Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 1128 – Arrival

Chapter 1127 – Promotion to the Advanced Holy Spirit Warlock Realm

Translator: Xaiomoge

Yang Feng turned into a ray and flew into the area where Michaelia is located. After seeing that she successfully collected a Key of Eternity, he tore the world barrier and went to the area where Shi Yu is located.

Shi Yu, the Tyrant Dragon Holy, and the Blue Butterfly Holy werent met with assassination attempts. They successfully obtained Keys of Eternity.

Yang Feng walked out of the Blue Butterfly Holys area, tore the world barrier, and came to another small world.

“Firmament Holy!”

In this small world, when a Holy step powerhouse with six eyes and runes inscribed on his body saw Yang Feng, his countenance changed greatly, and he blurred into motion and flew into the distance.

After Yang Feng killed the Demon Corpse Holy in front of the Black Corpse Great Holy, all races became extremely wary of him. They communicated this information to the powerhouses inside the green light areas via various secret methods.

The six-eyed Holy step powerhouse doesnt dare to wander in front of a fierce character like Yang Feng.

Once you step foot on the Eternal Ancient Road, everyone is a potential enemy. Even if it is an ordinary Holy Spirit Warlock, if they get a chance, they may be able to be promoted to the Warlock Emperor realm in the future.

Many peerless prodigies treading the Eternal Ancient Road are happy to eradicate the competition, to hunt other Holy Spirit Warlocks. After all, every Holy Spirit Warlock is a huge treasure-trove. As long as you kill a Holy Spirit Warlock, youll be able to gain great wealth.

Yang Feng took a step, crossed thousands of kilometers, came to the center of this small world, stabbed his hand into the void, and forcibly dug out a Key of Eternity.

As soon as the Key of Eternity emerged, it turned into a green stream of light that disappeared into Yang Fengs Key of Eternity.

After Yang Feng got the Key of Eternity, he took another step and disappeared from this place. He went to another area.

In the green light areas, other powerhouses retreated far away as soon as they saw Yang Feng appear, not daring to come close to him.

Yang Feng unscrupulously took away one Key of Eternity after another from the green light areas and integrated them into his Key of Eternity.

After Yang Feng stepped into a certain green light area, he narrowed his eyes and looked westward.

In the west, a fierce breath rose from the distance, and a frightening killing intent locked on Yang Feng. Yang Feng saw the White Tiger Prince with the Empyrean grade secret treasure the White Tiger Sword, which exudes immortal Empyrean might, suspended above his head in the distance.

Yang Fengs eyes flashed with killing intent, and he asked in a cold voice, “White Tiger Prince, do you want to fight me here?”

The White Tiger Prince responded coldly, “Yang Feng, you wont give me an explanation for killing a Holy from the white tiger race?”

“Why dont I send you to reunite with him?”

Yang Feng beckoned with his hand, and the Green Yang Halberd entered his hand. Fearsome Empyrean might emanated from the Green Yang Halberd and spread in all directions. An overbearing breath diffused from Yang Feng.

“Very well, youll pay for what happened today!”

The eyes of the White Tiger Prince flickered with a cold glint, and the White Tiger Sword above his head tore the space and slashed open the world barrier. He blurred into motion, plunged into the slashed open world barrier, and disappeared.

Yang Feng extended his hand and grabbed this small worlds Key of Eternity.

In an instant, this small world began to collapse. Green light ejected from the worlds abyss, shrouded Yang Feng, and forcibly pulled him into a void.

A terrifying spatial storm capable of tearing Holy Spirit Warlocks to shreds shrouded Yang Feng in an attempt to tear him to pieces.

A Key of Eternity suddenly flew out and emitted brilliant light that surrounded Yang Feng and guarded him.

The areas shrouded in green light collapsed one after another, and countless green radiances swept Holy Spirit Warlocks into a black hole and disappeared.

The black hole collapsed and disappeared.

The whole starry sky became empty, with nothing left.

“Everyone went in. I wonder how many people can come back alive this time?”

“The Eternal Ancient Road is the road of the strong. Only true powerhouses can come back alive. However, this road is too cruel. More than 90% of people will die on it. Besides, since the universe great tribulation is imminent, who knows what those eternal remnant races will do.”

“Im afraid the Eternal Ancient Road will be 100 times more dangerous than in the past.”


At the periphery of the entrance to the Eternal Ancient Road, Holy Spirit Warlocks gazed at the place where the black hole disappeared with a complex color in their eyes.

The Eternal Ancient Road is really dangerous, so many Holy Spirit Warlocks stopped in front of it, not daring to step in. They can only watch the fearless true powerhouses enter.

With a flash of green light, Yang Feng appeared in a palace.

“This is 135 Springs of Immortality, which is equivalent to the number of Keys of Immortality I obtained. What a huge reward.”

Yang Feng looked around, and his eyes lit up and flashed with surprise. Not far in front of him, there are Springs of Immortality emitting sacred fluctuations of power.

Yang Feng carefully looked and saw a teleportation array not far away. This teleportation array was clearly set up for people to leave here.

Around the palace, there is a powerful boundary emitting eternal imperishable fluctuations of power set up. Even Great Holy step powerhouses cannot tear this boundary apart.

Next to the 135 Springs of Immortality, there is a milky white pool, whose water is an energy liquid that is a mixture of life magic energy and elemental particles.

“This really is a cultivation holy land. I can attack the advanced Holy Spirit Warlock realm here.”

Yang Fengs eyes flashed with a scorching shade, his figure fluttered, and he pounced into the pool.

Countless runes rose on Yang Fengs body, and he turned into black hole and devoured all forces crazily.

Springs of Immortality suddenly emerged, and immortal spring water containing immortal nature poured into Yang Fengs body, enabling his immortal body to transform and evolve.

Originally, if Yang Feng wanted to promote to the advanced Holy Spirit Warlock realm, he needed to practice cultivation for several thousand years at least. However, after devouring the life origin of a large number of Holy Spirit Warlocks, he accumulated enough to be able to evolve and transform and use a large number of Springs of Immortality to advance in realm.

Countless precious resources poured into Yang Fengs body like a tide. His Space Time Devour Body is constantly devouring various forces and undergoing transformation and evolution.

Every inch of Yang Fengs soul, bones, and flesh is evolving.

As if it has a life of its own, the Xi Shen Armor suddenly flew out, suspended above Yang Feng, erupted with countless runes, and devoured Springs of Immortality, all the while pumping pure power into Yang Feng, strengthening his body.

The Xi Shen Armor is a treasure Yang Feng forged using blasteel races man-machine integration secret methods and the Shidna civilizations technology. The Xi Shen Armor is Yang Fengs life-bound secret treasure that can evolve with its master.

Every time Yang Feng evolves, he needs to transform and evolve together with the Xi Shen Armor, so he needs far more resources than ordinary peerless geniuses.

Time elapsed and a year has gone by in a flash.

In the already dried up pool, Yang Feng opened his eyes, and advance Holy Spirit Warlock rank fluctuations of power diffused from him.

Yang Feng sensed the endless power in his body, and the corners of his mouth rose slightly, revealing a smile: “Finally promoted to an advanced Holy Spirit Warlock! The Eternal Ancient Road is indeed a place full of opportunities.”

The 135 Springs of Immortality have already been devoured. In addition, he also consumed 3 of his own Springs of Immortality.

Without the help of the 135 Springs of Immortality, Yang Feng wouldnt be able to have a perfect promotion to the advanced Holy Spirit Warlock realm.

“Now I can take a look at my spoils from before.”

He began to browse the spoils he obtained at the entrance of the Eternal Ancient Road.

Yang Feng looked at the wealth of the assassins from Annihilation, frowned, and said, “A bunch of paupers.”

The wealth of the 10 Holy Spirit Warlock rank assassins from Annihilation is only comprised of seven Springs of Immortality, several thousand Imperishable grade source crystals, and seven Holy grade secret treasures. These assassinss greatest contribution to Yang Feng was their life origin, which laid Yang Fengs foundation, allowing him to take a step and promote to the advanced Holy Spirit Warlock realm.

“As expected of a peerless genius of the demon corpse race, the Demon Corpse Holy was really rich.”

When Yang Feng glanced at the Demon Corpse Holys storage treasure, his eyes lit up, and he showed a smile.

The Demon Corpse Holy alone had 23 Springs of Immortality and 6 Holy step secret treasures. Additionally, he still had countless treasures of heaven and earth needed to cultivate the corpse path.

Among the Demon Corpse Holys treasures, Yang Feng was the most interested not in the Springs of Immortality, but an Empyrean Root Corpse Bead.

Yang Feng looked at the Empyrean Root Corpse Bead with a burning color in his eyes: “This Empyrean Root Corpse Bead contains infinite power of the corpse path. If I find a Great Holy step corpse, I will be able to use it to refine a Great Holy step peerless powerhouse. If I can get a Warlock Emperor rank corpse as well as countless materials, I will be able to refine a quasi-Empyrean step corpse path powerhouse.”

No matter which era, a quasi-Empyrean step powerhouse is a rare, terrifying existence. In their time, the eight Warlock Emperors of the human race had at most one or two powerhouses of this level serving them. If Yang Feng could refine a quasi-Empyrean step corpse path powerhouse at the moment, he would be able to suppress the universe.

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