Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 1131 – Suppressing the Fel Creep Race.

Chapter 1130 – Suppressing Five Holies in a Row

Translator: Xaiomoge

“Retreat, retreat!”

The complexion of the top figures of the powerhouses of the five powerful races changed dramatically, and they howled madly.

Accompanied by glimmers of light, the soldiers of the five powerful races, taking advantage of the time when Yang Fengs black hole swallowed their races secret treasures, turned into streams of light and fled in different directions.

“Since you came here, youll have to die!”

Yang Feng smiled coldly and operated the essence of space, and spatial ripples surged. All of a sudden, a swarm of xizu battle robots appeared, turned into a mechanical torrent, and shot towards the soldiers of the five powerful races.

Space Rulers space jumped, appeared on the edge of the battlefield, and activated space boundaries, sealing the space.

“This is a seal boundary! He wants to kill us all!”

“He wants to kill us all, this human god is really vicious!”

“Everyone, lets turn back and fight him!”


When the powerhouses of the five powerful races knocked into the seal boundary, they bounced back, and their eyes flashed with despair. They released tyrannical breaths, turned around, and flew towards Yang Fengs mechanical legion.

Blade Rulers turned into blade rays and shuttled within the ranks of the five powerful races. Where the blade rays passed, all powerhouses were cut in half, and large mists of blood rose. The blood was absorbed by mysterious runes that appeared on the Blade Rulers.

Lightning Rulers manipulated lightning, and bolts of lightning, with the exception of earthen powerhouses, struck powerhouses of the various races. In the wake of the bolts of lightning, powerhouses were blasted into ashes one after another.

Seal Rulers unleashed seal light on fel creep race powerhouses, sealing the them.

Fel creep race powerhouses have evolved from a kind of extraordinary plant, which is the main ingredient for brewing a kind of elixir that can upgrade the soul force of Warlocks. After excessive hunting carried out by human Warlocks, they have become extremely rare in the world of Warlocks. Yang Feng wont let go of such excellent ingredients.

A frightening battlestar appeared in the void, and a rain of light blasted into the five races with incredible accuracy.

In one volley, the battlestar turned tens of thousands of powerhouses from the five powerful races into ashes. The rain of light continued to drop down in an endless succession and pulverize the powerhouses of the five powerful races.

“Yes, kill them!”

“Kill all of those damn bastards!”

“The blood feud of 30 million human compatriots has finally been settled!”


On the Heavenly Yuan Mountain, the human powerhouses shed tears of excitement and cheered.

“So this is the upper realm god of our human race! Hes incredibly powerful!”

Bruised and battered, a tall and heroic young man dressed in a green battle armor looked up at Yang Feng in the sky, and his eyes shimmered with a complex shade.

The young man is called Qiu Qiu and is the grand marshal of the Heavenly Yuan Mountains human army. It was his painstaking efforts that preserved the humans of the Heavenly Yuan Mountain until now, winning him a great reputation. However, as soon as Yang Feng appeared, he easily suppressed the five powerful races and even wiped out their armies, which won him the adoration of the Heavenly Yuan Mountains humans. This makes Qiu Qiu feel both happy and frustrated.


In the sky, a deafening voice suddenly transmitted, and a giant claw tore the void and extended towards the sealed space.

“In front of me, to dare cross the space to carry out an attack! What a fool!”

With a glimmer of derision in his eyes, Yang Feng pointed with his hand, and the essence of devour erupted. A black hole shrouded the giant hand.

According with the law of karma, terrifying devour force traced back to the source and madly absorbed the power of the master of the giant claw.

In a void, there are five Holy Spirit Warlocks sitting. In the middle of them, there stands a transparent crystal with a burly human powerhouse sealed inside.

“Damn it!”

The countenance of a demon Holy Spirit Warlock suddenly changed greatly, and he severed his right hand his left hand. At this moment, his breath has already weakened by 30% and became listless.

The burly human powerhouse sealed in the crystal said with a smile of schadenfreude: “Ha-ha, Jadam, why did you sever your lousy hand?”

Jadam took a deep look at the human powerhouse, and then spoke to the other four powerhouses, an ashen look on his face: “Another human Holy Spirit Warlock appeared. He is massacring our coalition forces.”

The pale ogre race Holy Spirit Warlock frowned slightly and asked, “Human Holy Spirit Warlock? Havent we sealed or killed all human Holy Spirit Warlocks already? How could another one appear all of a sudden?”

An earthen Holy step powerhouses eyes shimmered coldly, and he uttered frigidly: “It should be a powerhouse from that world!”

The fel creep race Holy step powerhouses eyes flickered with intense killing intent, and he uttered coldly: “We must report this. The guys from that world are extremely powerful, with some being as powerful as empyrean race powerhouses. We must besiege and kill him. We cant give him a chance to take a breather.”

The dreadweave race Holy step powerhouse said, “We can pretend to reconcile with him, and then unleash the Seven Star Holy Bewildering and bewilder him. Pale Ogre Holy, have your daughter, Cang Yuewu, seduce him. As long as he is a man, he wont be able to resist your daughters charm.”

The face of the human powerhouse sealed in the crystal twitched slightly when he heard that name.

The daughter of the Pale Ogre Holy, Cang Yuewu, is the No. 1 beauty of this world and she possesses devastating charm. The human powerhouse sealed in the crystal was charmed by her, and then poisoned and sealed.

If it wasnt for his amazing strength and a Holy grade defensive secret treasure, the human powerhouse would not be sealed, but dead right now.

The Pale Ogre Holy hesitated for a moment, and then uttered with an unwavering shade in his eyes, “Okay!”

“Youre scheming behind my back, yet you havent asked about my opinion?”

Along with a burst of laughter, a green halberd ray tore the firmament and slashed the dreadweave Holy in two.

A black hole suddenly emerged and swallowed the dreadweave Holy Spirit Warlock.

The void twisted, and Yang Feng equipped with the Xi Shen Armor and the Green Yang Halberd walked out and gazed at the four Holy step powerhouses with a look of derision on his face.

The Pale Ogre Holys face turned pale, and he asked, “How did you find this place?”

Yang Feng glanced at Jadam and said with a faint smile, “You should thank him for that. If it wasnt for him, I wouldnt be able to find this place.”

If Jadam hadnt attacked, this void shrouded by a powerful boundary would be difficult to find even for someone as strong as Yang Feng. But since he attacked and was hit by Yang Fengs law of karma, even this void shrouded in a powerful boundary could not escape Yang Fengs perception.

“Hes alone! If the four of us attack him together, we are sure to suppress him here!”

With a ferocious glimmer in his eyes, the earthen powerhouse broke out with countless mysterious runes, turned into a 10,000-meter-long stone wolf, and sent a claw emitting fearsome Holy might barreling towards Yang Feng.

Eyes shot with blood, Jadam bellowed, a projection of a mountain of corpses and a sea of blood appeared behind him, and he smashed at Yang Feng with a giant club forged from an Empyrean grade bone.

The fel creep race powerhouse turned into a 100,000-meter-long creep, erupted with countless runes, and sent thick rattans containing the essence of crushing stabbing at Yang Feng.

With a fierce shimmer in his eyes, the Pale Ogre Holy radiated immortal Holy might, broke out with ash-gray runes from all over his body, turned into a 10,000-meter-tall green giant ogre, and sent a hand shooting towards Yang Feng.

“Just this much? Youre really weak!”

Yang Feng smiled contemptuously and spread the fingers of his hand, and a black hole suddenly appeared and swept towards the four Holy Spirit Warlocks.

After Yang Feng promoted to the advanced Holy Spirit Warlock realm, his combat strength soared again. When the black hole containing the essence of devour swept over, it drew the four junior Holy Spirit Warlocks inside.

Shrouded by terrifying devour force, power and life origin of the four Holies were continuously extracted.

“Holy grade Ghost Moon Creep, this is an extremely rare treasure that can be used to refine a top-tier elixir that can enable you to attack a bottleneck in the Holy Spirit Warlock realm.

Yang Feng willed, and the black hole spat out the fel creep race Holy. He touched the forehead of the fel creep race Holy with a finger, and countless runes poured into its forehead and sealed it, and then he sealed it in a box.

The other three Holies only lasted 60 breaths of time inside Yang Fengs black hole before their life origin was completely extracted and they turned into dust.

“So strong!”

The human powerhouse sealed in the crystal was shocked when he saw this scene.

Although the Holies of the five powerful races were just junior Holy Spirit Warlocks, but when they work together, they can fight against even an advanced Holy Spirit Warlock. For the five powerhouses to be that easily suppressed by Yang Feng, this is beyond shocking.

Yang Feng swept the human powerhouse with his gaze and asked flatly, “Who are you?”

The human powerhouse sealed in the crystal replied slowly, “My name is Helei, a guardian of the human race in this world. May I ask who you are?”

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