Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 1113 – Killing the Yazi Prince

long as the White Tiger Emperor is alive, the law of karma wont disappear.

But the White Tiger Prince doesnt have that ability yet. After all, he only has a Holy Spirit Warlock rank cultivation base and the White Tiger Sword isnt a secret treasure he refined from his own bone.

With a fierce flash in his eyes, the White Tiger Prince extended his hand and gripped the White Tiger Sword, and wisps of strange power surged and poured into the sword, interfering with Yang Fengs recovery through the abstruse law of karma.

“Yang Feng, Ill fight you! You wont run away, right?”

With a flash of light, the Yazi Prince changed into a 100,000-meter-long true spirit yazi oozing true spirit qi, descended on the void, and stared at Yang Feng with avarice and killing intent in his eyes.

Yazi are most vindictive.

Ya Zhenxiong was one of the few pure blood yazi left, one of the key figures in the continuation of the pure blood of the yazi. Yet such a powerhouse was devoured by Yang Feng. Consequently, the entire yazi race regards Yang Feng as their mortal enemy. Yang Feng, who was wounded by the White Tiger Prince, is now in a weakened state. This is why the Yazi Prince chose to step in at this time.

A frigid gleam streaked past his eyes, and Yang Feng said with a light smile: “How could I? Ive been waiting for you for quite a while! Yazi Prince!”

“Great, then go to hell!”

The Yazi Princes eyes flickered with a ferocious glint, and he didnt say anymore nonsense. All of a sudden, the Empyrean grade secret treasure the Yazi Sword flew out and a projection of the Yazi Emperor, which contains Empyrean might, emerged, and looked at Yang Feng.

“You have yazi blood on your hands, ant! Kneel! Otherwise, I will wipe out your entire lineage!”

When the Yazi Emperor projection appeared, his eyes flashed with countless runes. Then, his eyes shimmered with a fierce and cruel light, and he roared.

In an instant, the blood of the people at the scene roiled, and their countenance changed dramatically.

The Yazi Emperor emperor was cruel and vindictive and wielded strange bloodline curse spells. Back in the day, he wiped out many powerful races and lineages with his bloodline curse spells.

As soon as the Yazi Emperor appeared, the blood of the Taboo Imperial Courts bloodline Warlocks roiled, and their complexions changed greatly.

“Yazi Emperor, youre already dead. Now youre but a projection. What qualifications do you have to order me to kneel? You better take a hike and return to the dustbin of history! Halberd, come!”

Yang Feng barked and extended his hand. Ripples rose in the void, and the Empyrean grade secret treasure the Green Yang Halberd flew into his hand.

“Ignorant! Blood combustion!”

The Yazi Emperor projection became furious. His eyes surged with countless abstruse runes, and two scarlet beams burst out from his eyes and shot towards Yang Feng.

The two scarlet beams are called Yazi Blood Curse Beams and they contain a vicious curse. Once hit by the beams, the relatives of the cursed will be cursed and killed.

Yang Feng brandished the Green Yang Halberd, and brilliant light suddenly erupted. Ten green suns came into being and suppressed the heaven and earth, and the light their radiated converged and slammed into the two scarlet beams.

Hit by the sunlight, the two Yazi Blood Curse Beams suddenly collapsed.

A red fog invisible to the naked eye swept towards Yang Feng from all directions.

When the strange red fog touched Yang Feng, it was directly devoured by the Xi Shen Armor.

With a fierce flash in his eyes, Yang Feng waved his hand, and the Empyrean grade secret treasure the Bead of Time suddenly flew out and ejected a torrent of time that swept towards the Yazi Prince.

When the Yazi Prince was hit by the torrent of time, his thoughts stopped for a moment.

“Go to hell!”

At this moment, Yang Feng crossed the torrent of time and appeared above the Yazi Prince. Countless runes appeared on the Xi Shen Armor. Yang Feng extracted world force of the small world inside him, poured it into the Empyrean grade secret treasure the Green Yang Halberd, and stabbed the Yazi Prince in the head.

“No! I…”

The Yazi Prince just made a sound, when the Green Yang Halberd pierced through his head, and then ten suns detonated inside him and blew apart his body and soul.

A black hole suddenly emerged and swallowed the body and soul remains of the Yazi Prince in an instant.

Yang Feng extended his hand and grabbed the Yazi Sword. Countless runes emerged from the Xi Shen Armor and frantically suppressed the Yazi Sword.

“Stop!! Yang Feng, return our Yazi Prince!”

A both startled and angry voice transmitted from the island of bones, and then two pure blood yazi Great Holies flew out and extended a claw towards the black hole above Yang Feng.

From the Battle Demon Sects fleet, 36 Holy Slaying Artillery suddenly emerged and fired 36 light beams, which can severely injure Great Holies, barreling towards the two jain Great Hollies.

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