Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 1111 – Pummeling the Green Dragon Prince

With a fierce flash in his eyes, the Green Dragon Prince suddenly extended a claw, and 3,000 rays of dragon qi intertwined and condensed into a 100,000-meter-long green true dragon containing the essences of dragons and power that dropped down and extended a claw towards Yang Feng.

The Green Dragon Prince is a pure blood true dragon, and that claw is a true dragon claw with limitless magic and mysteries. Even if they use countless spells, dragon bloodline Warlocks cant reach 90% of the claws power

“You alone still dont have what it takes!”

With a frigid look in his eyes, Yang Feng spread the fingers of his hand, countless runes emerged, and a black hole appeared out of nowhere and shot towards the green true dragon.

Enveloped by endless dragon qi, containing the essence of power, the green true dragons claw crushed the void and slammed into the black hole.

Endless devour force transmitted from the black hole and pulled in the green true dragon.

Terrifying devour force surged inside the black hole and shrouded the green true dragon.

3,000 rays of dragon qi appeared on the green true dragon, intertwined with each other, and resisted the devour force. At the same time, the green true dragon slashed at the black hole with its claws.

The green true dragon possesses incredible fighting strength. With each strike of its claw, it can tear open a huge rift in the black hole. The black hole is constantly cracking and mending.

All of a sudden, black needles formed from devour runes appeared inside the black hole and stabbed into the green true dragon.

The black needles extricated strands true dragon qi from the green true dragon and absorbed them.

A river of time appeared around Yang Feng, and his speed suddenly accelerated fifty-fold, exceeding the speed of light. He took a step forward, appeared in front of the Green Dragon Prince in an instant, and smashed a fist that turned into a star towards the opponent.

“Fool, to dare compete with me in terms of physical strength, youre courting death!

The Green Dragon Princes eyes shimmered fiercely, and he smiled malevolently. The true dragon blood inside him surged, countless mysterious dragon runes appeared on his scales, and he unleashed dragon roars and sent a claw flying towards Yang Feng.

In the world of Warlock, true spirit powerhouses have the strongest fleshly bodies. Among true spirit powerhouses, true dragons are at the very top in terms of physical strength.

The Green Dragon Prince is a pure blood true dragon. In terms of physical strength alone, he is absolutely invincible in the same realm.

The Time Lord, the Taboo Lord, and the other human Warlocks Emperors were unparalleled in the same realm thanks to their Empyrean grade secret treasures and essences they mastered. But in terms of physical strength, none of them dared to claim to be unparalleled.

“To compete with the Green Dragon Prince in terms of physical strength, what a fool!”

“Humans are famous for their versatile spells and powerful secret treasures. For him to compete with a powerhouse like the Green Dragon prince in terms of physical strength, thats truly idiotic!”

“Yang Feng may be stronger than the Dawn Lord in terms of physical strength, but when faced against a monster like the Green Dragon Prince, he is far weaker. Hes really full of himself.”


Powerful Holy grade wills reverberated in the area. No one is optimistic about Yang Fengs chances. Even in the Human Supreme Council, many Holy Spirit Warlocks have a look of anxiety in their eyes.


When the fist and claw clashed, the Xi Shen Armor on Yang Feng burst out with bright light, countless runes fluttered, and a vast force broke out in an instant.

In a flash, the Green Dragon Princes right claw was twisted and its bones were broken, and dragon blood sprayed out.

“How is this possible?”

The Green Dragon Princes eyes flickered with incredulity. He didnt expect that he would lose to a human like Yang Feng in terms of physical strength.

In fact, although Yang Feng has cultivated the Eternal Imperishable Body and the Eternal Soul Scripture and consumed countless treasures of heaven and earth, but he is still slightly weaker than the Green Dragon Prince in terms of physical strength. However, when strengthened by the Xi Shen Armor, Yang Feng is far stronger than the Green Dragon Prince.

Boom! Boom!

Taking advantage of the moment when the Green Dragon Princes defense was torn, Yang Feng unleashed thousands of punches containing the essence of power barreling towards the other party.

The Green Dragon Prince is worthy of being a true dragon. Even though Yang Feng pummeled him with thousands of punches and he belched a large amount of dragon blood, yet his dragon qi still surged and he didnt die.

“As expected, youre really strong, Green Dragon Prince. Unfortunately, you have already been defeated by my move! Go to hell!”

There was a ferocious shade in his eyes, and the black hole that has completely devoured the green true dragon appeared in front of him and drew in the Green Dragon Prince.

Frightening essence of devour broke out and crazily devoured the flesh and soul of the Green Dragon Prince.

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