Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 1134 – Zhou Ruoling

Chapter 1133 – Shocking the Tai Yuan Starfield

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Yang Feng smiled frigidly and said in a cold voice, “Let me set up a restriction and become my servant. Let the pale ogre race become my servant race. And I will give you a way to survive. Otherwise, Ill exterminate you all today. That will be in line with yourwont let this matter rest until one of us dies oath.”

“To want our pale ogre race to become your servant race, stop daydreaming!”

“Lets fight him!”

“If we gather the strength of our race, we can definitely defeat him.”


Angry shouts came from the cyan star.

Cang Guifei sighed slowly and asked, “Is there no room for discussion?”

Yang Feng pointed at Cang Guifei with the Green Yang Halberd, his eyes surged with killing intent, and he said coldly: “There isnt! Stop delaying. If you wont submit, then go to hell.”

For every Holy Spirit Warlock he devours, Yang Feng can obtain a large amount of pure life origin. No matter how Cang Guifei chooses, Yang Feng wont suffer a loss.”

Cang Guifeis countenance changed a few times. Looking at the Green Yang Halberd full of apprehension, he gritted his teeth and said, “I, Cang Guifei, can be your servant. The pale ogre race can be your servant race. However, it is limited to serving you alone. And it is for a period of 3,000 years! If you agree, then the pale ogre race will do its best to serve you.”

The Giant Stone Holy gathered the power of a race, yet he was still cleaved in two. The entire earthen race was suppressed. Cang Guifei doesnt want to die, doesnt want his race to be wiped out.

Yang Feng replied faintly, “Alright! I agree. And I also promise that as long as you make enough achievements, you will be able to free yourselves from servitude ahead of time and become free.”

Yang Feng is experienced and knowledgeable and knows that if the channel for the pale ogre race to rise is closed and it becomes a slave race forever, that will not only result in endless hatred, but will also reduce the vigor of the pale ogre race. For him, if he wants to reach the peak as soon as possible, he needs countless help, with every extra fraction being welcome.

Cang Guifei smiled bitterly and willed, and the power of a race shrouding him dispersed. He dropped to the junior Holy Spirit Warlock realm from the junior Great Holy step: “Thank you, lord! Please set a restriction on me.”

Yang Feng spread the fingers of a hand, and countless seal runes emerged from the Xi Shen Armor and stabbed towards Cang Guifei.

Cang Guifei quietly watched the countless seal runes stab into his body and wrap around his soul. From now on, his fate is Yang Fengs hands.

When Cang Guifei saw the Xi Shen Armor, he felt a cold chill run down his spine and rejoiced: “A second Empyrean grade secret treasure. So this is a peerless prodigy from the main world. No wonder the human race has oppressed the world eight times, forcing those peerless empyrean races to bow their heads. These peerless prodigies from the main world are really incredible.”

“Cang Guifei, for you to willingly become anothers servant and to sell our race to that man to become servants, you are a sinner of our race! From today on, you will no longer be the guardian of our race.”

From the cyan star, a furious voice transmitted as a pale ogre race Infinity Warlock pointed at Cang Guifei and berated him.

Hundreds of pale ogre race elite talents gathered around the pale ogre race Infinity Warlocks and rebuked Cang Guifei one after another.

“It seems that I used to indulge you too much! Lord, we showed you something embarrassing!”

Cang Guifei glanced at the pale ogre race talents with a ruthlessness glint in his eyes and spread the fingers of his hand, and a giant hand extended towards the pale ogre race elites, gabbed them, and squeezed, and they burst apart.

Seeing this scene, the pale ogre race powerhouses lost their courage and stayed silent. They once again realized the terror of Holy Spirit Warlocks.

In front of a Holy Spirit Warlock, except for quasi-Holy step powerhouses who formed an immortal body, everyone else below the Holy Spirit Warlock realm is an ant and can be easily killed.

Cang Guifei respectfully saluted Yang Feng and said, “Lord, Ill go back to tidy up the pale ogre race. I wont let you down.”


Yang Feng answered casually, and then tore the void and disappeared.

Looking at the place where Yang Feng disappeared, Cang Guifei sighed faintly: “It seems that a new human storm will be set off in the Eternal Ancient Road. I just hope the lord can go further and further and finally reach the top.”

Since the pale ogre race chose to rely on Yang Feng, their reputation and fate are linked with him. If Yang Feng is defeated in the future, then the pale ogre race will be subjected to the wrath of various races of the Eternal Ancient Road. Only when Yang Feng ascends to the top and comes invincible can the pale ogre race obtain endless glory and honor.

“From today on, the Ansara Star is the domain of I, the Firmament Holy! Those who enter without my permission shall die!”

In the starfield outside the Ansara Stars atmosphere, Yang Feng with his hands behind his back emerged from the void, looked into the distance, and proclaimed coldly.

With the Ansara Star as the center, a frightening will spread in all directions.

“The Ansara Star has been occupied!”

“Firmament Holy, who is that?”

“The Ansara Star, isnt that the territory of earthen race, the demon race, the fel creep race, the dreadweave race, and the pale ogre race? Did someone unify the Ansara Star?”

“Firmament Hole, whos that?”


Powerful Holy step wills of the Tai Yuan Starfield suddenly detected Yang Fengs will, causing a sensation in the entire Tai Yuan Starfield.

The center of the Tai Yuan Starfield, the Tai Yuan Star.

On the edge of a vast and picturesque lake, there quietly stands an extremely dashing man with long silver hair and an extraordinary temperament that can bewitch men and women alike.

The handsome man with silver hair smiled faintly and said, “Firmament Holy, such great confidence. However, to suppress the Ansara Star within a single day, what a ferocious character. As expected of a peerless genius from the main world. Lingyin, find out the about the origin of that Firmament Holy.”

“Yes! Young master!”

Standing quietly behind the handsome man with silver hair, a beautiful woman in black answered respectfully and disappeared into the void.

Tai Yuan Star.

In a sea of clouds, there are palaces and a blue lake suspended in the clouds.

In the middle of the blue lake, a devastatingly beautiful dragon woman with lily-white skin, picturesque eyebrows, and a pair of silver dragon horns on the head is reclining on a jade bed.

There are strands of blue fog rising from the blue lake, turning into blue flood dragons, flying to the stunning silver-horned dragon woman, and silently pouring into her body.

When the stunning dragon woman opened her eyes, as if an archaic true dragon awakened, an overbearing breath diffused from her, and she said slowly: “Ansara Star fell! This is the time when the Eternal Ancient Road opens. This time, is it the prophesied great tribulation? After this, the restrictions set by the Eternal Sovereigns will be broken by the will of the universe. We will be facing great enemies from another universe. I wonder if that person at the Ansara Star will be friend or foe. Long Ji, find out about the origin of this Firmament Holy!”

“Yes! Your Majesty!”!!!!!!

A dragon figure flew through the void and disappeared into the distance.

The fall of the Ansara Star shocked the entire Tai Yuan Starfield. One after another, tremendous forces sent spies to probe into Yang Fengs origin.

The Ansara Star, above a desert.

“Here it is!”

Yang Feng glanced at the vast desert, raised the corners of his mouth, and pointed with his hand, and spatial ripples rose.

Looking like a mechanical fortress that will never fall, a level-6 stronghold flew out of Yang Fengs body and landed in the desert.

Countless square machines flew out of the level-6 stronghold, landed on the ground, and became munitions factories.

Countless engineering robots gushed out of the level-6 stronghold, flew to all corners of the Ansara Star, and started to collect all kinds of minerals and resources.

The munitions factories rumbled incessantly as battle robots damaged during battle entered one after another to be repaired and strengthened.

Yang Feng entered Eternal Ancient Road with a total of 360 million 6th generation battle robots. Once the 360 million battle robots are completely destroyed, with or without the strongholds replenishment, his fighting strength will be reduced by more than half.

When Yang Feng came to the Ansara Star, he found an excuse to destroy, subdue, or expel the five powerful races. One of the biggest reasons why he did that was to transform the celestial body into his base from which he can attack and defend. If necessary, he can even give up the level-6 stronghold.

Of course, level-6 strongholds are extremely difficult to manufacture. At present, Yang Feng has only five level-6 strongholds, two of which are in the main world, while the other three are in the small world inside him. He took out one of them to use it here.

After setting up the level-6 stronghold, Yang Feng took a step and entered a spatial gate.

Heavenly Yuan Mountain, inside the temple.

A spatial door opened, and Yang Feng emerged.

“I, Zhou Ruoyu (Zhou Ruoling), greet the upper realm god!”

The Zhou sisters prostrated themselves in front of Yang Feng and uttered respectfully.

Yang Feng swept the Zhou sisters with his gaze, his eyes lit up slightly, and he showed a smile: “Not bad, two wonderful beauties.”

Zhou Ruoyu is devastatingly beautiful. Even in Yang Fengs harem, she can be regarded as excellent. Although Zhou Ruoling is a bit young, but she is still really lovely and beautiful. She is a peerless beauty in the making. Yang Feng is really satisfied with the two beauties.

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