Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 1116 – Battling Feng Xuanzhen

Chapter 1115 – Compelling the Nine Powerful Races to Retreat

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“Who dares to fight me!”

Yang Fengs voice echoed in the area. At the same time a steady stream of universe energies rushed over from all directions and disappeared into the black hole above his head.

With every breath of time that passes, Yang Feng becomes stronger by a fraction.

The nine powerful races fell silent. Non of their peerless prodigies dares to came out and fight Yang Feng.

“The nine powerful races only amount to this much!”

“Our Firmament Holy is an unparalleled overlord of this era!”

“This era belongs to us humans!”


Voices erupted from the Human Supreme Council camp as the human powerhouses watched Yang Feng with excitement in their eyes.

The Purple Star Holy (former Star Heavenly Maiden)s beautiful eyes flickered with a peculiar shade, and she uttered slowly: “He has become so strong, how scary. Even the Green Dragon Prince is not his opponent. It goes beyond my expectations.”

The Green Star Holy (former Star Heavenly Maiden) said somewhat skeptically: “Hes just relying on Empyrean grade secret treasures.”

The Purple Star Holy said with a smile, “Empyrean grade secret treasures have tremendous consumption of strength! Yet he is able to use three Empyrean grade secret treasures at the same time. This is also his skill. Otherwise, why didnt the Yazi Prince use other Empyrean grade secret treasures?”

Every Empyrean grade secret treasures have infinite power. However, for Holy Spirit Warlocks, a single Empyrean grade secret treasure is generally the limit.

The Xi Shen Armor is an Empyrean grade secret treasure that Yang Feng personally forged and established a connection with, while the Green Yang Halberd recognized Yang Feng as its master. When Yang Feng uses these two Empyrean grade secret treasures, the consumption is relatively small and thus he can use the third secret treasure the Bead of Time.

Of course, using three Empyrean grade secret treasures at the same time is already Yang Fengs limit, and he can use them at the same time only for a short period of time.

The Brilliant Great Holy gazed at Yang Feng with the shade of gratification in his eyes: “For him to grow to this point, how truly amazing. He deserves to be a peerless prodigy of this era!”

When Yang Feng resurrected the Brilliant Great Holy, he was just an Infinity Warlock. Yet in such a short period of time, he has already promoted to a Holy Spirit Warlock. His speed of cultivation has amazed even the Brilliant Great Holy.

The Phoenix Princess said indifferently, “Even though we lost! But according to the agreement, please give us a floating branch continent of the Heaven and Earth Spirit Root.”

Yang Feng replied, “After the agreed Springs of Immortality are delivered, we will naturally hand the branch floating continent to you.”

“Alright! We will deliver the Springs of Immortality within ten days.”

Lights shone, and the nine powerful races turned into streams of light and flew in different directions.

“Yang Feng, Im also really interested in the Heaven and Earth Spirit Roots branch floating continents. Why dont we have a wager? How about you use the branch floating continent of the Battle Demon Sect as the stake?”

Surrounded by green wind, Wind Holy Feng Xuanzhen walked over and looked at Yang Feng, and his eyes flickered with a burning fighting spirit.

When dealing with the other races, Feng Xuanzhen took the initiative to stand on the side of the human race. After the other races retreated, Feng Xuanzhen challenged Yang Feng in an upright and open manner.

“Wind Holy Feng Xuanzhen, he dares to challenge Yang Feng, is he sick of living?”

“Thats not necessarily the case. After all, he is a man who defeated the Dawn Lord. If Yang Feng didnt exist, he would be the most outstanding prodigy of the human race in this era!”


Discussions rose and gazes focused on Yang Feng and Feng Xuanzhen.

“Is that him? The man in the prophecy!”

“He is the man in the prophecy, the peerless genius destined to be unparalleled in this era.”

“He finally appeared! He is probably Yang Fengs destined enemy!”


Holy Spirit Warlocks from the six Warlock Imperial Courts gazed at Feng Xuanzhen with a dignified shade in their eyes.

Although prophecy Warlocks are really rare, but most of their predictions are pretty accurate. In their time, each one of the six Warlock Imperial Courts used prophecy Warlocks to predict the future of the era of the universe great tribulation. According to those prophecy Warlocks, the human Warlock who is destined to become unparalleled in this era contains the character “风 (feng)” [1] in his name.

Feng Xuanzhen has defeated the Dawn Lord. Therefore, only he can be the powerhouse who is going to become unparalleled in this era.

Yang Fengs eyes flashed with enigmatic light, and he smiled and said: “You want the Battle Demon Sects branch floating continent? Interesting. Then what are you going to bet? If you lose, will you give me the Windstorm Plane? Will you let me become the master of the Windstorm Plane?”

Feng Xuanzhen smiled and said, “My Windstorm Plane is one of the 36 primary material planes, is a plane that can give birth to Warlock Emperors. Although its degree of recovery is far from the level of the Cangzhi Plane, but its still fast. It is far more valuable than the Battle Demon Sects branch floating continent. Dont you think such a wager is unfair?”

Yang Feng replied, “Since you are the challenger, it is natural that your stake is higher than mine. Of course, you can refuse. I wont force you.”

“Ha-ha! Id like to agree to your terms. But the Windstorm Plane is the home of my many subordinates. Although I am 100% confident in my chances, but I wont gamble on their fate. I want to fight you with this as the stake. If you lose, I dont want anything. If you win, these are yours.”

Feng Xuanzhen smiled boldly and pointed with his hand, and 36 Springs of Immortality appeared and flew to Yang Feng.

Yang Feng looked at the 36 Springs of Immortality with a scorching shade in his eyes and said with a smile: “Springs of Immortality! Alright, I agree to fight you!”

Springs of Immortality are the favorite kind of treasure of Holy Spirit Warlocks. Springs of Immortality contain immortal Holy property and can enhance the cultivation base and heal the body and soul of Holy Spirit Warlocks. They are extremely precious.

Feng Xuanzhen said indifferently, “You just fought several times in a row and consumed a lot of strength! Ill wait for you to recover first!”

Yang Feng smiled, a Spring of Immortality emerged above him, and spring water poured into his body.

Nourished by the Spring of Immortality, the injuries and fatigue caused by the fights with the Green Dragon Prince and them rapidly recovered.

“Im ready! Come on, Feng Xuanzhen! Lets fight with all our strength!”

An hour later, Yang Feng opened his eyes, and bright light radiated from his eyes. He pointed at Feng Xuanzhen with the Green Yang Halberd in his hand, and his eyes filled with scorching fighting spirit.

Feng Xuanzhen smiled, hurricanes intertwined around him, hidden runes appeared outside his body, and the invisible Holy grade secret treasure the Wind God Armor shrouded him.

A colorless hurricane surged, and a completely transparent Holy grade secret treasure the Wind God Wings appeared behind Feng Xuanzhen.

The Wind God Necklace, the Wind God Ring, and the Wind God Boots that Feng Xuanzhen has equipped sparkled and resonated.

Countless runes flickered in Yang Fengs eyes, and he said slowly, “Holy grade secret treasure set?”

A Holy grade secret treasure set is composed of numerous Holy grade secret treasures. By means of power resonance, it is infinitely close to an Empyrean grade secret treasure.

Holy grade secret treasure sets dont have much effect on Warlock Emperors. But regarding Holy Spirit Warlocks and Great Holies, they can be used to contend against powerhouses of the same realm who wield Empyrean grade secret treasures.

Holy Spirit Warlocks equipped with the same type of Empyrean grade secret treasures and Holy grade secret treasure sets can display more or less the same fighting strength. However, Holy grade secret treasures consume much less strength than Empyrean grade secret treasures.

“Naturally I wont just rely on a Holy grade secret treasure set!”

Feng Xuanzhen smiled and flipped his hand, and the Empyrean grade secret treasure the Ruler of Wind, whose blade is invisible, appeared in his hand.

As soon as the Ruler of Wind appeared, a terrifying storm sprang up around Feng Xuanzhen.

“Yang Feng, this the Wind God Scripture, a secret method I created! Kindly give me your advice!”

Feng Xuanzhens eyes flickered with a queer shade, and he waved the Ruler of Wind. In an instant, within tens of light-years, universe energies were mobilized, forming and a cosmic storm that rages withing tens of light-years.

In the terrifying cosmic storm that can easily destroy a grade 6 plane, 18,000 sword rays containing the essences of wind and power suddenly emerged and slashed towards Yang Feng.

“So strong!”

“So this is Wind Holy Feng Xuanzhen! The power of this sword strike can seriously wound even Great Holies!”

“What a monster!”


The complexion of the spectating Holy Spirit Warlocks changed greatly, and even became ashen in many cases. Unless they are on their plane and are boosted by the power of their race, it is impossible for them to resist this frightening sword strike formed from universe energies.

“So strong, as expected of a man who defeated the Dawn Lord!”

With a burning color in his eyes, Yang Feng stabbed at the starry sky with the Green Yang Halberd, and ten green suns came into being.

The ten green suns shone brightly and formed a green sunshine boundary.

When the 18,000 sword rays containing the essences of wind and power slashed the green sunshine boundary, they not only made the boundary tremble, but even set off ripples.

After the 18,000 sword rays collapsed, another batch of sword rays emerged in the cosmic storm and slashed the boundary.


[1] – the Feng (风) prophesied is the same as the one in the name Feng Xuanzhen (风玄真). Its different from the one in the name Yang Feng (杨锋)

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