Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 1110 – Devouring Ya Zhenxiong

Chapter 1109 – Yang Feng Steps into the Battlefield

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Seeing Yang Qi die in Ya Zhenxiongs mouth, furious breaths transmitted from the Human Supreme Council camp, and cold killing intents shrouded Ya Zhenxiong.

Ya Zhenxiongs eyes flashed fiercely, and he spoke in provocation: “Holy Spirit Warlocks taste pretty good! Who else wants to throw their life away?”

“Humans are nothing special! They just have numbers, thats all!”

“One-on-one, they are not our opponents.”

“In order to become stronger, they infused the bloodline of some half bloods. For such hybrid bastards to challenge us, theyre overestimating their capability.”


Voices of ridicule transmitted from the nine powerful races.

The nine powerful races are true spirit races. They have true spirit blood course inside them and possess combat power far above that of other powerhouses of the same realm. Even though the Human Supreme Council has displayed frightening power, the nine powerful races still look down on their former slaves.

You should know that in the archgod age, humans viewed the nine powerful races as gods and served them wholeheartedly, not daring to go against any one of them.

Gazes full of vigilance coming from the human camp fell on Ya Zhenxiong.

During the First Warlock Imperial Court era, Red Holy Yang Qi was a famous powerhouse who wielding the essence of fire. For such a powerhouse to die in such a short period of time, it goes to show how powerful Ya Zhenxiong is.

In the Human Supreme Council, only Great Holies have the confidence to defeat Ya Zhenxiong.

Ya Zhenxiong asked, a flash of disdain and defiance in his eye, “Whats wrong? No one dares to come forward? A bunch of rubbish!”

“Magic Note Imperial Court, Five Tones Spirit Holy, will fight you!”

From the Star of Secret Treasures, a black haired man wearing silver battle armor, holding a silver spear in his left hand and a silver shield in his right hand, surrounded by six rhombus-shaped crystals, walked out and radiated immortal Holy might, and his star-like eyes emitted dazzling light.

“Die, ant!”

With a fierce look in his eyes, Ya Zhenxiong opened his mouth, and 108,000 rays of sword qi shot out of his mouth. Each ray of sword qi can easily destroy a star.

The silver shield in the Five Tones Spirit Holys hand flew out, surged with runes, turned into a silver metal star, and emitted bright light.

The 108,000 rays of sword qi slammed into the metal star and blasted open potholes, yet they couldnt break it.


The Five Tones Spirit Holy barked in a low voice and brandished the silver spear in his hand, and the silver spear tore the firmament, turned into a silver ray, and shot towards Ya Zhenxiong.

Ya Zhenxiong opened his mouth again, and 108,000 rays of sword qi flew out and barreled towards the silver ray,

The silver ray, which contains the certain hit karma, twisted strangely and stabbed Ya Zhenxiong in an instant.

All of a sudden, countless runes emerged from Ya Zhenxiongs black battle armor and a black barrier enveloped him.

The silver spear slammed into the black barrier, pierced through it, and stabbed into Ya Zhenxiong.

A large amount of blood sprayed from Ya Zhenxiongs body.

“Human ant, now youve done it!”

Ya Zhenxiongs eyes flashed ferociously, and he roared wildly. All of a sudden, an endless amount of universe energies converged on him from all directions and poured into his body like a vortex.

Yazi powerhouses seek revenge for the smallest of grievances. They are extremely fierce. Furthermore, the angrier they get, the stronger they become.

After Ya Zhenxiong suffered serious damage from the Five Tones Spirit Holy, his anger flared up, and black mist enveloped him. In a flash, he appeared in front of the Five Tones Spirit Holy and attacked him.

The silver shield flew out and turned into a silver world blocking in front of Ya Zhenxiong.

The Five Tones Spirit Holy silently recited an incantation and pointed at the silver spear, and the silver spear frantically devoured Ya Zhenxiongs flesh and strength.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

Almost in an instant, Ya Zhenxiong attacked thousands of times, and terrifying essence of power blasted the silver shield apart.

At the moment when the silver shield was broken, the essence of speed shrouded Ya Zhenxiong, and he turned into a dark ray, appeared in front of the Five Tones Spirit Holy, stuffed him into his mouth, and chewed.

A ferocious might emanated from Ya Zhenxiong and spread in all directions.

“So strong! So this is a yazi! A pure blood true spirit powerhouse!”

“Pure blood true spirit powerhouse. After they come of age, they can advance to the Holy Spirit Warlock realm with some effort. Advancing to the Holy Spirit Warlock realm is only a matter of time for them. This Ya Zhenxiong is one of less than five pure blood true spirit powerhouses of the yazi race.”


Powerful wills reverberated in the area and gazes full of apprehension focused on Ya Zhenxiong.

True dragons, qilins, phoenixes, and yazi can produce pure blood true spirit powerhouses, who are variants of heaven and earth favored by the universe. In the Eternal Sovereign age, pure blood true spirit powerhouses would possess Warlock Emperor rank fighting strength as long as they came of age.

In the archgod era, pure blood true spirit powerhouses would possess quasi-Empyrean step fighting strength after coming of age. Even now, pure blood true spirit powerhouses are still extremely formidable and are virtually invincible in the same realm. After they reach adulthood, they will possess Holy Spirit Warlock realm strength.

Peerless beings such as the Green Dragon Prince, so long as they have sufficient time and resources, they can advance to the quasi-Empyrean step without a hitch.

Gazes full of anger and apprehension coming from the Human Supreme Council focused on Ya Zhenxiong.

Ya Zhenxiong opened his mouth and sucked in the universe energies within hundreds of millions of kilometers. In an instant, a terrifying force erupted, and the silver spear was sent flying and disappeared.

The wound on Ya Zhenxiongs body healed at a speed visible to the naked eye.

“Whos going to throw their life away next?”

Ya Zhenxiongs eyes flashed with a fierce glint, and he gazed at the Human Supreme Council with an unruly look in his eyes and uttered in provocation.

Devouring Holy Spirit Warlocks is of great benefit to Ya Zhenxiong. This is why he wants to continue to stay on the battlefield. As long as he devours a dozen plus Holy Spirit Warlocks, Ya Zhenxiong can break through in one fell swoop and promote to a Great Holy.

Ya Zhenxiongs eyes flashed with excitement, and he mused: “If I could enter the Great Holy step first, then I may even be able to fight the prince! By then, if I devour the prince, I will be able to become the new Yazi Prince and advance to the Empyrean step in the future!”

There are many conflicts within a race, and the same is true for the nine powerful races. Otherwise, when the nine powerful races dominated an era, it would have been impossible for other races to rise.

Ya Zhenxiongs provocation was met with silence in the Human Supreme Council camp. Wills communicated with each other and gazes focused on Yang Feng.

Every pure blood true spirit powerhouse like Ya Zhenxiong is an unparalleled peerless prodigy of an era. In the human race, only the eight Warlock Emperors were such peerless prodigies unparalleled in the same realm.

In the Human Supreme Council, the Great Holies can naturally suppress Ya Zhenxiong. Apart from this, only if several Holy Spirit Warlocks work together and use Empyrean grade secret treasures, can they safely suppress Ya Zhenxiong.

“The Battle Demon Sect, Firmament Holy, will fight you!”

Yang Feng stood up from a throne, dark light shone, and he equipped the Empyrean grade secret treasure the Xi Shen Armor and walked to the center of the holy battlefield.

“Firmament Holy Yang Feng, he finally stepped forward!”

“In the Human Supreme Council, only he can compete with a pure blood true spirit powerhouse.”

“Firmament Holy Yang Feng, thats the peerless prodigy who defeated the Dawn Lord. If its him, he should be able to defeat Ya Zhenxiong.”


Powerful wills reverberated in the void as Holy Spirit Warlocks hiding nearby exposed their breath and looked in this direction.

Standing in the void, Feng Xuanzhens eyes flickered with intense fighting spirit: “Firmament Holy Yang Feng! So this is the peerless prodigy who defeated the Dawn Lord in the quasi-Holy step, truly extraordinary!”

The Bear Firmament Great Holys eyes flashed with a dignified color, and he said unhurriedly, “Truly extraordinary! This person will be my lords great enemy in the future. It would be for the best if he died here.”

“Firmament Holy Yang Feng, are you the most powerful prodigy of the human race in this era? It is said that you once defeated the reincarnation of the Eighth Warlock Emperor, the Dawn Lord. Ha-ha, great! If I eat you, itll be equivalent to eating ten Holy Spirit Warlocks! If I was in the same realm as you, Im afraid I would not have been your opponent. But Im a pure blood true spirit powerhouse and Im in the advanced Holy Spirit Warlock realm! Youre going to die!”

Ya Zhenxiongs eyes flashed with a fierce glint, he smiled ferociously, his bloodline boiled, and a black mist shrouded him. All of a sudden, his breath strengthened by 30%. He opened his mouth, and 36,000 rays of sword qi tore the firmament, merged into one, and formed a yazi sword that can slay Great Holies slashing towards Yang Feng.

“Fool, the one whos going to die is you!”

With a cold look in his eyes, Yang Feng spread the fingers of his hand, and a black holy suddenly appeared.

Light, space, time, souls, everything was devoured in front of the black hole. As if the universe could be devoured as well, the void distorted. The black hole shot towards Ya Zhenxiong.

When the yazi sword that can run through a world and slay a Great Holy slammed into the black hole, is was devoured and disappeared.

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