Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 1138 – Slicing the Gold Bones Sacred Son

Chapter 1137 – Kill Them All

Translator: Xaiomoge

“To dare murder our friend, what gall! You deserve to die!”

Allendes eyes flashed ferociously, and he roared, ejected a two-meter-long sword from his right hand, and unleashed 10,000 sword strikes in an instant. 10,000 sword rays combined into one and shot towards Acheson.

A magnificent sword ray suddenly rose, and then disappeared.

Chains covered Allende, nailing him to the void. One after another, sword rays slashed his body and severed chunks of flesh. The person himself emitted miserable screams and howled in pain.

Acheson said calmly: “Since the master wants your punishment to be a death by a thousand cuts, you wont die until ten days and ten nights are up. Your soul and flesh will struggle. You will suffer excruciating pain, weaken, and finally die under my sword rays.”

Seeing this, the other race aristocrats inhaled a breath of cold air and shivered.

“Stop! Or Ill crush her!”

With a cold shimmer in his eyes, Dello grabbed the blond human beauty crawling on the ground like a dog and threatened Acheson.

“Ant, are you threatening me?”

Derision streaked across Achesons eyes, and he took a step forward and unleashed a magnificent sword ray.

The sword ray disappeared, and Dello appeared in the void, nailed to the void. He issued miserable roars as invisible sword rays cut off pieces of his flesh.

When they saw this scene, as if they fell into hell, the other race powerhouses trembled, terrified.

“Stop! This is the Amman Duke Manor, who dares to commit murder here!”

With a roar, Infinity Warlock rank fluctuations of power rose from the Amman Duke Manor, and a handsome, tall, burly man with long azure hair flew over.

The man exuding Infinity Warlock rank fluctuations of power is followed by more than 1,000 soldiers, each of which possesses a cultivation base above the Starry Sky Warlock rank.

As soon as Alberta saw the Infinity Warlock rank powerhouse, delight streaked across her eyes, and she shouted excitedly: “Uncle Zachman, its them. The humans brought by Ruslana have committed murder in the Amman Duke Manor. Kill them!”

“Sir Zachman, kill all these lowly humans.”

“Sir Zachman, those smelly humans killed our friend! Moreover, they are still torturing our two other friends! Please to kill them!”


The eyes of the other race aristocrats standing behind Alberta flashed fiercely, and they roared madly.

“Die! Human scum!”

Zachman glanced at Yang Fengs group of three, his eyes shimmered coldly, and he operated the essence of toxicity and stabbed at Acheson with the trident in his hand.

Ruslanas countenance changed greatly, and she screamed, “Stop, uncle Zachman, he is a Monarch rank powerhouse! Yang Feng, please stop!”

Remaining calm and composed, Acheson looked at Yang Feng. Seeing that Yang Feng didnt express anything, his eyes shimmered with excitement, and he slashed with his sword.

A brilliant sword ray shone in the void and cut everything in its way.

Zachman and the more than 1,000 powerhouses following behind him were all cut into pieces and turned into mists of blood that were absorbed by Achesons sword.

Albertas gorgeous face turned pale, and she screamed in horror, “Monarch rank powerhouse! How is this possible? How can the humans have Monarch rank powerhouses?!”

The other race aristocrats also turned pale and trembled, and their eyes flashed with despair: “Monarch rank powerhouse! He is actually a Monarch rank powerhouse.”

Warlock Monarch rank powerhouses can be regarded as bigwigs in the Eternal Ancient Road. No matter the force, they are top figures with fierce combat power. They are existences that cannot be offended.

“This friend, please stop! This is the Amman Duke Manor. Please give me face. If you leave the Amman Duke Manor, we wont involve ourselves with you anymore.”

A Warlock Monarch rank aura and an aged voice came from the depths of the Amman Duke Manor.

“Give you face? Who do you think you are? As a waste who reached the end of his lifespan and whose soul is beginning to decay, do you think that you deserve me to give you face?”

Achesons eyes shimmered with derision, and he brandished a sword. A resplendent sword ray slashed towards Alberta and the other race aristocrats behind her.

Along with flashes of light, magic shields were just erected, when they were cut by Achesons sword ray. The other race aristocrats were cut into countless pieces that scattered around.

“My friend, this is the Tai Yuan Star. This is not a place where you can run rampant.”

The voice coming from the depths of the Amman Duke Manor suddenly became cold, and golden light rose into the sky.

As soon as the golden light rose into the sky, formidable auras awoke and hurried over.

Yang Feng glanced at the depth of the Amman Duke Manor and said with a faint smile: “Ruslana, do you want me to help you get rid of the dying old man there and support you as the new master of the Amman Duke Manor?”

Ruslanas eyes shimmered with complicated emotions, and she smiled bitterly and said, “Yang Feng, youre still making jokes at a time like this? If you dont hurry and leave, the Tai Yuan Stars guard will come. No matter how strong your servant is, he is only a Monarch rank powerhouse. No fewer than 20 Monarch rank powerhouses have died at the hands of the Tai Yuan Stars guard. Additionally, more than five quasi-Holy rank powerhouses died at their hands, as well.”

Along with flashes of dark light, a powerhouse equipped with a black battle armor and a sword, with a horn on his head, emitting quasi-Holy rank fluctuations of power, came out of the void.

Behind the powerhouse equipped with a black armor and a horn on his head, ten Warlock Monarch rank powerhouses emerged from the void, as well. They coldly stared at Yang Feng and his party, as if they were looking at criminals.

The Amman Duke Manor is a force controlled by a Warlock Monarch. If such a force asks for help, it is natural for the Tai Yuan Stars guard not to send kittens and puppies below the Warlock Monarch realm to their deaths.

As soon as she saw the quasi-Holy rank powerhouse equipped with a black battle armor, she suddenly turned pale and sent a voice transmission, “Its over. This time its the Sin Demon Quasi Holy! He detests humans the most. Once a human falls into his hands, they are as good as dead. You have to run. Right, remember to take me with you when you run. When he is angry, he will vent his anger on the innocent.”

The Sin Demon Quasi Holy glanced at Yang Fengs group of three, his eyes shimmered with hatred, and he uttered frigidly, “Whats going on here?”

An old man with long azure hair flew out of the Amman Duke Manor and stared at Yang Feng and company with resentment in his eyes: “Sir Sin Demon Quasi Holy! Someone of my race made friends with those human scum and carelessly brought them back to the manor. Those human scum ruthlessly killed these lovely children. Please kill them.”

The Sin Demon Quasi Holy glanced at Ruslana, his eyes shone with enigmatic light, and he sneered, “Amman, thats your granddaughter. She colluded with humans, violated the laws of the Tai Yuan Star, and committed reckless murder. According to the laws, she must be taken away and punished.”

The Amman Duke Manor uttered respectfully, “The moment she brought those humans to my manor, she stopped being a member of the manor. Sir, do whatever you want with her.”

The Sin Demon Quasi Holy smiled with satisfaction, and the looked coldly at Yang Fengs group of three and made a gesture.

“Human sinners, kneel! Or do you want to have all your relatives killed for disobeying the Tai Yuan Stars guard?!”

A metallo Monarch rank powerhouse dressed in a black battle armor, exuding silver metallic luster, stepped forward and shouted loudly.

Yang Feng uttered flatly, “Kill them all!”

Achesons eyes shone with the shade of excitement, and he said, “Yes! Master!”

“Kill them all? You want him to kill us? What great confidence, you lowly humans! Die!”

With a fierce flash in his eyes, the Sin Demon Quasi Holy erupted with countless runes, turned into a 10,000-meter-tall monster, and slashed with his sword, which contains astonishing demonic might, at Yang Feng.

“Its over!”

At the sight of the sword ray containing demonic qi, Ruslana turned pale, and despair flickered in her eyes. The power of that sword ray is far above that of any sword ray she has ever seen. It is infinitely close to the power of the legendary Holy rank.

“Nice power. Youre pretty strong in the quasi-Holy rank. Unfortunately, no matter how powerful a quasi-Holy is, they are still just a bigger ant.”

With a look of contempt in his eyes, Achesons vast Holy might instantly erupted and spread in all directions

The arrogant Sin Demon Quasi Holys eyes shimmered with astonishment, and he screamed, “Holy!”

A sword ray capable of extinguishing worlds and shattering stars appeared and clashed with the sword ray containing endless demonic qi.

The almost invincible sword ray containing demonic qi collapsed in an instant. The peerless sword ray unleashed by Acheson sliced the Sin Demon Quasi Holy in two, extinguished his soul, and erased all the vitality in his body, and he fell to the ground.

“Holy, hes a Holy!”

“How is that possible? How could he be a Holy? How could a Holy be willing to be someone elses servant!

“How is that possible!”


The ten Warlock Monarch rank powerhouses turned pale and trembled all over, and their eyes filled with fear.

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