Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 1139 – Gold Bones Great Holy

Chapter 1138 – Slicing the Gold Bones Sacred Son

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Ruslana looked at Acheson standing beside Yang Feng with shock in her beautiful eyes: “Holy, a Holy is actually his servant. Whats his origin?”

Duke Amman stared at Acheson with incredulity in his eyes, stupefied, “Holy, hes actually a Holy. How can a Holy be willing to serve as a servant of a pampered young master? What exactly is the origin of that person?”

Holy Spirit Warlocks are terrifying existences that can declare themselves to be the protector of a world. For such a peerless powerhouse to be willing to become Yang Fengs servant, this is shocking to the extreme.

With a fierce flash in his eyes, Acheson took a step forward and brandished his sword, and a bright sword ray tore the firmament and slashed towards the Warlock Monarchs of the Tai Yuan Stars guard.


A Holy Spirit Warlock rank breath transmitted from afar, and a giant hand full of bone spikes, bearing Holy might, tore the firmament and extended towards the bright sword ray.

Achesons sword ray slashed the giant hand covered in bone spikes apart, and then easily killed two Warlock Monarch rank powerhouses.

The remaining eight Warlock Monarchs rank powerhouses turned deathly pale. They each cast their own secret methods and fled.

Achesons eyes shimmered with a ferocious shade, and he brandished his sword and slashed the void.

In an instant, a Warlock Monarch was split into two parts, his soul was shattered, and his life force was extinguished.

“Youre really brave. To dare commit murder on the Tai Yuan Star, do you want to be suppressed?”

A 100-meter-tall monster with a ferocious face, chrysanthemum petal-like teeth, and three ox horns on the head, shrouded in black aura, stepped out and looked this way with a fierce gleam in his eyes.

Ruslanas eyes flickered with fear, “Holy, a Holy of the Tai Yuan Star finally appeared.”

Duke Amman stared at Yang Feng and his party with elation in his eyes, “The Tai Yuan Star also has Holies! This time youre dead!”

“Firmament Holy, youre Firmament Holy!”

The 100-meter-tall monsters words have just fallen, when he swept Yang Feng with his eyes, his countenance changed dramatically, and he cried out.

In one day, the Firmament Holy suppressed the Ansara Star and either killed or sealed nearly ten Holy Spirit Warlocks. This is an extremely fierce display. It should be mentioned that except for those who die of old age, very few Holy Spirit Warlocks die at the hands of others in the Tai Yuan Starfield.

Yang Fengs name spread all over the Tai Yuan Starfield. Naturally, the monster also knows that Yang Feng is a fierce and ruthless existence who slays people without blinking an eye.

“Who do you say wants to be suppressed? Is it you?”

Yang Feng, who originally only exuded Moonlight Warlock rank life force, suddenly erupted with advanced Holy Spirit Warlock rank might, looking like a direbeast that existed from primordial times slowly woke up, opened its eyes, and stared coldly at its prey.

Containing immortal Holy might, a giant golden palm suddenly emerged from the void and slammed towards the Holy Spirit Warlock rank monster.

The Holy Spirit Warlock rank monsters complexion changed drastically, and he roared and hacked at the giant golden palm with the battle-ax in his hands.


Along with world-shaking noise, the Holy Spirit Warlock rank monster fell from the sky like a meteor, slammed into the earth, and blasted open a scary hole.

Duke Ammans eyes flashed with shock and his body trembled, stunned: “Holy, he is also a Holy! And hes really strong! Too strong. Yes, only a Holy can have another Holy willingly become their servant.”

Ruslanas eyes flickered with shock, unable to believe her eyes: “Holy, he is also a Holy.”

“Firmament Holy!”

“Thats the Firmament Holy! Why is he here?”

“Firmament Holy, its that Firmament Holy who suppressed the Ansara Star by himself!”


A series of Holy Spirit Warlock rank fluctuations of power rose from the Tai Yuan Star. Holy Spirit Warlocks rank existences peeked at whats happening here through various spells.

When Yang Feng detected the series of Holy rank fluctuations of power, a dignified color flashed in his eyes: “30 Holy Spirit Warlocks, the Tai Yuan Star is worthy of being the center of this starfield.”

Prior to the universe great tribulation, the Cangzhi Planes core world had less than 30 human Holy Spirit Warlock rank powerhouses. But just the Tai Yuan Star has 30 Holy Spirit Warlocks. The power of the Tai Yuan Star is enough to make it an important force in the world of Warlocks.


The earth suddenly burst open, and the Holy rank monster flew out, quietly stood in the distance, and stared at Yang Feng with apprehension in his eyes.

Yang Fengs casual strike just now caused the monster only minor injuries, which healed after a breath of time. Even so, the Holy Spirit Warlock rank monster can feel Yang Fengs terror more clearly now.

The monster Holy stared at Yang Feng, not daring to say even a harsh word. He instinctively felt the terrifying killing intent hidden in Yang Fengs body. If he says any nonsense, he will be in danger of dying.

“Sir Firmament Holy, I am honored by your presence. Please forgive me for not welcoming you.”

Ripples rose in the void, and Lingyin came out of the void and saluted Yang Feng.

Yang Feng pointed to duke Amman and said indifferently, “This small fry offended me. I want him to die!”

Duke Amman turned pale and shouted, “Sir! I didnt. It was this human Holy who recklessly killed people in the duke manor.”

“What a vicious character. Firmament Holy, you committed murder in a duke manor and violated our laws. And now you want to kill a Monarch of the Tai Yuan Star, how overbearing.”

A young man covered in a gold exoskeleton, with long green hair, a tall and sturdy figure, and a handsome appearance walked out of the void and erupted with pinnacle Holy Spirit Warlock rank fluctuations of power.

Ruslanas face flickered, and she said to Yang Feng, “Gold Bones Sacred Son, he is a peerless prodigy of the gold bones race, one of the Tai Yuan Stars three empyrean races. In this era, he is the most outstanding prodigy of the gold bones race.”

The three empyrean races of the Tai Yuan Star are the gold bones race, the cloud dragon race, and the silver brilliant snake race.

The gold bones race is naturally proficient in the essence of bones. Their bones contain mysterious power, integrating offense and defense. They have the strongest defense among the three empyrean races.

Yang Fengs eyes flashed fiercely, and he said in a cold voice, “Do you have a problem?”

The eyes of the Gold Bones Sacred Son shone with a ferocious shade, and he uttered frigidly, “Pathetic human, to dare talk to me like this, do you want to die? This is the Tai Yuan Star, not a place where you can go wild. Now, kneel and swear to be my slave, and I will let you live. Otherwise, today is the day you die!”

“Youre the one whos going to die!”

With a cold gleam in his eyes, Yang Feng equipped the Xi Shen Armor and the Green Yang Halberd.

The Bead of Time suddenly appeared and erupted with countless mysterious runes, and a torrent of time gushed out and swept towards the Gold Bones Sacred Son.

Eroded by the torrent of time, the flow of time around the Gold Bones Sacred Son slowed down and even his thoughts became slow, slowing down by more than ten-fold.

The soul of a Holy Spirit Warlock has a trace of immortality. No matter what essence of time or secret method, none can stop the time of their soul. However, the essence of time can slow down the thoughts, the body, and the flow of power.

A green halberd ray tore the sky and slashed towards the Gold Bones Sacred Son.


A both startled and furious voice came from afar, a Great Holy step aura erupted, and a giant golden bone hand containing the essence of bones tore the sky and extended towards Yang Feng.

Achesons eyes flashed fiercely. He unleashed a sword strike, and a sword ray tore the firmament and slashed towards the giant golden bone hand.


A heaven-shaking blare sounded, and the golden bone hand was crushed by Achesont sword ray.

Acheson was slammed into the earth by the Great Holy rank force and spewed out blood.

The Gold Bones Sacred Son had a premonition of death. With a ferocious gleam in his eyes, his golden exoskeleton wriggled and formed a golden bone shield in front of him.

When the green halberd ray stabbed the golden bone shield, it issued grating noise and forcible slashed the golden bone shield in two, and then split the Gold Bones Sacred Son in two.

A black hole suddenly emerged, swallowed the Gold Bones Sacred Son, and absorbed his life origin force.

As soon as the Gold Bones Sacred Son was swallowed, countless golden bones emerged and formed a golden ball around him, resisting Yang Fengs devour force. Even though wisps of his life origin are still leaking out, but the golden ball stubbornly resists Yang Fengs devour force.

Yang Feng smiled and praised: “To be able to resist my devour force, interesting. It seems that the gold bones race is an empyrean race for a reason.”

The monster Holy inhaled a breath of cold air when he saw this scene, feeling his blood run cold: “How fierce. This human actually swallowed the Gold Bones Holy Son, thats simply too fierce.”

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