Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 1136 – Massacre

Chapter 1135 – Invitation

Translator: Xaiomoge

The starfield outside the Ansara Star, a completely invisible existence is silently flying towards the Ansara Star.

“Ant, to dare ignore my lords order, die!”

A scary sky dragon head suddenly tore the firmament, appeared in this void, opened its mouth, and bit down.

The invisible existence revealed its figure, erupted with magic boundaries, and shouted, “Im…”

When the mouth closed, it engulfed the supreme Infinity Warlock rank existence and chewed.

“Holy step sky dragon!”

“The Firmament Holy sent a sky dragon to watch his doorstep, how extravagant.”

“With the sky dragon standing guard, who can sneak it?”


When the spies from major forces saw the Holy Spirit Warlock rank sky dragon, they inhaled a breath of cold air. They hid in the void and retreated, not daring to get close to the Ansara Star.

Unless a Holy Spirit Warlock personally sets out to sneak into the Ansara Star as a spy, no one will be able to infiltrate the Ansara Star.

Since these spies cant get close to the Ansara Star, they can only return to their respective forces.

Tai Yuan Star.

“Young master, there is a Holy step sky dragon guarding the Ansara Star. Lingyin cant get close to it and cant complete the task young master assigned. Please punish me.”

Ripples rose, and a sexy and beautiful woman in black suddenly appeared beside a lake and knelt at the feet of the silver-haired man.

“Thats a peerless prodigy from the main world for you. How troublesome. Lingyin, a Holy step sky dragon is beyond the limit of your capability, its not your fault. Take this invitation and invite the Firmament Holy to the Jue Yun Mountain.”

The silver-haired man smiled calmly and flicked his finger, and a golden invitation flew towards the Lingyin.

“Yes! Young master!”

After receiving the golden invitation, Lingyins figure fluttered, and she disappeared.

The starfield outside the Ansara Star.

A dark stream of light came from the distance, stopped outside the Ansara Star, and revealed its figure — its Lingyin.

Lingyin said to the void, “I am a messenger of the Silver Brilliant Manor. I have come to seek an audience with sir Firmament Holy. Holy dragon, please convey my words.”

In the void, in the clouds, two giant dragon eyes coldly glanced at Lingyin, making her feel cold all over, and then vanished into the void.

“The Silver Brilliant Manor is a force created by one of the three empyrean races of the Tai Yuan Star, the silver brilliant snake race. It is one of the three rulers of the Tai Yuan Starfield. Interesting, let her in!”

Sitting in the divine throne in the Heavenly Yuan Shrine, with his arms around Zhuo Ruoyu, Yang Feng looked at the void and suddenly smiled.

In the void, the clouds dispersed, and the sky dragon who is more than 100,000 meters long suddenly appeared, diffused fearsome Holy might, and said coldly, “My lord asks you to come in.”

“Thank you, sir!”

Lingyin respectfully saluted the sky dragon, and then turned into a stream of light and flew towards the Ansara Star.

“Sure enough, of the five powerful races, only the pale ogre race remains. The whole Ansara Star is under the control of the Firmament Holy. But what are those?”

Lingyin is a Warlock Monarch rank powerhouse. As soon as she entered the Ansara Star, she used a secret method to look at the Ansara Star. At a glance, she saw all kinds of engineering robots transform the Ansara Star, turning it into a cultivation holy land.

A mist suddenly rose and covered Lingyins sight, making it so that she can no longer see anything.

Lingyin felt her blood run cold, not daring to cast another spying spell. She flew straight to the Heavenly Yuan Shrine.

“The Silver Brilliant Manors messenger, Lingyin, greets sir Firmament Holy.”

As soon as Lingyin entered the Heavenly Yuan Shrine, she glanced at Yang Feng and Zhou Ruoyu in the divine throne, and then bowed and uttered respectfully.

The Silver Brilliant Manor is one of the Tai Yuan Stars three major forces and can be regarded as a ruler of the Tai Yuan Starfield. Originally, regarding some ordinary Holy Spirit Warlocks, Lingyin wouldnt have humbled herself. However, Yang Feng defeated the five powerful races of the Ansara Star as soon as he arrived. Lingyin doesnt dare to be presumptuous in front of such a figure.

When Lingyin looked at her, Zhou Ruoyus cheeks flushed at once, feeling bashful. She is the priestess of the upper realm god and has always upheld a sacred and pure image, yet now here she is nestled in a mans arms in public, making the thin-skinned her extremely embarrassed.

Yang Feng said flatly, “Whats the matter, speak!”

While holding the golden invitation in both hands, Lingyin walked to in front of Yang Feng and handed it to him: “Our young master, sir Silver Brilliant Young Master, invites you to the Jue Yun Mountain for a meeting. This is the invitation. Please accept it, sir.”

Yang Feng uttered, “I see! Go back!”

Lingyin said decisively, “Yes!”

Yang Feng glanced at the golden invitation and smiled: “A meeting at the Jue Yun Mountain? At the Jue Yun Mountain, the power division of the Tai Yuan Starfield is discussed. Interesting, let me see what heroes are there in the Tai Yuan Starfield.”

A few days later, inside a warship heading for the Tai Yuan Star.

Yang Feng is sitting in a chair and tasting kinds of specialty delicacies of the Tai Yuan Starfield. Beside him is Zhou Ruoyu, the extremely beautiful high priestess of the human race with a pure and sacred temperament.

Acheson is silently standing beside Yang Feng, skillfully handling all kinds of foods just like a loyal old servant.

When he saw Yang Feng easily suppress the five powerful races of the Ansara Star and bring the celestial body under his control, Acheson was filled with worship towards Yang Feng. He set aside the pride of a Holy Spirit Warlock and started to sincerely regard himself as a servant.

“Hello, beautiful lady, can I sit here?”

A sweet voice came from the side, and a woman with long, wavy azure hair, a curvaceous figure, an extremely beautiful appearance, and a heroic temperament came over and stared at Zhou Ruoyu with a scorching shade in her eyes.

Yang Feng swept the great beauty with his gaze and smiled.

Zhou Ruoyu glanced at Yang Feng and found that he has no objections, and then said with a gentle smile, “Please, go ahead!”

Seeing Zhou Ruoyus gentle smile, the eyes of the azure-haired beauty brightened, and she revealed an amorous expression for a split second. After covering it up, she smiled and spoke to Yang Feng with a smile of provocation, “My name is Ruslana, the first successor of the the Tai Yuan Stars Amman Duke Manor.”

With a scorching glimmer in her beautiful eyes, Ruslana stared at Zhou Ruoyu and said with a smile, “Whats your name?”

Zhou Ruoyu hesitated, looked at Yang Feng, and then said, “My name is Zhou Ruoyu. This is my master, Yang Feng.”

Ruslana frowned slightly, and her eyes fell on Yang Feng and shimmered unkindly: “Your master?”

A chill streaked across her beautiful eyes, and Ruslana stared at Yang Feng and said coldly, “Mr. Yang Feng, please return this lady her freedom. Of course, I will give you 10,000 top magic crystals to make up for your loss.”

Zhou Ruoyu hurriedly explained, “No, you misunderstand, Ruslana. I am perfectly fine with it.”

Ruslana was taken aback, and her beautiful eyes shimmered with unwillingness and jealousy, “What, youre perfectly fine with it?”


Ruslanas face suddenly fell, and she radiated magic light and erupted with Infinity Warlock rank fluctuations of power.

“Its no use! Ruslana, now that we found you, you wont be able to escape.”

An eerie voice came from one side, and a tall and burly man with a dragon tail and a ferocious appearance and a strange midget the size of a child, with three eyes on his face, walked over.

Emanating from the two freaks, Warlock Monarch rank fluctuations of power swept in all directions.

Priscilla spoke with a helpless, wry smile, “Im sorry, I implicated you in my problem.”

Yang Feng smiled faintly and said, “Dont apologize. You helped me kill time. In exchange, let me help you get rid of these minor inconveniences.”

Ruslana sighed faintly, “Minor inconveniences? Do you know who they are? They are the lackeys of the central starfields Divine Imperator. They specialize in hunting beautiful women of all races for the Divine Imperator to enjoy. I thought I escaped from them last time. Unexpectedly, these bastards chased me until here.”

Yang Feng asked curiously, “Divine Imperator, whos that?”

Helei has been sealed on the Ansara Start for more than 10,000 years. As such, much of his knowledge is outdated. The Divine Imperator didnt appear in his memories at all.

The tall and sturdy dragon-tailed freak smiled coldly and said, “To not have heard the name of sir Divine Imperator, what a bumpkin. Listen well, the Divine Imperator is the most powerful peerless genius of the central starfield. He is a mighty being destined to reign supreme in the world and reach eternity in the future. When you ants hear sir Divine Imperators name, you should kneel. You should offer everything you have to the Divine Imperator, only then will you have ope to survive the universe great tribulation.”

When the midget freak saw Zhou Ruoyu, his eyes lit up, and he smiled excitedly: “This human woman is pretty good! She has excellent appearance and extraordinary temperament. Besides, shes an Infinity Warlock and can bear the grace of sir Divine Imperator. If we offer her to sir Divine Imperator, well definitely get his favor. If Sir Divine Imperator is happy, we may have a chance to promote to the Holy Spirit Warlock realm in the future!”

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