Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 1122 – Total Suppression

Chapter 1121 – Wiping out Three Holies

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Yang Feng spread the fingers of his hand, and a black hole suddenly emerged, shot towards the Holy step gold-haired savage ape, and swallowed it in an instant.

The gold-haired savage apes eyes flashed fiercely, and it radiated brilliant gold light from all over its body and slammed the giant wolf tooth club at the black hole.

The black hole trembled constantly, whilst at the same time black breath shrouded the gold-haired savage ape and extracted its life origin.

After struggling for more than a dozen breaths of time, the gold-haired savage ape had all its life origin extracted, and it turned into ashes.

After Yang Feng suppressed the gold-haired savage ape, he felt slightly surprised and started to look forward to the Eternal Ancient Road even more: “The Holy step gold-haired savage ape was real. In other words, when the Eternal Ancient Road was opened, 3,000 Holy step direbeasts were used as gatekeepers.”

“Help, help me!”

A shrill cry for help echoed in the small world. Yang Feng looked in the direction of the cry for help and saw a stunning beauty with blond hair, blue eyes, and a sexy figure fleeing towards this side. There are three gold-haired savage apes following behind the stunning beauty.

Rhombus-shaped ribbons surround the stunning beauty and form one defensive boundary after another, resisting the three gold-haired savage apes.

The three gold-haired savage apes smashed a defensive boundary with each blow, forcing the stunning beauty to cough up blood and cast more defensive spells.

With a playful look on his face, Yang Feng gazed at the stunning beauty and spread the fingers of his hand, and a black hole suddenly emerged and shot towards the stunning beauty.

The countenance of the blond beauty, who only has a junior Holy Spirit Warlock rank cultivation base, changed, her breath rose several-fold, and she parted her rosy lips and spat out a gold leaf.

The gold leaf inscribed with countless abstruse runes radiated brilliant light, engulfed the blond beauty, plunged into the void, and concealed itself.

“Firmament Holy Yang Feng, youre really cruel. Arent you afraid of killing the wrong person?”

A faint voice emerged from all directions, making it impossible to track its source.

“Since you dared to enter here, then you should be prepared to die. Did you come to assassinate me, ants? Who sent you?”

The black hole, which failed to engulf the blond beauty, drew in a gold-haired savage ape, erupted with formidable devour force, and easily devoured the direbeast.

“As expected of the Firmament Holy. We are assassins from Annihilation, subordinated to the bona divine race. My name is Ahnei. The bona divine races lord Divine Eyes Eternal Sovereign appreciates you very much. If you join us, lord Divine Eternal Sovereign will help you become a Warlock Emperor and let you establish a sacred race in the Gumana Universe.”

With a smile on her face, the beautiful blond suddenly appeared hundreds of kilometers away from Yang Feng.

Holy Spirit Warlock rank breaths welled up one after another.

A three-meter-tall human powerhouse with a giant sword in hand; a 100-meter-long eight-headed snake; a 10,000-meter-tall cyclops; a 10,000-meter-tall stone giant; a 10,000-meter-long black dragon; a fire elemental shrouded in flames; a mirror engraved with countless mysterious runes seals and emitting a strange breath; a 100-meter-tall freak hidden inside a bone armor; an extraordinary life form sky dragon surrounded by storms; nine Holy Spirit Warlock rank powerhouses suddenly emerged in different directions, blocking Yang Fengs escape routes.

The nine Holy Spirit Warlocks together with Ahnei are exceptional experts from Annihilation. When the ten work together, they can contend against even a Great Holy step powerhouse.

Yang Feng glanced around and said with a cold smile, “Ten Holy Spirit Warlocks, Annihilation thinks really highly of me.”

Ahnei replied with a smile, “Sir Firmament Holy, you are an unequaled prodigy of this universe. We reached the conclusion that we are not your opponents in a one-on-one. As a result, we can only use numbers to prevail.”

“Can I think it over?”

Yang Feng pointed with his hand, and the black hole erupted with fearsome devour force and swallowed the other two gold-haired savage apes. Then, he asked with a smile.

Ahnei looked at Yang Feng and sighed: “It seems that you have no intention of siding with the bona divine race. In that case, we can only ask you to die.”

The black dragon opened his mouth and belched dragon fire barreling towards Yang Feng.

The fire elemental pointed with his hand, and countless mysterious runes appeared. Thereupon, the power of the black dragons dragon fire increased by 50%.

The sky dragon operated the essence of wind, and a gale fanned the dragon fire, increasing its power by another 70%.

The mirror pointed at Yang Feng, and all kinds of strange curses turned into dark light that shot towards Yang Feng.

The cyclops and the stone giant operated the essence of power and slammed their heavy weapons towards Yang Feng.

The freak hidden inside the skeleton armor silently recited an incantation and pointed at Yang Fend with the bone staff in its hand, and black threads appeared in the void. The black threads intertwined and sealed the void, making it so that Yang Feng cannot escape nor dodge.

The human sword sage locked on Yang Feng. Once Yang Feng makes any strange movements, he will unleash an earth-shaking sword strike.

Ahnei locked on Yang Feng with her soul force, ready to cast various spells and corner Yang Feng.

“Not long ago, I received a small pet! Ill let it play with you!”

Yang Feng smiled, and spatial ripples surged in front of him.

The nine-headed starry dragon scorpion emperor beast flew out of the space, nearly braking the small world with its terrifyingly large body.

Green light shone, spatial ripples rose, and the small world expanded by more than 100 times, barely accommodating the nine-headed starry dragon scorpion emperor beast.

The dragon fire, the countless strange curses, the attacks of the cyclops and the stone giant containing the essence of power, and the black threads slammed into the nine-headed starry dragon scorpion emperor beast.

Countless fragments flew about as the nine-headed starry dragon scorpion emperor beasts life force field was smashed and shocking holes were blasted open on its body by the Holy Spirit Warlocks from Annihilation.

The nine-headed starry dragon scorpion emperor beast released a heaven-shaking roar, and its scorpion tale containing the essence of power sundered the firmament, pierced through the cyclops and the stone giant, and blasted them apart.

A black hole popped up and swallowed the cyclops and stone giant.

As soon as the cyclops and the stone giant, who suffered serious damage to their body and soul due to the attack of the nine-headed starry dragon scorpion emperor beast, were swallowed by Yang Fengs black hole, their life origin was devoured, and they turned into ashes that dispersed with the wind.

Ahneis face turned pale, and she cried out, “A Great Holy step nine-headed starry dragon scorpion emperor beast, how did you summon such a beast?”

In order to assassinate Yang Feng, Annihilation paid a great price to obtain information and organize everything. They have already confirmed the positions of the Battle Demon Sects powerhouses. The appearance of the Great Holy step nine-headed starry dragon scorpion emperor beast completely exceeded their expectations.

Next, the nine-headed starry dragon scorpion emperor beast opened its nine mouths and fired nine dark venomous beams barreling towards the remaining eight Holy Spirit Warlocks from Annihilation.

Along with flashes of light, the eight Holy Spirit Warlocks cast secret methods and dodged.


Yang Feng willed and equipped the Xi Shen Armor and the Green Yang Halberd. He took a step forward, crossed the void, appeared on the mirror, and unleashed a halberd strike.

The Holy Spirit Warlock rank mirror, who is proficient with all kinds of curse spells, isnt much of a threat to Yang Fengs true body. But it is a most troublesome foe for his subordinates. In a moment of carelessness, Yang Fengs subordinates may die without warning. It is a most dreadful assassin.

All of a sudden, the mirror suddenly erupted with countless runes and shone, and a layered twisted space appeared in front of it. The mirror plunged into the strange space.

“To play with space in front of me, what a fool!”

Yang Fengs eyes shimmered with contempt, and the Green Yang Halberd surged with spatial ripples, thrust into the strange space, crossed the layers of space, and stabbed the mirror.

Ten blue suns suddenly appeared, smashed and purified all the curses on the mirror, crushed the mirrors origin, and blasted the mirror into countless pieces.

A black hole suddenly popped up, swept towards the mirror, and swallowed it.

Seeing Yang Feng smash the mirror, the remaining seven Holy Spirit Warlocks from Annihilation felt their blood run cold


Ahnei shouted decisively, then cast a spell, turned into a blue stream of light, and flew away.

The other six Holy Spirit Warlocks from Annihilation cast secret methods and escaped in different directions.

Yang Feng looked at the seven Holy Spirit Warlocks from Annihilation fleeing in confusion, and his eyes flickered with ridicule: “Severing their tale like a lizard, how decisive.”

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