Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 1119 – Subduing the Nine-headed Starry Dragon Scorpion Emperor Beast

Chapter 1118 – Suppressing Holy step Starry Dragon Scorpion Beasts

Translator: Xaiomoge

Inside the warship.

When the Tyrant Dragon Holy saw the starry direbeast, he inhaled a breath of cold air, and his eyes flashed with a grave shade: “Starry dragon scorpion beast! This is a unique direbeast that can destroy countless planes. Firmament Holy, it seems that we are in big trouble!”

“To be able to meat a Holy step direbeast in this place, how lucky.”

There was a flash of excitement in Yang Fengs eyes. His figure fluttered, and he turned into a stream of light and disappeared.

In an instant, a black hole that can devour time, space, and everything else suddenly emerged and swept towards the starry direbeast.

The starry dragon scorpion beasts eyes flickered with a vicious shade, and it opened its mouth and sprayed out green poisonous fire that swept towards the starry sky.

The black hole descended, erupted with frightening devour force in an instant, and devoured the green poisonous fire. Frightening devour force shrouded the starry dragon scorpion beast and forcibly drew the direbeast into the black hole.

The starry dragon scorpion beast struggled inside the black hole and roared bitterly. But due to the black holes devour force, it became shriveled.

The Tyrant Dragon Holy whispered when he saw this, “How fierce. As expected of the strongest peerless genius of the human race in this era.”

If the Tyrant Dragon Holy was faced with the starry dragon scorpion beast, he would need to spend a lot of energy and fight for more than three days to be able to defeat it. It would be virtually impossible for him to suppress it. Only peerless prodigies invincible in the same realm such as Feng Xuanzhen, the Dragon Prince, and the Dawn Lord may be able to suppress a starry dragon scorpion beast so easily.

In the starry sky, tyrannical breaths began to awaken. all of a sudden, stars exploded, and countless fragments shot in different directions. Exuding tyrannical breaths, starry dragon scorpion beasts emerged one after another and flew this way.

The Tyrant Dragon Holy looked at the nine Holy step creatures and said with a bitter smile: “Direbeasts like starry dragon scorpion beasts, who are social creatures, are the most dangerous.”

“Nine Holy Spirit Warlock rank direbeasts. Were really lucky!”

Michaelias beautiful eyes flashed with excitement, and her figure blurred. She took 18 Warlock Monarch rank blazing angels and flew towards the starry dragon scorpion beasts.

Michaelia spread open a pair of angel wings behind her, one of which is dark and the other is light. The dark wing formed from the essence of darkness and light wing formed from the essence of light shot towards two starry dragon scorpion beasts.

The two Starry Sky Warlock rank starry dragon scorpion beasts were engulfed by the two wings and suffered countless injuries.

Shi Yus beautiful eyes flickered brightly. She took a step, tore through the void, and unleashed her fair fists. Containing the essence of petrification, her fists smashed into two starry dragon scorpion beasts, and the direbeasts began to petrify.

The Tyrant Dragon Holy smiled bitterly and said to an extremely dashing and charming Holy Spirit Warlock: “How overbearing! As expected of the Battle Demon Sect, its people are really formidable. Brother Butterfly, lets go, as well!”

The dashing Holy Spirit Warlock is called the Blue Butterfly Holy and his true body is an extraordinary life form blue sacred butterfly. Once blue sacred butterflies come of age, they possess Infinity Warlock rank fighting strength. The Blue Butterfly Holy has gone through countless hardships and had countless fortuitous encounters before he finally promoted to a Holy Spirit Warlock. The Blue Butterfly Holy is a good friend of Yang Feng and the Tyrant Dragon Holy.


The Blue Butterfly Holy shone and disappeared. In the void, a ring of stars formed from blue light suddenly appeared.

The ring of countless stars surged and drew in a starry dragon scorpion beast.

The Tyrant Dragon Holy turned into a stream of light, appeared in the starry sky, surged with countless runes, instantly turned into a 100,000-meter-long three-headed tyrant dragon, and rushed towards a starry dragon scorpion beast.

Although the 100,000-meter-long three-headed tyrant dragon the Tyrant Dragon Holy changed into is much smaller than the starry dragon scorpion beast that is as large as a star, but he still forcible stifled it.

There are three other starry dragon scorpion beasts flying straight towards this area.

A river of time suddenly emerged in the void. Yang Feng, treading the river of time, turned into a black hole, knocked into a starry dragon scorpion beast, and swallowed it.

After swallowing a starry dragon scorpion beast, the black hole continued to fly to the other two starry dragon scorpion beasts.

The two starry dragon scorpion beasts are Holy Spirit Warlock rank direbeasts. Although their intelligence is on the lower spectrum, but they instinctively felt that things are bad. They spread their huge wings and flew away.

Huge spatial portals appeared in front of the two starry dragon scorpion beasts and sucked the two direbeasts inside.

Two spatial gates popped up in front of the black hole Yang Feng turned into and opened, and then the two star-like starry dragon scorpion beasts appeared in front of Yang Feng.

The black hole Yang Feng turned into swallowed the two starry dragon scorpion beasts.

The four starry dragon scorpion beasts struggled violently in Yang Fengs black hole. The starry dragon scorpion beast that was swallowed first struggled for a while, and then turned into ashes and disappeared.

The life origin force of the other three starry dragon scorpion beasts was extracted bit by bit by the black hole and poured into Yang Feng.

Yang Fengs eyes flashed with the color of elation: “If I devour 3,000 starry dragon scorpion beasts, I can advance to the Great Holy step.”

Every time he devours a Holy Spirit Warlock, Yang Fengs life origin gets a small boost. This progress is much faster than when he just practices cultivation.

Yang Feng smiled and said, “Tyrant Dragon Holy, Blue Butterfly Holy, do you need a hand?”

Every Holy Spirit Warlock has their own character and temper. Holy Spirit Warlocks are extremely proud. When they set their eyes on a prey, they fundamentally wont permit others to attack it. If Yang Feng makes a rash move, he may offend them.

Of course, only because victory is at hand, can Yang Feng ask leisurely. If it was a perilous situation instead, Yang Feng would directly attack and suppress those direbeasts.

The Tyrant Dragon Holy said decisively, “Go ahead! It will take me too much time to beat this guy.”

The black hole space jumped, appeared behind the starry dragon scorpion beast fighting with the Tyrant Dragon Holy, drew the direbeast inside, and frantically devoured its power.

When the Tyrant Dragon Holy saw that the starry dragon scorpion beast he had been struggling with for a long time was easily swallowed by Yang Feng, shock welled up inside him: “How dreadful! The Holy Spirit Warlock rank starry dragon scorpion beast cannot resist him. What a monster. Im afraid some Great Holies may not be his opponents.”

The Blue Butterfly Holy shouted, “Tyrant Dragon Holy, come and help me!”

The Tyrant Dragon Holy blurred, turned into a stream of light, and flew towards the starry dragon scorpion beast fighting with the Blue Butterfly Holy.

Since the starry dragon scorpion beast itself is tremendous wealth, the Blue Butterfly Holy didnt ask Yang Feng for help. If Yang Fengs black hole devours the starry dragon scorpion beast, the direbeast will become Yang Fengs nutrients. The Blue Butterfly Holy isnt willing to see that.

Yang Feng smiled calmly and looked at Michaelia and Shi Yu.

Michaelia operated the essences of light and darkness respectively, turned them into countless feather swords, and slashed the two starry dragon scorpion beasts.

The wounds of the two starry dragon scorpion beasts are covered in darkness and light respectively. Although starry direbeasts possess incredible regeneration, but their wounds cant get better, and instead keep getting worse.

Shi Yu turned into a beautiful, 100,000-meter-tall stone giant, operated the essences of petrification and power, and slammed her fists into the two starry dragon scorpion beasts. One direbeast had one-third of its body petrified, while the other one was injured, as well.

Yang Feng didnt step in. Instead, he stood quietly in the void and watched the fights of Shi Yu and Michaelia. This is a rare opportunity for them to fight Holy Spirit Warlocks and it can greatly upgrade their real combat experience.

After a dozen plus breaths of time, Yang Fengs black hole shrank and disappeared into his body. He already devoured the life origin force of the three starry dragon scorpion beasts.

Yang Fengs essence of devour devours the life origin of powerhouses. Only the purest life origin can nourish his soul and make him evolve towards the peak.

If Yang Feng hadnt devoured only the purest life origin, he would have already advanced to a Great Holy. Of course, if he uses this method to advance to a Great Holy, he will never be able to advance to a Warlock Emperor, let alone to an Eternal Sovereign.

Despite Yang Fengs rapid advancement, his foundationt isnt unstable. The most important reason behind this is that he devoured the purest life origin of a large number of powerhouses and his soul underwent a perfect transformation, making it so that he can support this speed of advancement.

At this time, in the depths of the starry sky, a star suddenly exploded. A 500,000-kilometer-long starry direbeast with nine dragon heads, lion claws, and a scorpion tail emerged, and tyrannical Great Holy step might swept this way like an avalanche.

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