinity Warlock rank cultivation base, were shocked and full of fear.

The lich king Zewde glanced in the direction of the dark giant king with a complicated shade in his eyes and sighed: “As expected, he died! I made the correct choice!”

The dark knight king Naige glanced into the distance, a flash of elation in his eyes: “The dark giant king was crushed just like that? Fortunately, I made the right choice.”

The eyes of the ten abyssal kings who chose to side with Yang Feng shone with elation when they sensed that Yang Feng killed the dark giant king.

The 19th floor of the endless Abyss. Dark light shone, and a dark devil crow king with a wingspan of 100,000 meters sundered the firmament and frantically escaped outside the endless Abyss.

Seeing that the dark giant king was killed by Yang Feng, the dark devil crow king didnt dare to stay in the endless Abyss.

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