Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 1116 – Battling Feng Xuanzhen

e. He is indeed a most powerful prodigy of the human race in this era.”

“These two guys are such abnormal monsters! Humans are really the universes darlings in this era.”


The other race Holy Spirit Warlocks hiding in the vicinity and watching the fight gazed at Yang Feng and Feng Xuanzhen in the center of the holy battlefield with apprehension in their eyes.

Both Yang Feng and Feng Xuanzhen are peerless prodigies of this era, are monsters among monsters. If an inferior race got such a powerhouses, it would be able to flourish and jump to the ranks of superior races.

After a violent collision, a green hurricane surged and formed Feng Xuanzhens true body in the void.

Feng Xuanzhen smiled, countless wind runes appeared around him, and a magnificent and domineering hurricane sprang up on the Empyrean grade secret treasure the Ruler of Wind in his hand: “The warm-up is over, Im going to get serious.”

“Then Ill better get a little serious, as well.”

Black runes appeared all over Yang Feng and black holes popped up around him, making him look like he turned into a black hole that can devour everything.

“What freaks. The thing just now was just a warm-up?”

“These two are most powerful freaks of the human race in this era for a reason.”


The spectating Holy Spirit Warlocks were shocked. If any one of them had participated in the fight just now instead, they wouldnt be able to withstand it.

Such a fight was just a warm-up for the two powerhouses. This shocked the Holy Spirit Warlocks.

A river of time sprang up from Feng Xuanzhen and crossed the starry sky. Violent hurricanes formed in the river of time and converged on a green star.

Yang Feng narrowed his eyes upon seeing this scene: “Essence of time! He actually comprehended the essence of time and obtained the Immortal Imperishable Body method!”

The essence of time is one of the most difficult essences to comprehend, second only to the essence of fate.

On his path of cultivation, Yang Feng met countless strong enemies. But this is the first time that he met an enemy who comprehended the essence of time.

“The essence of time!! He also comprehended the essence of time!”

“Thats a most difficult essence to comprehend!”

“In this era, the human race has actually produced two monsters who have comprehended the essence of time! This is unbelievable!”


When they saw the river of time around Feng Xuanzhen, the complexion of the spectating Holy Spirit Warlocks changed greatly, and they cried out.

“Its incredible!”

“So this is the peerless prodigy destined to be unequaled in this era!”

“This time, Yang Feng is very likely going to lose!”


The powerhouses of the six Warlock Imperial Courts who know the prophecy inhaled a breath of cold air. They began to firmly believe the prophecy.

Shrouded by the river of time, the time flow around Feng Xuanzhen accelerated fifty-fold at once. The essences of speed and wind further enhanced his speed to the extreme.

In an instant, a hurricane flew out of the void and slashed towards Yang Feng.

Yang Feng pointed with the Green Yang Halberd in his hand, and a green sun suddenly appeared and stabbed towards the hurricane.

The hurricane trembled slightly and divided into nine hurricanes that slashed towards Yang Feng from all kinds of incredible angles.

Black holes appeared on Yang Feng and blocked the nine hurricanes.

The nine hurricanes flashed, pierced the black holes, slashed open Yang Fengs Xi Shen Armor, and then cut open nine wounds on his body.

The green sun the Green Yang Halberd unleashed stabbed Feng Xuanzhen in the right shoulder and detonated, blasting open a huge hole in his right shoulder.

“Youre really strong, Yang Feng! Youre much stronger than the Dawn Lord! Interesting! With an enemy like you, my life wont feel lonely!”

Feng Xuanzhen smiled boldly, and then formed another two avatars and slashed at Yang Feng.

“Feng Xuanzhen, although you are really strong! But the one to lose this time is you!”

One after another, black holes suddenly emerged. In an instant, nine black holes suspended in the void, resonated with each other, and swept towards Feng Xuanzhen with a crushing might.

Feng Xuanzhens two avatars trembled and collapsed, and all their power poured into the nine black holes.


Feng Xuanzhens eyes surged with fighting spirit, and he brandished his sword. Universe energies condensed into a 100,000-meter-long wind sword that sliced the void and cut the nine black holes.

Berserk wind force cut the power source core runes of the nine black holes, which can devour Great Holy step spells, and directly broke them.

At this moment, the Bead of Time suddenly appeared, and a river of time welled up and swept towards Feng Xuanzhen.

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