Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 1129 – Total Suppression

Chapter 1128 – Arrival

Translator: Xaiomoge

“I, Zhou Ruoyu, pray piously for the upper realm god to descend to this realm and protect the human line. Our race is willing to offer everything we have and worship the mighty god.”

In a palace, a devastatingly beautiful priestess in a silver-white Warlock robe, with shoulder length hair and snow white skin, looking like she radiates the light of a treasure, prostrated herself on an altar and kowtowed repeatedly. Blood gushed out from her beautiful forehead and disappeared into the altar.

In the center of the altar, there is a statue full of an ancient and mysterious air, is covered in bronze rust, yet has no face, standing indifferent and motionless, without any extraordinary power.

“Older sister, stop, dont implore. Our race has worshiped a statue for more tens of thousands of years. This legendary statue that can communicate with the upper realm god and protect our human line hasnt responded once. We begged him for tens of thousands of years, yet he never responded. Why should we worship the unresponsive, worn-out him?”

A 13 or 14-year-old adorable girl with long black hair and traces of childishness on her face stared at the statue and said with hatred.

Zhou Ruoyu raised her head, wiped the blood off her forehead, and sighed: “Ruoling, dont be rude to god.”

Zhou Ruoling glared at the statue angrily, a defiant look on her face.

“Although I know that it may be useless, but he is our last hope. Look!”

Zhou Ruoyu smiled bitterly, silently recited an incantation, and pointed with her hand, and green light formed a light screen projection.

In the projection, there is a 10,000-meter-long spirit mountain with a magnificent human city atop.

At the foot of spirit mountain, countless human Warlocks are fighting with three-meter-tall monsters that look no different from humans, yet have a green horn on the head.

Every three-meter-tall monster with a green horn possess Moonlight Warlock rank fighting strength or above. The human powerhouses are being slowly pushed back.

If it were not for the palace at the peak of the spirit mountain, which radiates bright light that weakens the monsters with a green horn, they would have reached the top of the mountain already.

In addition to the monsters that look no different from humans and have a green horn on the head, there are four powerhouses quietly standing in the distance, surrounding the spirit mountain.

Zhou Ruolings beautiful eyes glimmered with despair: “Have the pale ogres also joined the siege?”

Zhou Ruoyu sighed: “Thats right. According to the intensity of the war, the Heavenly Yuan Mountains magic crystals will run out in less than half a year. If there are no variables, six months later, our Heavenly Yuan Mountain will be broken through by the five powerful races.”

Zhou Ruoling suddenly shivered at the thought of what she saw in ancient books about the miserable end of humans whose cities were broken through.

Zhou Ruoyu uttered with a bitter smile, “The upper realm god is our last hope.”

Zhou Ruoling fell silent, feeling a deep despair.

Zhou Ruoyu suddenly frowned slightly, looked to the side, and shouted coldly, “Who is it?”

“Ruoyu, its me!”

A handsome young man in a silver Warlock robe stepped into the palace, a gentle smile on his face.

Zhou Ruoyu raised her slim eyebrows and said slowly, “Wang Xinchen, what are you doing here?”

The young man who came in is called Wang Xinchen and is the son of Wang Bashan, one of the great elders of the Heavenly Yuan Mountain.

Wang Xinchen looked at the devastatingly beautiful Zhou Ruoyu with a scorching shade in his eyes, took a few steps forward, and said: “Ruoyu, I like you. Please be my woman. I will be good to you.”

Zhou Ruoyus beautiful eyes flashed with a complex color, and she sighed: “Wang Xinchen, I told you that I will devote myself to the upper realm god. I cant accept your feelings.”

“Sure enough!”

Wang Xinchens eyes flashed with disappointment, and he waved his hand. Emanating immortal Holy might, a pitch-black bone staff flew out of his hand, turned into a shooting star, and stabbed at a rune node in the palace.

The rune nod shone and formed a magic shield.

When the bone staff stabbed the magic shield, it ran through it, and then broke the rune node.

In an instant, the spirit light released from the top of Heavenly Yuan Mountain weakened and disappeared.

“Whats going on!”

“What happened?”


The human Warlocks fighting at the foot of the Heavenly Yuan Mountain shouted in panic.

The five powerful races immediately launched a tide-like attack against the humans on the Heavenly Yuan Mountain.

Zhou Ruoyu, as the one in charge of the center of the magic array, was badly hurt by a huge backlash caused by the collapse of the magic array. She belched blood and bled from her eyes. She stared at Wang Xinchen and asked, “Why? Wang Xinchen, why did you do this?”

“Its simple, because I promised him that as long as he opens the boundary of the Heavenly Yuan Mountain for me, I will make him the Human Monarch and let him manage all humans. Furthermore, after I get tired of playing with you sisters, I will give you to him.”

With a chuckle, a pale ogre race powerhouse with a green horn on the head and a wicked temperament walked in with his hands behind his back.

“The last sacred maidens of the human race, Zhou Ruoyu and Zhou Ruoling. The best toys and the most valuable loot of the Heavenly Yuan Mountain. Pale Ogre Monarch, you cant keep everything to yourself. Let us have fun as well. Ive wanted to play with them for more than a decade.”

Along with a ferocious voice, a five-meter-tall dreadweave powerhouse with a ferocious face and countless patterns inscribed all over his body walked in.

A handsome demon powerhouse, a stone giant, and a fel creep race powerhouse covered in rattans walked in.

Ferocious and derisive gazes fell on Zhou Ruoyu and Zhou Ruoling, filled with avarice and brutality.

The Pale Ogre Monarch smiled and said, “No problem, Dreadweave Monarch. They are just toys. At most, they are high grade toys. We can enjoy them together.”

With a cold look in her eyes, Zhou Ruoling took out two daggers and tried to commit suicide.

“Wan to die? Its not that simple. In front of me, if I want you to live, you can only live, if I want you to die, you can only die.”

The demon powerhouse took a look at Zhou Ruoling, and countless mysterious runes appeared in his eyes, making them look like they could absorb a persons soul.

When Zhou Ruoling was looked at by the demon powerhouse, her body suddenly became stiff, and she could no longer move.

“This little one belongs to me.”

The 50-meter-tall Stone Giant Monarch glanced at Zhou Ruoling with ridicule in his eyes and changed into a three-meter-tall giant.

Zhou Ruoling looked at the three-meter-tall giant with despair in her beautiful eyes.

“Dont kill her.”

The Pale Ogre Monarch smiled and strode towards Zhou Ruoyu.

Zhou Ruoyu prayed silently: “Mighty god, please save me, please save our human race! I am willing to serve you for the rest of my life and offer everything to you.”

The Pale Ogre Monarch smiled coldly and said, “Its useless! Zhou Ruoyu, your god is already dead. You have no hope. You humans are destined to be our slaves. The men will serves as coolies, while the women will become our toys. This is your destiny! You cant go against it!”

The Stone Giant Monarch grabbed Zhou Ruoling. With a glimmer of panic and despair in her beautiful eyes, Zhou Ruoling wailed, “Mighty god, please same me, please save our human race! I am willing to serve you for the rest of my life and offer everything to you.”

The Stone Giant Monarch uttered with a ferocious smile, “How amusing! Cry, call as much as you want! Its more interesting that way.”

At this moment, the faceless god statue burst out with countless bright runes and distorted, and then Yang Fengs face emerged.


Accompanied by a deafening blare, the faceless gold statue burst, and countless fragments splashed around.

Yang Feng appeared in the center of the altar. With his eyes closed, he silently felt the changes in the laws of heaven and earth.

All eyes focused on Yang Feng.

There was a flash of ecstasy in Zhou Ruoyus beautiful eyes: “The upper realm god!”

“What upper real god! Its just a human like me. Die!”

Wang Xinchens eyes flashed fiercely, and the violent and cruel emotions accumulated in his heart burst out in an instant. He unleashed a pinnacle Infinity Warlock rank breath and stabbed at Yang Feng with the sword in his hand.

“Ant, to dare to offend me, die!”

Yang Feng opened his eyes, his eyes turned cold, countless mysterious runes appeared in his eyes, and a radiance ejected from his eyes and blasted into Wang Xinchen.

Due to the terrifying radiance, Wang Xinchens body collapsed, turned into ashes, and disappeared.

“So strong!”

Seeing this scene, the complexion of the Pale Ogre Monarchs group of five changed greatly and their eyes filled with astonishment.

The Pale Ogre Monarch and them could easily kill Wang Xinchen. But to only use the light from ones eyes to kill an Infinity Warlock, that goes completely beyond their understanding.

Dark light flashed slightly, and the demon powerhouse jumped out from the shadow behind Yang Feng and stabbed at him with a dagger.

Rattans ejected from the void and stabbed towards Yang Fengs heart.

The Pale Ogre Monarch shone, took out a green spear emitting immortal Holy might, and the suddenly erupted and stabbed at Yang Feng.

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