Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 1135 – Invitation

Chapter 1134 – Zhou Ruoling

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“This is superior level-8 soul aptitude! In addition to Shi Xue, there are still other people with such an incredible soul aptitude. Is she also an reincarnation?”

Yang Feng glanced at the Zhou sisters, and his eyes shimmered with shock.

Zhou Ruoyu is a Warlock genius with a superior level-7 soul aptitude. With her innate level-7 soul aptitude, she would be regarded as a genius among geniuses on the Cangzhi Plane. She at the level of holy sons and holy daughters of formidable Warlock groups.

Zhou Ruoling, who is 13 or 14 years old, is a freak level genius with an innate superior level-8 soul aptitude.

As the sect master of the Battle Demon Sect, Yang Feng controls more than 1,000 celestial bodies with life. But until now, he only met two geniuses who possess a superior level-8 soul aptitude, namely Shi Xue and Zhou Ruoling.

Regina and Wu Meiying only possess an intermediate level-8 soul aptitude. Among Yang Fengs subordinates, these two have the greatest potential to advance to the Holy Spirit Warlock realm.

Theoretically, Warlocks with a level-5 soul aptitude have hope to advance to the Holy Spirit Warlock realm. In fact, very few Warlocks with a level-5 soul aptitude have advanced to the Holy Spirit Warlock realm. Thats because once a Warlock advances to the Infinity Warlock realm, they can find many treasures that can push their soul aptitude to level-6 or higher.

Yang Fengs eyes constricted and surged with countless runes, and he looked at Zhou Ruoling. Shrouded by the law of karma, he traced back to Zhou Ruolings essence.

With Yang Fengs current strength, even if it is the reincarnation of a Warlock Emperor, as long as they arent masked by a powerful karma secret treasure, they wont be able to escape his tracking.

Yang Feng stared at Zhou Ruoling with a burning color in his eyes: “She is a monstrous genius born naturally in this world, how lucky. If she it nurtured well, I may be able to get a Great Holy step powerhouse in the future, or a Holy Spirit Warlock rank powerhouse at the least.”

Zhou Ruoling keenly detected Yang Fengs burning gaze. Feeling uneasy, she trembled slightly.

Yang Feng said, “I heard you vow to serve me for the rest of your lives?”

Zhou Ruoyus cheeks blushed, making her seem more beautiful and enchanting: “Yes! Mighty upper realm god.”

After hesitating for a while, Zhou Ruoyu gritted her teeth and requested, “Sir, my younger sister is still small. Please wait for her to grow up before you have her serve you.”

Zhou Ruolings small face flushed slightly, and she lowered her head, feeling shy.

Yang Feng uttered, “Alright! My original name is Yang Feng and my title is Firmament Holy. Im from the main worlds Battle Demon Sect. You can call me Firmament Holy.”

Zhou Ruoyu said respectfully, “Yes! Lord Firmament Holy! The Heavenly Yuan Mountains great elders are waiting for you. Please go to the Heavenly Yuan Shrine.”

Yang Feng nodded and walked out of the palace at a slow pace.

“Greetings, upper realm god!”

As soon as Yang Feng walked out of the palace, he saw countless human powerhouses prostrate themselves on the ground it salute. Everyones eyes are full of worship and awe.

When he appeared, Yang Feng suppressed the allied army of the five powerful races that forced the human race into dire straits. This kind of display is beyond incredible.”

The protector of the human race, Helei, was sealed by five other race Holy Spirit Warlocks. Since then, over the past 10,000 years, the human race has been bullied and humiliated, its cities have fallen one by one, and countless of its people have become food and playthings of the other races. Now a god finally descended and suppressed the other races. Naturally, the human powerhouses are full of worship and awe towards Yang Feng.

Faced the fanatical worship of these human powerhouses, Yang Feng calmly strolled along a promenade and headed towards the Heavenly Yuan Shrine.

In the Feisuo Plane, Yang Feng has a strong divine force rank avatar, who is worshiped by countless believers. He has seen such a scene countless times and is completely unaffected.

Following behind Yang Feng, the Zhou sisters sensed the worship and awe of the human powerhouses, and their hearts filled with excitement.

“Greetings, upper realm god!”

As soon as Yang Feng stepped into the Heavenly Yuan Shrine, all the human powerhouses inside prostrated themselves on the floor and spoke respectfully.

Yang Feng went straight to a divine throne in the center of the shrine and pressed his hand against it.

The divine throne is a Holy grade secret treasure and it has the immortal Holy force of Helei, the protector of the human race in this world, imprinted. In an instant, countless runes appeared, and a strand of immortal Holy force diffused and shrouded the divine throne.

“How can the divine throne resist the upper realm god?”

“Whats going on?”

“Is this upper realm god a fake?”


The countenance of the human powerhouses in the hall changed greatly, and doubt filled their minds.

Only true upper realm gods can sit in the Heavenly Yuan Shrines divine throne. If a fake insists on sitting in it, only death will await them.

An old mans eyes suddenly lit up and flashed with expectation.

“Even your master is not my opponent, let alone you, a secret treasure with no one presiding over it.”

With a faint smile, Yang Feng pierced through the magic boundary, slammed into the divine throne, and instantly crushed Heleis brand. He took control of the divine throne and sat in it.

As soon as Yang Feng sat down, the divine throne radiated powerful light.

A brilliant pillar of light rose from the Heavenly Yuan Shrine. In a magnificent display, sacred light radiated from the Heavenly Yuan Shrine.

Bathed in the sacred light, the wounds of many powerhouses on the Heavenly Yuan Mountain began to heal quickly and all kinds of hidden ailments dissipated one by one.

“The upper realm god returned!”

“The upped realm god is actually back!”

“The upper realm god hasnt abandoned us!”


On the entire Heavenly Yuan Mountain, countless human powerhouses shed tears, filed with excitement. Many people even knelt on the ground and cried.

In the Heavenly Yuan Shrine, everyone felt a chill inside. Since Yang Feng easily sat on the divine throne and suppressed the five powerful races in one fell swoop, even if he isnt a true upper realm god, he has now become a real upper real god.

“My name is Firmament Holy. I annihilated the earthen race, the fell creep race, and the demon race, and subdued the pale ogre race. While the dreadweave race fled the Ansara Star. From today on, the Ansara Star is my sacred territory.”

A majestic voice came from the Heavenly Yuan Shrine and spread in all directions.

“Lord Firmament Holy annihilated three powerful races? In other words, the Firmament Holy wiped out the gods from the three powerful races?”

“Of the five powerful races, three were annihilated, one was subdued, and one ran away. How did he do that in less than a day?”

“So strong! The Firmament Holy is unbelievably strong!”


In the Heavenly Yuan Shrine, all the top figures of the human race were shocked, and their eyes shimmered with incredulity.

The five powerful races had countless experts. Furthermore, they still had Holy Spirit Warlocks keeping watch. If it werent for the the fact that there were many conflicts between the five powerful races, the human race would have been wiped out thousands of years ago.

“Long live the Firmament Holy!”

“Long live the Firmament Holy, forever and ever!”


Cheers broke out from all over the Heavenly Yuan Mountain as countless human powerhouses were filled with excitement. In the past 10,000 years, they have fought the five powerful races countless times, forging a nearly impossible to dissolve blood feud.

When they learned that Yang Feng annihilated three of the five powerful races, the human powerhouses naturally became excited. At this time, Yang Fengs reputation reached the top, far above that of other gods.

Yang Feng said faintly, “Wang Bashan!”

“Your humble servant is listening!”

An old man with a junior Warlock Monarch rank cultivation base walked out of the crowd and uttered respectfully.

Yang Feng said coldly, “Wang Bashan shall be stripped of the title of great elder and immediately execute. Wang Bashans clan will be demoted to slaves. Liu Ju, carry out my orders.”

Seeing this scene, the eyes of the Zhou sisters revealed a carefree shade.

If Wang Xinchen, Wang Bashans son, hadnt destroyed the boundary of Heavenly Yuan Mountain, then the Heavenly Yuan Mountain wouldnt have collapsed so quickly.

“Yes! Lord Firmament Holy!”

Liu Ju, one of the great elders of the Heavenly Yuan Mountain, stepped out, glanced at Wang Bashan with hatred in his eyes, took out the secret treasure the Broken Yuan Nail, and stabbed at Wang Bashans head with it.

Wang Bashan just wanted to struggle, but then he saw Yang Feng sitting on the divine throne, sighed, and let the Broken Yuan Nail pierce into his head, blasting his soul core away.

Wang Bashan has tremendous power in the Heavenly Yuan Mountain. At least 30% of the people in the Heavenly Yuan Shrine are his followers. But these followers remained silent, shivering and waiting for Yang Feng to deal with them.

At this time, Yang Fengs reputation has reached the top within the human race, to the point that any of his orders will be executed. Besides, he also possesses extraordinary strength. Ne has no weaknesses at all. Wang Bashans followers basically cant resist.

Yang Feng decisively carried out a series of punishments, knocking down the traitors of the human race from their high positions one after another and handing them over to the Ministry of Justice to deal with. At the same time, he rewarded the soldiers who made achievements. By meting out rewards and punishments based on merit, he soon won the hearts of the people and stabilized the situation.

Yang Feng uttered indifferently, “Zhou Ruoyu and Zhou Ruoling shall be appointed as holy daughters of the human race. In my absence, they shall represent my will. You must obey their orders, understood?”

In the Heavenly Yuan Shrine, all top figures of the human race looked profoundly at the Zhou sisters and said respectfully, “Yes! Lord Firmament Holy!”

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