Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 111 – Bombardment

Chapter 110 – Driders

Translator: Xaiomoge

Without Warlocks assuming command, the warriors in Baza City were basically no threat to the level-1 extraordinary life form Hippogryphs mid-air. Without having their physical constitutions strengthening by spells, even Knight rank archers wouldnt be able to pierce through the Hippogryphs plumage.

A warrior hesitated before saying: “I heard that the dark elves would capture humans and mate with them in order to give birth to the next generation. Surrendering might not be so bad.”

Dark elves were reported to be a branch of the Elven Clan with a superior concentration of elven bloodline. With a superior concentration of elven bloodline, all the males were handsome and all the females were beautiful. The ratio of male to female offsprings was 1:20 due to the constrains of their bloodline. The males were too few in numbers and were already used as stallions; therefore, the females would capture males from different races, mate with them and the give birth to the next generation.

The warriors on the city wall relaxed slightly after listening to his words before recalling the various legends about the dark elves and their fighting spirit dissipating.

Aries said with a cold smile: “Thats right, human males that fall into their hands are reduced to breeding tools. However, they would have to mate for over 50 times a day. Could you bear that?”

They all thought for a moment before their complexions paled. One or two times a day was enjoyable, but fifty times a day was a deadly pace.

Ares continued to strike at their minds by saying: “Additionally, theyll just feed you to all kinds of extraordinary life forms after your little guy becomes useless. Theyll laugh and joke around while watching you being eaten alive. Do you still want to surrender?”

The warriors above the city wall had their bodies turn ice-cold after hearing that. Only now did they understood that dark elves werent just lewd, but also cold-blooded, merciless, cruel, deceitful and so on.

The dark elves had a weapon called Drider. Dark elves defeated in fights would be turned into wicked beings called Driders by means of a wicked ritual; that is, they would turn into a life form with the lower body of a giant spider and the upper body of a dark elf.

Driders had strong magical resistance, they could navigate trough all kinds of landscape like spiders and were even capable of freely moving about the city wall. They were terrifying weapons with battle prowess comparable to level-1 Warlocks.

The Ruler of the Dark Elves, the Goddess Lolth, was a wicked goddess. The dark elves had a lot of wicked and taboo spells and rituals, and any human that fell into their hands wouldnt have a good end.

Several tens of Hippogryphs quickly flew over the Baza Citys city wall. The dark elf archers on their backs unceremoniously shot their arrows at Baza Citys warriors.

The arrows and bows of the dark elf archers riding on the backs of the Hippogryphs were extremely advanced products. The arrows, as if laser guided, instantly penetrated the bodies of several human warriors, nailing them to the ground.

A lot of human archers above Baza Citys city wall pulled the bow strings of their bows before shooting their arrows into the air, a dense rain of arrows shoot towards the sky.

A despairing scene occurred. The majority of the arrows shot by the human archers missed with the rest being ricocheted from the Hippogryphs bodies, without even injuring a single one of them.

The dark elf archers mid-air easily picked out the human archers and successively shot them down.

The moral of the human warriors above the city wall begun to crumble after more than a hundred of their archers were shot down and they begun to flee below the city wall. They scrambled away and quickly fled in panic, with some of them even attacking and killing their companions.

Within the headquarters of the allied forces of the dark elves attacking Baza City. A dark elf with a sensual figure dressed in a sensual leather armor and exuding a tempting charm from all over was watching the humans above the city wall fleeing in panic and the corners of her mouth rose slightly, revealing a trace of a cold smile. Bisca was the commander of the dark elves attacking Boza City.

Bisca unsheathed her commanders cutlass, pointed towards Baza City and cried out sternly: “Those humans without the support from Warlocks are just a bunch of rubbish. This piece of fertile land was wasted on those rubbish for so many years. Under the guidance of Her Majesty the mighty Goddess well definitely win and seize this piece of fertile land. Charge!”

Up to four meters tall Driders with the upper bodies of naked dark elves and the lower bodies of sinister spiders appeared from amidst the allied forces, quickly crawling towards Baza City.

Driders, weapons that could walk all over the city wall, were one of the strongest and most useful siege tools of the dark elves.

With no Warlocks guarding Baza City, all its defenders could be massacred by only the thirty Driders that Bisca had with her.

Bisca watched as those Driders quickly approached Baza City and the corners of her mouth rose slightly, revealing a trace of a smile.

As long as the Driders force their way into Baza City and open the city gate, then the army of the dark elves could easily enter and capture the city.

Johan took away his demonic snake legion as well as all the Warlocks families from Satsuma Marquisdom, plunging the marquisdom into a situation where it didnt had Warlocks to protect itself. This made Satsuma Marquisdom seem an egg without its shell, where anyone could easily take a bite at it.

Fish-Tooth City was so easily captured by the allied forces of the dark elves. Cities without Warlocks protecting them were truly too frail.

Rumblings from propellers could be heard in this moment.

Thunder-Demon Heavy-Duty Transport Aircraft were approaching Baza City from the rear.

Everyone watching the Thunder-Demon Heavy-Duty Transport Aircraft as well as the Falcon Heavy-Duty Assault Helicopters beside them had a touch of astonishment flash through their eyes.

“What is that?”

“Are those new alchemical weapons?”


Many of the human warriors that raised their heads and watched the Thunder-Demon Heavy-Duty Transport Aircraft and the Falcon Heavy-Duty Assault Helicopters mid-air had a touch of hope flash trough their eyes.

Although the level of education of those human warriors was low, but they still knew some legends about Warlocks. The legendary Alchemists had the power to produce all kinds of unfathomable alchemical weapons. Every formidable Alchemist had the terrifying power to reverse the tide of a battle.

When warriors of the allied forces of the under world saw those Thunder-Demon Heavy-Duty Transport Aircraft and the Falcon Heavy-Duty Assault Helicopters mid-air, their eyes flashed with a touch of unease. They were very clear about the power and terror of those human Warlocks from all those years that they were suppressed by them.

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