Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 114 – Sharan Village

Chapter 113 – Blue Lion Fang

Translator: Xaiomoge

That bronze armor covered Ares entire body. An extremely formidable power immediately erupted from the armor, making Ares feel like he was brimming with power.


Ares suddenly faced upwards and issued a bellow before instantly erupting with a terrifying life force comparable to that of a level-1 Warlock. The surrounding human warriors were being pressured to the point that they had some difficulty breathing.

Ares at once knelt on one knee and said loudly: “Many thanks, master, for bestowing upon me this strength. I feel as if my strength had promoted to the Sky Knight rank after putting on this miraculous armor. Master, Im willing to be Your retainer and vow You loyalty for generations. Im willing to be Your shield and shield You from all harm, to be Your sword and kill Your enemies.”

The human warriors above the city wall had their eyes flash with a touch of jealousy after hearing Ares words. Specially the several Great Knights, whos strength was originally far above Ares, had their eyes brimming with envy and jealousy.

Gazes gathered on Ares bronze armor. They knew that the bronze armor was an exceptional secret treasure refined by a formidable Alchemist.

Gazes were also gathered on Yang Feng. The Great Knights of Baza City had the desire of becoming his retainers just like Ares had and getting secret treasures like the bronze armor as well as tremendous power.

The corners of Yang Fengs mouth rose slightly and his eyes flashed with a touch of amusement. The secret treasure armor that he bestowed Ares was a fusion of Warlock techniques and xizu technology and the reason he bestowed it under the watchful eyes of the people was to draw in Baza Citys people and attract even more experts.

The secret treasure armor allowed a Knight rank expert exhibit battle prowess comparable to level-1 Sky Knights. However, its manufacturing cost was at least a hundred times that of a level-7 bladed robot. If one were to go by the price-quality ratio, then it wasnt worthwhile. But if one were to go by the perspective of drawing in people, then the secret treasure armor had tremendous value.

This secret treasure armor not only brought Yang Feng Ares devotion but also triggered the desires of countless human experts to gain power by relying on Yang Feng. As a result, Yang Feng could quickly reassure the people of Baza City as well as attract large amounts of experts.

Yang Feng smiled slightly, then pressed the Dimensional Crest on his chest and a knowledge crystal immediately appeared in his hand: “This secret treasure bronze armor is called Blue Lion Fang. Ill impart you with a secret method. As long as you strive hard enough and with the help of Blue Lion Fang, then youll be able to promote to a genuine level-1 Sky Knight within several years. At that time, together with Blue Lion Fang, even level-2 Warlocks might not be your opponents.”

Ares eyes flashed with a touch of delight and he immediately received the knowledge crystal: “Many thanks, master!”

All human experts above the city wall watched Ares with even more jealousy in their eyes.

Sky Knights were very rare in Turandot Subcontinent. The reason being that gifted geniuses would tread the Warlock Path and secret methods that could be practiced until Sky Knight were very rare.

A secret method inheritance that could be practiced until Sky Knight rank could bring about a powerful Knight family. Although the fighting strength of a Sky Knight was inferior to an official level-1 Warlocks, but the Sky Knight already had the strength to kill a level-1 Warlock. The status of such experts in Turandot Subcontinent was still rather high.

Yang Feng casually taking out a secret method that could be practiced until Sky Knight naturally attracted the envy of countless human Knight rank experts.

As night fell, the land became covered in a layer of darkness.

The dark elves blended into the night, as if invisible, quietly and stealthily sneaking towards Baza City.

Dark elves degenerated from high elves. They renounced the elven divine systems Elven Primary God Dunnath, and instead professed their faith in the nefarious Goddess Lolth. Lolth had spent large amounts of her divine power to bestow Dark Elf Clan with the blessing of the power of darkness. In the darkness, they had the innate power of invisibility, the innate ability night vision and their physical constitution would upgrade by 30%, theyre battle prowess nearly doubling. With a little bit of training, they were among the most dreaded assassins in the darkness.

It was by the virtue of the blessing of the power of darkness that the dark elves could become overlords and proliferate in the under world where experts and freaks were common.

Even though Goddess Lolth continuously instigated internecine among the dark elves for her own pleasure, yet they still hadnt renounced on their faith because they needed the powers of Goddess Lolth.

The dark elves, as if invisible, sneaked to a distance of one hundred odd meters from Baza City. But they hadnt discovered that closely packed and practically invisible infrared sensors intertwined and form a large net one hundred meters from Baza City.

The automatic heavy machine guns above Baza Citys city wall quickly revolved and crazily spat countless fires the moment a dark elf entered the large net, immediately shredding her.

“Enemy attack!! Enemy attack!”

In a split second, synthetic alarms reverberated through Baza City.

Huge flares rose into the sky before bloomed with endless radiances and brightly illuminating the surroundings of Baza City as if small suns.

Crowds of human warriors swiftly gushed out from every nook and cranny towards the city wall.

“Retreat!! Immediately retreat!!”

As the one responsible for this sneak attack operation, Bisca was so depressed that she felt like spitting blood when she saw the tyrannical dark elves being blasted apart by the automatic machine guns before swiftly issuing the order of retreat.

The tyrannical dark elves left behind several hundred blasted apart corpses before they managed to retreat.

Yang Feng arrived above the city wall and looked at the several hundred blown apart corpses of the dark elves before revealing a trace of a smile: “They dont learn. But at least Baza City should be alright without me here. Then lets proceed with the next phase of the plan.”

The greatest advantage of the dark elves was that they could lie low in the darkness of the night before launching an attack. It wouldnt be so simple for the dark elves to attack Baza City now that their night raid was foiled.

Yang Feng had quickly obtained the information about the state of the world from his information network after he had easily defeated the dark elves allied forces of the under world.

The allied forces of the under world had successively captured nearly all of the human Warlocks footholds in the under world.

Warlock College Antalya, White Elephant Ivory and Eyes of Justice, most of the footholds of the three great forces in the under world had suffered grievous casualties under the raid of the dark elves. With each force loosing at least 1 level-3 Warlock.

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