Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 113 – Blue Lion Fang

Chapter 112 – Complete Victory

Translator: Xaiomoge

1,000 to 10,000 cavemen were blown up practically every moment under the crazy sweeping of the several dozens of heavy machine guns, blood and limbs splashing everywhere.

There appeared to be an invisible wall continuously striking at the immeasurably huge cavemen legion, the heavy machine guns were blasting it into tatters one inch at a time.

Ares watched the countless cavemen being blasted into tatters with astonishment: “So strong! So formidable! The alchemical weapons of our Sir Lord are so formidable.”

The human warriors above the city wall also watched this scene with astonishment.

Although the human warriors of Baza City went trough strict military training, but it was the first time that they saw the terror of a Warlock in such a large scale conflict.

The complexions of the dark elven warriors from the under worlds allied forces watching this scene from the headquarters were extremely unsightly.

The cavemen belonged to the cannon fodder branch of the army and several tens of them could be casually killed by adult dark elves. But several hundred thousand cavemen, even dark elf Wizards would have to shrink back; otherwise, there was a possibility that they would be killed by the cavemen instead.

Now several tens of 10,000 of the several hundred thousand cavemen had already died before even managing to get near Baza Citys city wall. Under such circumstances, the cavemen would be exterminated if they didnt managed to get near Baza City.

Biscas complexion was also extremely unsightly. She felt extremely anxious as she watched Baza City from afar. She was in a dilemma and her beautiful eyes flashed with despondency.

The dark elves allied forces of the under world commanded by Bisca was merely a division of the entire army. The strongest experts in this division only had battle prowess comparable to human level-2 Warlocks. If the present allied forces acted together, they had the ability to contend against a human level-3 Warlock.

But seeing those never seen before modern weapons, Bisca had an ominous premonition and had a slight desire to retreat.

Bisca hesitated for a moment, but then thought of the punishment resulting from failure before shuddering within and shouting in a stern voice: “Deploy the giant magical catapults.”

Giant wagons up to thirty meters long pulled by nine demonic wildebeests were quickly stood out from the rear of the allied forces. Sensual and beautiful dark elves begun to quickly assemble the many components engraved with mysterious and profound runes taken from within those giant wagons.

Giant magical catapults up to thirty meters long with thirty six sockets for magic stones and engraved with countless magical runes were quickly assembled.

The giant magical catapults could hurl frightening giant stones with diameters exceeding twenty meters and had a range of up to five kilometers. They were one of the strongest projectile weapons under the dark elves allied forces. Even level-3 Warlocks would have their defensive force fields shattered and their bodies smashed into mincemeat if hit by the giant stones of the giant magical catapults.

The giant magical catapults were extremely precious and this branch of the black elves allied forces had only ten of them.

“Open fire!”

The corners of Yang Fengs mouth rose slightly just as the dark elves had managed to assemble half of the giant magical catapults and his eyes flashed with a touch of frigid radiance before ordering.

Twenty units of the previously still self-propelled artillery in a split second adjusted their coordinates via their smart microchips before quickly opening fire.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

Accompanied by earth-shaking rumbles, the ten just assembled giant magical catapults were directly swallowed by the shell fire from the self-propelled artillery, blasting them into tatters.

The dark elves allied forces abruptly fell into shambles after seeing the giant magical catapults being blasted apart before crazily fleeing towards the rear. Now that Yang Fengs artillery destroyed those giant magical catapults placed behind them, Yang Fengs artillery could equally attack the allied forces themselves.

“Retreat! Retreat!” Bisca was so angry when she saw this scene that she spat a mouthful of blood before roaring with a gloomy expression.

The huge dark elves allied forces immediately collapsed and retreated towards the rear while abandoning the countless supply carts.

“Long live the Lord Rex!!”

“Long live the Lord Rex!!”


The human warriors that saw this scene from above Baza Citys city wall erupted in mad cheers. At this time they might have already been captured by the dark elves were it not for Yang Fengs appearance, a fate worse than death. They were brimming with worship towards Yang Feng after seeing the dark elves being utterly defeated.

Yang Feng watched the defeated dark elves allied forces retreating and his eyes glimmered several times yet he didnt gave the order to pursue them, but rather let the level-4 primary battle robots continue killing those cavemen.

The corners of Yang Fengs mouth rose slightly as he watched the retreat of the allied forces, revealing a trace of a smile: “The time is not ripe yet! The dark elves cannot yet be defeated.”

With his current forces, Yang Feng could dispatch large amounts of his primary battle robots and easily wipe out this branch of the dark elves allied forces. But as a result, he would attract the attention of the entire dark elves allied forces and the enemy he would face next time would be stronger by an unknown amount of times.

Johan didnt want to completely consume his forces in successive battles against the dark elves allied forces; therefore, he choose to quickly pull all his forces from Satsuma Marquisdom. Similarly, Yang Feng also didnt want to consume his forces in battles against the dark elves allied forces.

“Whats your name?” Yang Feng arrived before Ares who had the best performance in the battle and asked in a heavy voice.

Ares knelt on one knee before looking up to Yang Feng and saying: “Sir Lord, my name is Ares!”

Even though Ares was a Knight rank expert, yet he wasnt a Warlock nor an aristocrat; therefore, it was natural that he would kneel on one knee as a means of showing his allegiance towards his Lord.

Yang Feng smiled slightly and said: “Im very fond of your loyalty and bravery. Are you willing to be my retainer?”

Ares eyes flashed with a touch of delight as he said: “Mighty Sir Lord, it would be my greatest honor to be Your retainer.”

Yang Feng pressed the Dimensional Crest on his chest and a bronze box immediately flew out of it before falling in front of Ares.

Yang Feng said: “Cut your wrist and spill your blood over this box.”

Ares didnt hesitate before directly brandishing his sword and cutting open his wrist. A large amount of blood spurted out of his veins and spattered onto the bronze box.

The bronze box at once bloomed with blue radiance before opening and revealing a bronze lion engraved with countless profound and mysterious runes.

The bronze lion quickly disassembled into pieces of armor before quickly flying towards Ares and assembling into a set of bronze armor around his body. The front and rear of the bronze armor had nine sockets each embedded with an mid grade magic stones.

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