Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 1126 – Pushing Back Great Holies

Chapter 1125 – Slaying the Demon Corpse Great Holy

Translator: Xaiomoge

“He killed the devilman Holy Spirit Warlock! How vicious!”

“How on earth did the Demon Corpse Holy offend Yang Feng to be chased like this.”

“How fierce! This time Yang Feng has offended the devilman race!”


The spectating Holy Spirit Warlocks immediately inhaled a breath of cold air, no one daring to block in front of Yang Feng. Yang Fengs current stance is to kill anyone standing in front of him.

The Holy Spirit Warlocks who are full of malice towards Yang Feng halted one by one, hid in the void, and quietly watched the goings-on.

The eyes of the Demon Corpse Holy flickered coldly, and he howled wildly, “Save me! Whoever it is, if you save me, I will give you an Empyrean Root Corpse Bead! I will swear a Styx oath. If I break this oath, then my soul shall dissolved into the river Styx, never to reincarnate.”

“Empyrean Root Corpse Bead!”

“He surprisingly has such a treasure.”

“With his background, it is indeed possible to have such a treasure!”


When they heard that, formidable breaths suddenly rose and wills full of greed gathered in this area.

After a Warlock Emperor dies, their body is corroded by corpse qi, and all their life essence is condensed as a treasure, which is the Empyrean Root Corpse Bead. Although it is not an Empyrean step secret treasure, but it is a peerless treasure to people who tread the corpse path. It can be used to cultivate all kinds of strange and powerful existences, including Great Holy step freaks.

“Stop, Yang Feng! We are all beings from the same universe. We have a common enemy that is the Gumana Universe. No matter what mistake the Demon Corpse Holy made, he is one of the most valuable combat powers in our universe. Just spare his life!”

A terrifying sword containing white tiger qi sundered the firmament, fell down, and slashed towards Yang Feng.

“Sometimes its better to forgive someone than to persist on looking further into the mistake they made! Yang Feng, stop it!”

A Holy grade mirror suddenly flew out, and a multicolored light fell down and shot towards Yang Feng.

“This is not the Battle Demon Sect! You still havent stopped?”

A ferocious-looking one-eyed devilman exuding a tyrannical breath smiled fiercely, and his eye suddenly surged with countless runes and looked at Yang Feng.

A twisted dark beam shot out from the one-eyed devilmans eye and barreled towards Yang Feng.

“Yang Feng, to chase after our prince, do you want to become our mortal enemy?”

A demon corpse race Holy Spirit Warlocks eyes surged with mysterious light. With corpse qi diffusing from him, he took out a corpse qi bow and fired at Yang Feng.

An arrow shrouded in nefarious breath tore the firmament, locked on Yang Feng, and shot directly towards him.

“Those barring my way, die!”

Yang Fengs eyes flickered fiercely and surged with killing intent, and then ripples emerged from his body.

The nine-headed starry dragon scorpion emperor beast appeared and blocked the attacks of the four Holy Spirit Warlocks with its body that is as big as a star.

In an instant, the sword ray slashed out hundreds of wounds, the multicolored light blasted open a wound 20 kilometers in diameter, the dark beam fired by the one-eyed devilman eroded a wound extending for 100 kilometers, and the demon corpse race powerhouses attack decayed 100 kilometers of the body.

“Great Holy step direbeast!”

“This is a Great Holy step nine-headed starry dragon scorpion emperor beast! This direbeast was actually subdued by Yang Feng.”

“How could Yang Feng subdue this peerless direbeast?”


When the people present saw the nine-headed starry dragon scorpion emperor beast, they felt their blood run cold. Except for freaks such as the Green Dragon Prince and Yang Feng, even Great Holy step powerhouses may not be able to subdued such a direbeast.

After receiving serious injuries, the nine-headed starry dragon scorpion emperor beasts eyes flashed fiercely, and it fired nine dark poisonous beams barreling towards the four Holy Spirit Warlocks.

The four Holy Spirit Warlocks cast secret methods and dodged.

The Holy step sky dragon suddenly appeared, its eyes shimmered with abstruse runes, and it operated the essence of wind.

Countless wind chains containing the essence of wind gathered from all directions and wound around the four Holy Spirit Warlocks, making their movement really challenging.

Thanks to the interference of the wind chains, the lower body of the one-eyed devilman was hit by a dark poisonous beam fired by the nine-headed starry dragon scorpion emperor beast.

In an instant, the lower body of the one-eyed devilman began to fester and a terrible poison spread towards his upper body.

“Help me! Help me!”

The one-eyed devilman man howled bitterly, a ferocious look on his face. Countless runes appeared in his body and resisted the nine-headed starry dragon scorpion emperor beats poison.

Even though the one-eyed devilman resisted with all his might, but the terrible poison continued to spread, eroding his flesh and soul.

The poisonous beam fired by the nine-headed starry dragon scorpion emperor beast, who is a Great Holy step direbeast, is extremely powerful. It can even poison a Great Holy step powerhouse. Naturally, a mere one-eyed devilman Holy Spirit Warlock cannot contend against it.

Acheson unleashed a sword strike, and a brilliant sword ray flashed, tore the firmament, and sliced the one-eyed devilman in two. Then he grabbed the one-eyed devilman and sealed him in a coffin.

“When did Yang Feng subdue those two Holy Spirit Warlocks?”

“Firmament Holy Yang Feng isnt a peerless prodigy of the human race for no reason. How dreadful!”


The spectating Holy Spirit Warlocks inhaled a breath of cold air due to what they saw.

All of a sudden, spatial gates opened, and countless battle robots flew out, formed a mechanical torrent, and rushed towards the white tiger race, the peacock race, and the demon corpse race powerhouses.

“Hes going for total extermination!”

“How cruel!”

“Isnt Firmament Holy afraid of angering the three powerful races?”


Everyone present inhaled a breath of cold air.

The Holy step powerhouses full of malice towards Yang Feng, wishing to see him die here fell silent one after another, not sticking out.

With a flash of a green halberd ray, the lower body of the Demon Corpse Holy was cut in two. A black hole suddenly emerged and swallowed the him lower body.

The Demon Corpse Holy roared: “Help me! Help me!”

“Stop! Yang Feng!”

A cold voice transmitted from the firmament, and a large hand covered in long black fur, containing endless corpse qi, and exuding Great Holy step fluctuations of power suppressed the void, blotted out the firmament, and shot towards Yang Feng.

“Black Corpse Great Holy! He came as well!”

“The demon corpse race really values the Demon Corpse Holy, to the point that they sent a Great Holy step powerhouse to serve as a guard.”

“Now that hes here, it seems that Yang Feng wont be able to kill the Demon Corpse Holy!”


The surrounding Holy Spirit Warlocks stared at the giant hand covered with long black fur with a dignified shade in their eyes. Any Great Holy step powerhouse is a heaven-defying existence with matchless fighting strength, which is far above that of ordinary Holy Spirit Warlocks.

When the Black Corpse Great Holy appeared, no one was optimistic about Yang Fengs chances anymore.

The Demon Corpse Holy laughed ferociously and said: “Ha-ha, Yang Feng, you cant kill me! You cant kill me! Ha-ha-ha! You cant kill me today! Ten years from now, you will be the one to die!”

“You trash, you want to block my way? Screw off!”

A cold gleam streaked across his eyes, and Yang Feng shouted angrily and brandished the Green Yang Halberd, and a green halberd ray extended for thousands of kilometers and slashed towards the giant hand covered in black fur.

Green sunlight flickered as the green halberd ray severed the giant hand covered with long black fur, and a large amount of black blood spilled and scattered into the void.

Countless strands of green light extended towards the firmament along the giant hand and swallowed the Black Corpse Great Holy.

The Demon Corpse Holy was flabbergasted when he saw this. Unable to believe his eyes, he exclaimed, “How is this possible!”

“Go to hell!”

Yang Feng stepped into a torrent of time, and the flow of times around him accelerated one hundred-fold. The wings behind him flapped. He appeared in front of the Demon Corpse Holy in a blink, surged with killing intent, and slashed at him with the Green Yang Halberd.

“Corpse Demonic Claw, save me!”

The Demon Corpse Holy issued an earth-shaking scream.

The Corpse Demonic Claw radiated countless mysterious runes and, under the Demon Corpse Holys horrified gaze, flew out of his right hand, tore the firmament, flew into chaotic space, and disappeared.

“Even the Corpse Demonic Claw abandoned you. You really a good-for-nothing. Die!”

Yang Feng jeered. He stabbed the Demon Corpse Holy with the Green Yang Halberd, and then ten suns detonated, blowing the other party apart.

A black hole suddenly emerged, swallowed the Demon Corpse Holy, erupted with fearsome devour force, and directly devoured him, turning him into ashes.

“Dead! He actually killed the Demon Corpse Holy!”

“Even the Black Corpse Great Holy couldnt save him. How savage!”

“Firmament Holy Yang Feng is really fierce!”

“He severed the Black Corpse Great Holys right hand, what a monster.”


When the spectating Holy Spirit Warlocks saw this, the shade of astonishment flickered in their eyes. The Holy Spirit Warlocks who are full of malice towards Yang Feng felt a chill go down their spine.

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