Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 1118 – Suppressing Holy step Starry Dragon Scorpion Beasts

Chapter 1117 – Defeating Feng Xuanzhen

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The Bead of Time disrupted the torrent of time around Feng Xuanzhen, which made him fall into a different time period.

Feng Xuanzhens thinking was disrupted for less than one-ten millionth of a second. When he sobered up, a fist containing a torrent of time, a spatial portal, and a devour star appeared directly in front of him.

Feng Xuanzhen frowned and opened his mouth, and the Holy grade secret treasure the Wind God Shield appeared in front of him.

Countless mysterious runes appeared on the Wind God Shield, and countless hurricanes formed one green wind boundary after another.

Yang Fengs fist containing quadruple essence integration slammed into the Wind God Shield.

The green wind boundaries shattered one after another, and then Yang Fengs first slammed into the Wind God Shield, cracked it, and blasted it aside.

The Green Yang Halberd tore the void and stabbed into Feng Xuanzhen, and a green sun exploded.

Although Yang Feng appreciates Feng Xuanzhen and vice-versa, but he wont let go of an opportunity to get rid of the other party.

The fewer powerhouses there are on the way to the Warlock Emperor throne, the better. In practically every era, only one person can ascended the Warlock Emperor throne.

Feng Xuanzhens complexion changed slightly, and the Wind Ruler in his hand stabbed into his body and collided with the Green Yang Halberd.

A storm broke out inside Feng Xuanzhen and sent the Green Yang Halberd flying.

A torrent of time rolled over, and Yang Feng treading the torrent of time appeared in front of Feng Xuanzhen. His right hand evolved into a star and shot towards Feng Xuanzhen.

Feng Xuanzhens expression flickered. Hurricanes surrounded him and formed a wind armor.

The star pierced through the wind armor and blasted into Feng Xuanzhen, prompting him to spew out blood.

“I lost this fight! Yang Feng, well see each other on the Eternal Ancient Road!”

Feng Xuanzhen turned into a green hurricane, integrated with the Ruler of Wind, tore the firmament, and flew away.

“What a pity!”

Yang Feng watched Feng Xuanzhen disappear in the depths of the starry sky with regret in his eyes.

Feng Xuanzhen is the most powerful peerless genius Yang Feng has ever met in the same realm, far more powerful than the Dawn Lord. Yang Feng would have liked to get rid of him here directly.

However, Feng Xuanzhen isnt a peerless genius for no reason. When he received serious damage, he judged that he is not Yang Fengs opponent and immediately chose to flee.

When he went all out and used three Empyrean grade secret treasures, Yang Feng was able to suppress the Yazi Prince. Yet that wasnt enough to suppress Feng Xuanzhen. Even if Yang Feng used other cards, he would only be able to inflict Feng Xuanzhen heavy damage, not suppress him.

“Lost! Wind Holy Feng Xuanzhen lost to him.”

“Firmament Holy Yang Feng, he indeed is the most powerful prodigy in this era.”

“As expected of the strongest prodigy of the human race in this era.”


When the Holy Spirit Warlocks hiding in the surroundings saw this, complicated emotions welled up in their eyes, and they sighed.

“Feng Xuanzhen lost!”

“Sure enough, the future is full of variables!”

“Feng Xuanzhen lost! The unequaled prodigy of our human race in this era is actually Yang Feng. Those prophecy Warlocks died in vain.”


In the Human Supreme Council, the Holy Spirit Warlocks of the six Warlock Imperial Courts watched Yang Feng with enigmatic light in their eyes.

The future is full of variables. However, prophecy grandmasters, who are Great Holies, have a prediction accuracy of more than 90%. Those Great Holies made this prediction at the cost of their lives. Yet now their prediction was broken by Yang Feng. This naturally filled the Holy Spirit Warlock of the six Warlock Emperors with complicated emotions.

“Feng Xuanzhen was defeated! Is there no longer anyone who can stop him?”

In the Human Supreme Council, Yi Yuanyang standing quietly in a corner stared at Yang Feng standing in the starry sky and clenched his fists, and his eyes flashed with a burning shade.

After experiencing countless adventures and fortuitous encounters, Yi Yuanyang has promoted to a Warlock Monarch. But he is still far from reaching the Holy Spirit Warlock realm. He is now watching Yang Feng with envy in his eyes.

“Damn it, Yang Feng actually became so strong?”

In a void, mysterious runes appeared in the eyes of the reincarnation of the Dawn Lord, Argimiro, and he stared at Yang Feng and sighed slowly.

After Argimiro promoted to a Holy Spirit Warlock, he thought that he is invincible in the Holy Spirit Warlock realm. He didnt expect to be defeated by Feng Xuanzhen. Now Feng Xuanzhen was defeated by Yang Feng, making it so Argimiro cannot even muster the desire to challenge Yang Feng.

Yang Feng blurred and entered the Battle Demon Sect camp.

The Empyrean grade secret treasures of the Human Supreme Council shone, tore through the void, and flew towards the Battle Demon Sect.

The outcome soon spread in the world of Warlocks via the magic network.

“The Firmament Holy suppressed the nine powerful races and devoured the Yazi Prince!”

“The Firmament Holy defeated the Wind Holy. He is unequaled in this era.”

“The Battle Demon Sect has become unrivaled thanks to the Firmament Holy!”


In the magic networks Transcendent Forum, posts sprang up one after another and caused a great sensation.

“Awesome. So that is an all out fight between Holy Spirit Warlocks, a fight whose aftermath can destroy stars.”

“Incredible. The Firmament Holy deserves to be called the unrivaled genius of this era.”

“Originally, I wanted to send my child to one of the six Warlock Imperial Courts. Now it seems that its better to join the Battle Demon Sect.”

“Its not that easy to join the Battle Demon Sect. Without a level-6 soul aptitude, you cant even become an outer disciple.”


In the world of Warlocks, thanks to the wager, the Battle Demon Sects prestige reached a peak, and the sect became the No. 1 cultivation holy land in the hearts of countless Warlocks, surpassing the six Warlock Imperial Courts.

Prior to this, even though the Battle Demon Sect produced four Holy Spirit Warlocks in one fell swoop. But in the eyes of many Warlocks, it still couldnt compare with the six Warlock Imperial Courts in terms of underlying strength.

The Battle Demon Sect was ranked seventh in therms of the number of allies in the Human Supreme Council.

After the wager, however, the reputation of the Battle Demon Sect reached a peak, and countless talents of the Cangzhi Plane chose to join it. In the Human Supreme Council, many Warlock groups sitting on the fence chose to ally with the Battle Demon Sect.

Many Warlock groups hidden in the vast universe also chose to join the Human Supreme Council, accept the reorganization of the Human Supreme Council, and become allies of the Battle Demon Sect.

A portion of powerful Warlock groups who were originally optimistic about Wind Holy Feng Xuanzhen joined the Human Supreme Council, making it more powerful.

With the help of its allies, the Battle Demon Sects influence continued to extend to all parts of the universe, and it gained great wealth through trade.

The Battle Demon Sects battle robots have also become treasures major Warlock groups are scrambling to buy. The major Warlock groups spend a huge amount of resources to buy all kinds of battle robots released by the Battle Demon Sect.

With the expansion of influence, Yang Feng collected several top-shelf materials needed to construct the level-7 stronghold, all of which can be used to refine Empyrean grade secret treasures. In addition, he also collected many other materials that can be used to refine Empyrean grade secret treasures.

Empyrean grade secret treasure materials were originally extremely rare in the world of Warlocks. However, with the recovery of the universe, all kinds of treasures of heaven and earth have come into being, including various Empyrean grade secret treasure materials. In addition to Yang Feng, the other six Warlock Imperial Courts also obtained great benefits and collected countless secret treasure materials.


Along with a brittle sound, the bronze gate leading to the Eternal Ancient Road opened further, revealing a large hole. The mysterious breath gushed out of the bronze gate and swept the universe.

“Its time!”

“Its time to go to the Eternal Ancient Road!”

“I must promote in the Eternal Ancient Road and become this eras Warlock Emperor!”


In the world of Warlocks, all Holy Spirit Warlocks detected a mysterious change and felt their lifespan increase, and they immediately understood that the Eternal Ancient Road has opened.

Secret treasures that can cross the universe flew out of various parts of the world of Warlocks and flew in the direction of the Eternal Ancient Road.

Except for Holy Spirit Warlocks that only want to survive and have no ambition for promotion, other Holy Spirit Warlocks are all flying towards the Eternal Ancient Road.

The powerhouses from ancient times who just woke up also operated various secret treasures and flew towards the Eternal Ancient Road.

With the world of Warlocks recovering, every plane is constantly producing all kinds of treasures of heaven and earth. In theory, it is possible to find resources that can enable you to advance to the Warlock Emperor realm on the Cangzhi Plane or the 36 primary material planes. However, that will take an astonishing amount of time; at least 100,000 years.

In the Eternal Ancient Road, there are many mysterious relic sites left by Eternal Sovereigns. According to legend, there are even mysteries pertaining to the promotion to the Eternal step at the end of the Eternal Ancient Road. The ambitious Holy Spirit Warlocks naturally wont miss this opportunity.

A warship flew out of the Battle Demon Sects base, entered the void, and flew towards the Eternal Ancient Road.

The Eternal Ancient Road is located in the Eternal Starfield, in the deepest part of the world of Warlocks. The Eternal Starfield is full of dangerous direbeasts.

When the Battle Demon Sects warship reached the Eternal Starfield, a 50,000-kilometer-long starry direbeast with a dragon head, lion claws, and a scorpion tale opened its eyes, its eyes radiated a ferocious gleam, and it locked on the Battle Demon Sects warship.

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