Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 1115 – Compelling the Nine Powerful Races to Retreat

Chapter 1114 – Looking Askance

Translator: Xaiomoge

All of a sudden, countless runes appeared on the two yazi Great Holies, and they tried to tear the void and escape from this area.


The Brilliant Great Holy suddenly emerged from the void and pointed at the two yazi Great Holies with the Holy grade secret treasure the Rooted Mirror.

Brilliant light ejected from the Rooted Mirror and shone on the two yazi Great Holies.

Although the Rooted Mirror has no offensive power, but it has the magical power to suppress the void. Illuminated by the Rooted Mirrors light, the two yazi Great Holies stopped for a moment.

“Damn it!”

The two yazi Great Holies eyes shimmered fiercely, and then countless runes emerged and formed two black defensive boundaries.

The 36 Holy Slaying Artillery beams, which can severely injure Great Holies, blasted into the two black defensive boundaries.

The black defensive boundaries shone with dark light, offsetting 50% of the power of the Holy Slaying Artillery beams. The remaining 50% of the power blasted into the black boundaries.

Boundless light shone, and the two black defensive boundaries were finally smashed by the Holy Slaying Artillery beams. The remaining power slammed into the two yazi Great Holies and set off a ripple, not harming them in the least.

Yang Feng took advantage of the moment when the two yazi Great Holies were obstructed and returned to the sphere of influence of the Battle Demon Sect.

1,000 Vajra Rulers flew to in front of Yang Feng, raised their shields, and guarded in front of him.

A swarm of battle robots flew out, extended their artillery, and aimed at the yazi.

Yang Feng smiled coldly and said, “Why, do you yazi want to mess up this wager again?”

The eyes of a yazi Great Holy flashed with malevolence and madness, and he roared: “Yang Feng, return our prince! Otherwise, there will be an irreconcilable enmity between us yazi and your Battle Demon Sect!”

Yang Fengs eyes flickered with frigid killing intent, and he uttered: “Irreconcilable enmity, then so be it! However, do you want to fight now?”

Yazi are extremely vengeful. When he killed Ya Zhenxiong, Yang Feng already knew that the yazi race have become his mortal enemy. Consequently, since he had the opportunity to eliminate the Yazi Prince, he naturally wouldnt miss it.

On the Human Supreme Councils side, Empyrean might began to slowly awaken. The Empyrean grade secret treasures of the six Warlock Imperial Courts began to slowly rouse.

The Empyrean grade secret treasures of the six Warlock Imperial Courts are stimulated by the power of countless Warlocks and can display earth-shaking power, which is far above that of Empyrean grade secret treasures operated by Yang Feng.

On the nine powerful races side, Empyrean grade fluctuations of power diffused as well and spread in all directions.

The countenance of Holy Spirit Warlocks staying in the vicinity changed greatly, and they unleashed secret methods and flew away.

Once a war between the Human Supreme Council and the nine powerful races breaks out and reaches these Holy Spirit Warlocks, they may suffer severe injuries or even die.

The Phoenix Princess said faintly, “You humans won this match! Since the yazi race intervened in the fight, they are to compensate you humans with 48 Springs of Immortality.”

“Second that!”

“Second that!”


The other eight powerful races are not willing to go to war with the Human Supreme Council at this time. They focused their gazes on the yazi race.

The yazi not only lost the peerless prodigy the Yazi Prince, but even the Yazi Sword fell into Yang Fengs hands. As a result, their vitality suffered a great blow, and they dropped to the bottom of the nine powerful races.

A yazi Great Holy clenched his teeth and uttered: “Yang Feng, return us the Yazi Prince and we will sweep what happened today under the rug!”

“Sorry, but he has already turned into ashes. Why dont I return you his ashes?”

Yang Feng smiled coldly and flicked his finger, and ashes poured out from the black hole and flew towards the yazi Great Holy.

“Damn you!”

The eyes of the yazi Great Holy bulged from anger, and he roared madly.

Fluctuations of anger and fury transmitted from the yazi.

The Yazi Prince was a peerless prodigy of the yazi. Back in the day, the Yazi Emperor personally sealed him in the river of time, hoping that he would lead the yazi to rise in this era.

Now that the hope of the yazi, the Yazi Prince, perished at Yang Fengs hands, the yazi nearly went crazy. If not for the fact that they are not a match for the Human Supreme Council, the yazi would have eliminated Yang Feng at all costs.

The eyes of the other yazi Great Holy flickered with a tyrannical shade, and he forced a smile and said, “Firmament Holy, since the Yazi Prince is dead, please return his legacy the Yazi Sword. It is our sacred object.”

“In this contest, the living can get everything the dead posses. When Ya Zhenxiong killed two of our Holy Spirit Warlocks, he didnt return their possessions. Yet now you want me to return the Yazi Sword? Is there something wrong with your head?”

Yang Feng gazed at the two yazi Great Holies with a look of ridicule on his face and span the suppressed Yazi Sword on his finger.

The yazi powerhouses looked at the Yazi Sword on Yang Fengs fingertip with bloodshot eyes and gnashed their teeth, wishing they could snatch the Yazi Sword away from him.

For the yazi, no Empyrean grade secret treasure is more important than the Yazi Sword. The Yazi Sword not only can use blood curse spells to curse enemies and their relatives, but can also purify the bloodline of yazi, enabling them to evolve into pure blood yazi.

“Firmament Holy, we are willing to use the Empyrean grade secret treasure the Devour Yuan Bead to exchange for the Yazi Sword.”

The yazi Great Holy swallowed his anger and beckoned with his hand, and the pitch-black Empyrean grade secret treasure the Devour Yuan Bead, which devours everything around it, appeared in his hand.

Yang Fengs eyes lit up and shimmered with a scorching shade when he saw the Devour Yuan Bead: “This Empyrean grade secret treasure fits my path.”

“Its not enough! In addition to this Empyrean grade secret treasure, you must provide all the minerals on this list. I will return you the Yazi Sword if you agree to these terms.”

With a flick of Yang Fengs finger, a radiance entered the hand of the yazi Great Holy. The radiance contains a list of various rare materials needed to construct the level-7 stronghold.

Back in the day, the xizu scraped the resources of an entire universe in order to construct a level-7 stronghold with Warlock Emperor rank combat power. Although Yang Feng searched everywhere and even used the Human Supreme Council, but he still couldnt gather all the materials needed to construct a level-7 stronghold.

The yazi Great Holy grabbed the radiance and saw a series of information recorded in it. Consequently, his eyebrows jumped up involuntarily and his expression became unsightly.

Virtually all the materials needed to manufacture the level-7 stronghold are Empyrean grade treasures of heaven and earth that can be used to forge Empyrean grade secret treasures. They are extremely rare. There are a few that even the yazi dont have.

With a gloomy look in his eyes, the yazi Great Holy flicked his finger, and a radiance flew into Yang Fengs hand: “We only have these five.”

When Yang Feng received the radiance, he swept it with his soul force, and then revealed a satisfied smile: “Alright! Take them out!”

An ashen look on his face, the yazi Great Holy waved his hand, and the Devour Yuan Bead and the five universe treasures turned into a stream of light and flew into Yang Fengs hand.

After Yang Feng carefully examined the treasures and determined that they hadnt been tampered with, he waved his hand and erased the seal suppressing Yazi Sword.

Along with a flash of light, the Yazi Sword flew into the hand of the yazi Great Holy.

“What a pity!”

“Too bad!”


Wills of regret transmitted from the other eight races. Without the Yazi Sword, even if they possess a powerful Empyrean grade secret treasure, the yazi will fall into the ranks of an ordinary superior race.

The yazi are vengeful and vindictive. The other eight powerful races dont like to see them thriving.

The two yazi great Holies took a deep look at Yang Feng, and then looked in the direction of the other eight powerful races, and their eyes flickered with resentment. They turned into two streams of light and flew into the yazi camp.

Yang Feng pointed with a finger, and the Devour Yuan Bead evolved into a black hole and swept the ten wounds on his body.

In the wake of the Devour Yuan Bead, the law of karma attached to the wounds was devoured and disappeared.

As soon as the law of karma collapsed, powerful vitality filled Yang Fengs body and healed the ten wounds at a speed visible to the naked eye.

“My injuries have healed! Who dares to fight me!”

With the Green Yang Halberd in his hand, the Devour Yuan Bead on his head, and a river of time around him, looking like an invincible transcendent in charge of time, Yang Feng looked askance at the nine powerful races and spoke in provocation.

The nine powerful races fell silent and gazed at Yang Feng with wary in their eyes.

When Yang Feng killed the Yazi Prince, he shocked the peerless prodigies of the nine powerful races. They are aware that Yang Feng must pay a huge price to use three Empyrean grade secret treasures at the same time. If he fights another two or three times, maybe Yang Feng will have no more energy to continue to deal with the remaining peerless prodigies of the nine powerful races.

However, none of the peerless prodigies is willing to fight Yang Feng and act as a stepping stone for others.

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