Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 1109 – Yang Feng Steps into the Battlefield

Chapter 1108 – Wager

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As races that have dominated an era in the past, the nine powerful races have profound underlying strength and are extremely proud. But when they witnessed the underlying strength of the Human Terran Supreme Council, they began to face them squarely.

The nine powerful races joined hands to gain a slight advantage over the Human Supreme Council. But if a fight really breaks out, then the Human Supreme Council, which unlike the nine powerful races is truly united, will have a higher chance of winning.

The Green Dragon Prince asked, “People of the Human Supreme Council, have you thought this through? If you give up five branch floating continents of the Heaven and Earth Spirit Root, we can live in peace and jointly deal with the enemies from the Gumana Universe.”

Yang Feng replied coldly, “What great confidence. The branch floating continents are the foundation of the Human Supreme Council. We humans are the main force fighting against the Gumana Universe, are the ones stand on the front lines, and have suffered countless casualties. You guys just woke up and didnt make any contributions, yet you want to take our branch floating continents! Absolutely not!”

“So you mean to say that the Human Supreme Council plans to fight us?”

The Gold Qilin Princes eyes flashed fiercely, and his cruel gaze pierced through the void and locked on Yang Feng.

Menacing gazes of powerhouses from the nine powerful races locked on Yang Feng.

Yang Feng replied harshly, an indifferent look in his eyes: “If you want to fight, then well fight! We humans are never afraid of a fight!”

The nine powerful races are extremely strong. But at the same time, they themselves are extremely precious resources. If the Human Supreme Council can defeat them, kill them, and plunder all their resources, then its strength will be greatly increased.

Filled with fighting spirit, Great Holy step breaths soared into the sky from the six Warlock Imperial Courts.

Each Great Holy step powerhouse of the six Warlock Imperial Courts is a peerless overlord who crossed mountains of corpses and seas of blood and suppressed countless planes. In their time, the six Warlock Imperial Courts suppressed who knows how many races. They are not afraid of a fight.

At the same time, Great Holy step breaths soared into the sky from the nine powerful races and confronted the human Great Holy step powerhouses.

The Yazi Prince smiled coldly and uttered in an attempt to sow discord, “Firmament Holy, if we fight, both sides are bound to suffer. Arent you afraid that the Sunrise Alliance or the Windstorm Plane will take advantage of this opportunity to annex your forces?”

Yang Feng sneered: “The Sunrise Alliance and the Windstorm Plane are humans just like us. Even if they end up benefiting, itll still benefit the human race. In your case, however, Im afraid that even your race will find it hard to survive.”

The powerhouses of the nine powerful races frowned when they heard that.

If the nine powerful races and the Human Supreme Council fight and both suffer, then other formidable races of this universe, the Sunrise Alliance, and the Windstorm Plane wont miss this opportunity. They will definitely try their best to hunt down the nine powerful races and upgrade their own heritage.

In the archgod era, once a powerful race showed signs of decline, many other races would rush to tear apart said race, plunder everything, and upgrade their own foundation and strength.

The Phoenix Princes said, “If we fight now, well only convenience the powerhouses from the Gumana Universe. Why dont we take a step back? People from the Human Supreme Council, the branch floating continents of the Heaven and Earth Spirit Root are the manifestation of the Cangzhi Planes origin and cannot be monopolized by you humans alone. You must hand over at least four branch floating continents to us. This is our bottom line.”

Yang Feng responded flatly, “No way! We can spare one at most!”

Each one of the Heaven and Earth Spirit Roots branch floating continents is a manifestations of the Cangzhi Planes origin and has gestated an Empyrean grade secret treasure. At the same time, they expand continuously and give birth to all kinds of treasures of heaven and earth.

The Human Supreme Council occupied all nine branch floating continents and thus became the target of jealousy and criticism.

Although the Human Supreme Council is strong, but it cannot confront the entire universe at this time.

The beautiful eyes of the Phoenix Princesss flickered coldly, and she uttered: “One is not enough! Give us at least three!”

Yang Feng said coldly, “Well only offer one! If you dont agree, then lets fight!”

Yang Fengs mechanical legion gets stronger the more it fights and can evolve in battle. As long as the opponent does not exceed a certain limit, he can continue to evolve and grow in battle.

If the Human Supreme Council provides its full support, then Yang Feng is 70% confident that he can defeat the nine powerful races, devour their power, and take a step further on his path of cultivation. Of course, at this time, Yang Feng cannot contend against the nine powerful races.

The Phoenix Princess said, “According to your custom, we can solve this disagreement through a contest. Lets do it like this; well both send nine Infinity Warlock rank powerhouses and have them compete. The side that has five victories wins. If you win, then well just get one branch floating continent. If we win, then well get three branch floating continents.”

Yang Feng replied decisively: “No! Well each send nine Holy Spirit Warlocks. The winner can continue to fight until the other side has no more participants. And if you lose, you will not only get one branch floating continent, but youll also have to hand over 45 standard Springs of Immortality.”

The green dragon race and the qilin race are fearsome races with Empyrean blood. Thanks to the Empyrean blood flowing inside them, they possess countless experts and talents and are extremely strong. They are nearly invincible in the same realm.

Among human Warlocks, only those who have formed a virtual world or a small world inside them, have mastered essences, and have powerful secret treasure can compete with them.

In the Infinity Warlock realm, human powerhouses are still at a disadvantage when confronting powerhouses from the nine powerful races. They can defeat the opponent only by relying on numerical advantage. Only after they have reached the Holy Spirit Warlock realm will the gap between human Warlocks and the powerhouses from the nine powerful races be shortened.

The Phoenix Princess raised her slim eyebrows and said plainly, “Fine!”

The Green Dragon Prince added, “Great Holy step powerhouses are the foundation of our forces and thus are not suitable to participate. Only those who are in the Holy Spirit Warlock realm may participate.”

Even if its the nine powerful races, Great Holy step powerhouses are extremely rare. They only have two or three such powerhouses. Once one of them dies, it will be a great blow to the nine powerful races.

Yang Feng said, “Alright! Lets go to the holy battlefield!”

Along with flashes of light, the Empyrean grade secret treasures of the six Warlock Imperial Courts tore the void and flew into the vast starfield.

The nine powerful races also operated their secret treasures to tear the void and fly towards the starfield.

“Is there a wager between the Human Supreme Council and the nine powerful races? How amusing!”

With a flash of light, the ruler of the Windstorm Plane, Feng Xuanzhen, appeared in the void, smiled, and flew over.

One after another, Holy Spirit Warlocks of the world of Warlocks appeared and flew over.

The Human Supreme Council and the nine powerful races are the two strongest forces in the world of Warlocks. The contest between the two strongest forces naturally attracted the attention of countless people.

Lights shone, and the powerhouses from the six Warlock Imperial Courts and the nine powerful races appeared in a starfield that doesnt have a single live celestial body within tens of thousands of light-years.

“The yazi race, Ya Zhenxiong! The human Holy Spirit Warlock who will come out shall die!”

From the island of bones, a 10,000-meter-long yazi flew out, overlooked the void, emitted advanced Holy Spirit Warlock rank fluctuation of power, gazed at the Human Supreme Council with endless ferocity, and shouted.

“Time Imperial Court, Red Holy Yang Qi, has come to kill you!”

A dashing man enveloped by flames, dressed in a fire battle armor, walked out of the void, looked at the yazi powerhouse with intense fighting spirit in his eyes, and uttered coldly.

“You humans were our toys and slaves in the archgod age. To dare challenge the majesty of your masters, youre seeking death!”

Ya Zhenxiongs eyes shimmered with a fierce shade, and he opened his mouth. All of a sudden, countless swords burst out, sundered the firmament, and slashed towards the Red Holy Yang Qi.

“This is the era of the human race! Antiques like you better go back to the garbage of history!”

With a sword in his hand, the Red Holy Yang Qi roared angrily, surged with the essence of fire from all over his body, turned into a blazing sun that burns and purifies everything, and shot towards Ya Zhenxiong.

When the countless sword rays and flames collided, they set off terrifying energy storms.

A black battle armor appeared on Ya Zhenxiong and surged with countless strange runes. In an instant, he rushed into the sun, braved the burning flames, smashed the resistance of the Red Holy Yang Qi, and stabbed his claw into the opponent.

“Stop, we admit defeat!”

A furious voice transmitted from the Mountain of Time, and a Great Holy step breath erupted.

“Admit defeat? Only the people on the battlefield may admit defeat. Do you humans want to interfere in the duel?”

Two Great Holy step breaths erupted from the island of bones, and wisps of immortal Empyrean might spread in all directions, intimidating the human powerhouses.

When Ya Zhenxiong stabbed his claw into Red Holy Yang Qi, countless runes erupted and sealed all of the opponents power. Then, Ya Zhenxiong stuffed Yang Qi into his mouth and devoured him.

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