Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 1123 – Demon Corpse Holy

Chapter 1122 – Total Suppression

Translator: Xaiomoge

Yang Fengs figure shook slightly, and he appeared behind the black dragon and slashed with the Green Yang Halberd at him.

Containing the essence of power, the black dragons huge tail clashed with the Green Yang Halberd.

Light of purification radiated from the Green Yang Halberd and formed a green blade that easily sliced the black dragons tail into two as if butter. The black dragon was split in two, and a large amount of blood spilled out.

“To dare use your body to fight against an Empyrean grade secret treasure, did you think youre a Warlock Emperor?

Yang Feng chuckled. All of a sudden, a black hole emerged, swallowed the black dragon in one go, and devoured his life origin.

Frightened even more, the speed of the other six Holy Spirit Warlocks from Annihilation increased by 30% as they escaped.

Boom! Boom!

All of a sudden, six collisions broke out and ripples rose in the void.

The six Holy Spirit Warlocks from Annihilation knocked into a space barrier and bounced back.

Outside the void, a swarm of Space Rulers suddenly emerged, resonated, and opened a space barrier with amazing defense.

“Since Ive discovered your plot, do you think that I wouldnt have made preparations? Surrender, submit to me, and serve me. This way, youll still have a way to survive. If you refuse, today will be the day you die!”

Space ripples flashed in front of Yang Feng, and a swarm of Space Rulers poured out, space jumped, and flew outside.

At the moment when the six Holy Spirit Warlocks from Annihilation were knocked back, the nine-headed starry dragon scorpion emperor beast suddenly rushed over and stabbed the eight-headed snake with its tail, which can smash stars.

The heads of the eight-headed snakes exploded one after another and an invisible law shrouded its body.

After three of its heads exploded, the eight-headed snake strangely appeared 10,000 kilometers away, its breath a little deflated. Yet there are no injuries on its body.

A torrent of time shrouded Yang Feng, and he took a step, crossed the space, appeared behind the powerhouse shrouded in a bone armor, and slashed at him with the Green Yang Halberd.

The bone armor suddenly burst out with bright black runes. As if it had come back to life, the bone armor diffused a fierce breath and slashed at the Green Yang Halberd with a bone sword in its hand.

Ten green suns suddenly appeared and, with the power to purify everything, easily sliced the bone sword in two. Endless green light of purification landed on the bone armor, and the bone armor emitted black smoke and turned into ashes.

At the moment when the bone armor turned into ashes, black smoke emerged from the bone armor and flew away.

Yang Feng looked at the black smoke with a peculiar glint in his eyes: “A ghost became Holy! How strange! For a ghost to advance to the Holy Spirit Warlock realm, how unusual.”

After an intelligent life form dies, the soul may combine with other extraordinary forces by chance and birth a ghost.

Ghosts have no physical body, so it is difficult for them to evolve and become powerful. Ghosts above the Bright World Warlock realm are very rare, while Holy Spirit Warlock rank ghosts even more so are extremely rare.

Generally speaking, only after a Warlock Emperor rank powerhouse dies and their soul spills into the universe and combines with various extraordinary forces, can a Holy step ghost be born.

This kind of Holy step ghost is very rare and is an excellent material for refining Holy grade soul stones.

Yang Feng pointed with his hand, and a spatial gate appeared in front of the smoke, opened, and sucked the Holy step ghost in.

A spatial gate opened in front of Yang Feng, and the Holy step ghost emerged. Yang Feng stabbed his finger into the Holy grade ghost, and countless runes broke out, turned into seal chains, and suppressed and sealed the Holy step ghost.

At this time, the mighty nine-headed starry dragon scorpion emperor beast entangled with the other five Holy Spirit Warlocks from Annihilation.

The nine-headed starry dragon scorpion emperor beast is extremely powerful. Under the kiting tactic of the five Holy Spirit Warlocks, although it was littered with wounds, but it stubbornly stalled the enemy, so that they could not destroy the space barrier formed by the Space Rulers.

All of a sudden, a swarm of Dazzling Light Units flew out from Yang Fengs body, formed one mechanical legion after another, and engaged the five Holy Spirit Warlocks, forcing them to flee in confusion.

“The nine-headed starry dragon scorpion emperor beast is worthy of being a Great holy step direbeast. Although it cannot compare to human Great Holies it terms of one-on-one fighting strength, but it is excellent in breaking through enemy lines and acting as a meat shield.”

With a flash of satisfaction in his eyes, while treading the torrent of time, Yang Feng strangely appeared behind the three-meter-tall human Holy Spirit Warlock holding a large sword, and spread the fingers of his hand, and a black hole suddenly burst out and shot towards the human sword sage.

“Sir Firmament Holy, I am willing to surrender. I am willing to be your servant! Please spare my life!”

The human sword sages expression changed greatly, and he threw away the Holy grade secret treasure, the Fangcrack Sword, prostrated himself on the ground, and begged.

“Interesting! Give up resistance! Otherwise, you can go to hell!”

Yang Feng smiled faintly and spread the fingers of his hand, and black rune chains flew out of the Xi Shen Armor, stabbed into the human sword sage, wound around his soul, and formed soul fetters.

“What is this secret method? It can even control Holy Spirit Warlocks?”

The human sword sages expression flickered. He realized that from today on, he can no longer escape Yang Fengs control.

Yang Feng said indifferently, “Go take care of them!”

“Yes! Lord!”

The human sword sage responded respectfully, and then brandished his sword and slashed at the sky dragon.

The sky dragon roared, both startled and angry, “Acheson, you dare betray Annihilation! Do you want to die?”

Achesons eyes flashed fiercely, and he unleashed a series of sword rays slashing towards the sky dragon: “Although Annihilation is strong, but if I dont surrender, Ill die. By surrendering, I can live a bit longer. So, I ask you to go and die. Ill use your life to express my loyalty to the lord!”

Ahneis beautiful eyes showed a pitiful and lovely shade, and she implored softly: “Sir Firmament Holy, regarding todays matter, Annihilation was in the wrong. Please let us go. We can swear a Styx oath. Once we leave here, as long as you are still alive, we will stay far away from you and never go against you!”

“If I kill all of you, my cultivation will progress further. How can I let you go? Besides, if I let trash like you leave alive, it would embolden those ants to violate the dignity of my Battle Demon Sect!”

Yang Feng smiled frigidly and appeared behind the fire elemental, and a black hole suddenly emerged and swallowed the other party.

As soon as the fire element was swallowed, endless flames burst out from it and spread in all directions.

The black hole erupted with formidable devour force and devoured the flames in an instant.

Having a massive amount of power extracted, the fire elemental could barely struggle inside the black hole, no longer able to resist.

The eight-headed snake begged bitterly, “I surrender, I wish to submit to you. Great Firmament Holy, spare my life!”

Every Holy Spirit Warlock has gone through countless hardships before finally advancing to the Holy Spirit Warlock realm. No matter the universe, Holy Spirit Warlocks are pinnacle figures.

As a pinnacle figure of the Gumana Universe, the eight-headed snake is someone who enjoys the fine things in life. It naturally isnt willing to die here.

Yang Feng spread the fingers of his hand, and countless black rune chains shot towards the eight-headed snake.

The figure of the eight-headed snake fluttered, and it avoided the black rune chains and said loudly, “Lord Firmament Holy, I submit to you. Please dont place a restriction on my soul. After all, I am a Holy step powerhouse and have my dignity.”

“Fine, Ill give you dignity!”

With a cold shimmer in his eyes, while treading a torrent of time, Yang Feng appeared behind the eight-headed snake and spread the fingers of a hand, and a black hole suddenly popped up and drew in the other party.

“Spare my…”

Bitter cries of the eight-headed snake sounded in the black hole.

Achesons figure shook slightly, rejoicing.

The sky dragon uttered, “I am willing to submit to you. Please set up a restriction.”

Black rune chains pierced through the void, stabbed into the sky dragon, wound around his body and soul, and suppressed him.

Yang Feng glanced at Ahnei and said flatly, “Ahnei, youre no going to surrender?”

Ahneis beautiful eyes shone brightly, and she smiled sweetly. All of a sudden, ten Holy grade secret treasure ribbons appeared and radiated bright light. She uttered, “Please come and fight me!”

“You have some backbone! As you wish, I will grant you death!”

Yang Feng exclaimed in admiration. He took a step, appeared in front of Ahnei, and brandished the Green Yang Halberd, and ten suns slashed through the sky, sliced the 10 Holy grade secret treasures to pieces in an instant, and then cleaved Ahnei in two.

A black hole suddenly emerged, drew in the peerless beauty Ahnei, and shone with dark light. After more than a dozen breaths of time, the black hole spat out ashes.

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