Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 1144 – Holies Bow Their Heads

Chapter 1143 – Shocking Everyone

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In the deepest part of the ruby ape races Ruby Spirit Mountain, a statue exploded due to some backlash force, and countless ruby-like pieces spread in all directions.

“The Ruby Ape Holy died!”

“How is that possible? How could the Ruby Ape Holy have died?!”


In the Ruby Spirit Mountain, the eyes of ruby apes flickered with fear and horror.

The death of the Ruby Ape Holy means that the ruby ape race will be knocked down from a greater race to a lesser race without the protection of a Holy and can only become a vassal of a powerful race. In his life, the Ruby Ape Holy was extremely overbearing and offended many Holies. Consequently, the ruby ape race now may face extinction at any time.

In the bardamen snake races Devil Snake Mountain Range, a snake totem broke, and Holy extinction power filled the mountain range.

“The Holy died!”

“How could this happen? How could they die?”

“So many Holies pursued the Firmament Holy, so how could they have died? Werent they following golden bones race Holies?”


In the Devil Snake Mountain Range, 100-, 1,000-, and even 10,000-meter-long snakes poured out of their nests one after another and looked at the snake totem in horror.

Without the protection of a Holy, the bardamen snake race may become the food and prey of other races.

News of Holy Spirit Warlocks dying came from one race after another, shocking the entire Tai Yuan Starfield.

“The Golden Bones Great Holy died? How could that be? Hes from the golden bones empyrean race, the race with the strongest defense in the Tai Yuan Starfield!”

“So many Holies died?”

“What happened on the Ansara Star?”

“How could this happen? How could a mere human Holy Spirit Warlock contend against golden bones race elites and their allies?”

“How could the Firmament Holy be so terrifying?!”

“What happened in that fog?”


The eyes of the Holies paying attention to the battle flashed with incredulity, and their gazes fell on the Ansara Star.

Countless rays shone as the Holy Spirit Warlocks cast spells and tried to discern the reality of the Ansara Star.

However, the mist formed from Mist Rulers covering the Ansara Star rendered all their attempts useless.

The endless mist suddenly separated, and a huge fleet took off from the Ansara Star and flew in the direction of the Ti Yuan Star.

“Whats this?”

“Does Firmament Holy want to go to war with the Tai Yuan Star?”

“Could this Firmament Holy want to go to war with the Tai Yuan Stars three empyrean races?”

“Its not impossible! Even the Golden Bones Great Holy died at his hands. How many people of the Tai Yuan Star are his opponents?”


The Holies stared at the huge fleet with great vigilance and made conjectured.

On the Tai Yuan Star, each force adjusted its alert level to the highest level and began to recall the powerhouses traveling outside and prepare to deal with various unexpected situations.

The Tai Yuan Star, the Silver Brilliant Manor.

Standing behind the Silver Brilliant Young Master, the shade of worry streaked across Lingyins beautiful eyes, and she asked, “Young master, the Firmament Holy is coming with his fleet. How come you havent reacted at all? If the silver brilliant snake race isnt prepared, Im afraid that we will suffer a great loss! Even the Golden Bones Great Holy died at the hands of the Firmament Holy. The Firmament Holy has gone mad. Im afraid he will really start a war with the three empyrean races.”

The Silver Brilliant Young Master smiled faintly and said, “Lingyin, what you said is impossible! For him to be able to reach this point, hes definitely not a fool. According to his style of handling things, if he had the power to raze the Tai Yuan Starfield, he would have done it already. He was able to slay the Golden Bones Great Holy most likely because of some arrangements on the Ansara Star. Hes definitely not coming to start a war with the three empyrean races. Otherwise, that would be suicidal.”

The three empyrean races are top greater races with profound underlying strength and Empyrean grade secret treasures. Even if a quasi-Empyrean rank powerhouse starts a fight with the three empyrean races, their victory isnt guaranteed.

Even though the golden bones empyrean race lost its strongest powerhouse, the Golden Bones Great Holy, as well as several Holy Spirit Warlocks and its vitality was greatly damaged, but it is still one of the three empyrean races of the Tai Yuan Star and its status cannot be shaken.

The Silver Brilliant Young Master is naturally rather calm, not taking Yang Fengs actions seriously.

The Tai Yuan Star, the Cloud Sea.

The devastatingly beautiful Cloud Dragon Queen is immersed in the blue Cloud Dragon Sacred Pool. With abstruse runes flickering in her eyes, her gaze crossed an endless distance and fell on the approaching fleet.

The beautiful eyes of the Cloud Dragon Queen shimmered, and she revealed a smile, “A show of strength? With the prestige of annihilating golden bones race elites and their allies, hes coming to show off his strength. What a cunning fellow.”

The three empyrean races, which are the three major forces of the Tai Yuan Starfield, have fought each other countless times over the years and have formed great enmities.

Now that the vitality of the golden bones race was greatly damaged, the other two empyrean races are naturally taking joy in its calamity, none willing to help it.

The huge fleet stopped 100,000 kilometers away from the Tai Yuan Star, and then moved forward again, heading for the Tai Yuan Stars guarded area.

Once Yang Fengs fleet enters that area, it will pose a threat to the Tai Yuan Stars races. By then, the three empyrean races are likely to join hands to annihilate the fleet.

Acheson stepped out, looked deeply at the Tai Yuan Star, and said, “People of the golden bones race, listen to me! Our lord Firmament Holy slayed your Golden Bones Sacred Son and Golden Bones Great Holy as well as your allies. Do you dare to get out here and fight us?!”

Although Acheson is 100,000 kilometers away from the Tai Yuan Star, but his voice still shook the sky and spread throughout the whole Tai Yuan Star like thunder.

“The Golden Bones Sacred Son and the Golden Bones Great Holy were killed!”

“Firmament Holy? Who the hell is that? To dare provoke the golden bones race, is he tired of living?”

“The Golden Bones Great Holy, thats the No. 1 expert of the golden bones empyrean race!”


When the Tai Yuan Stars powerhouses heard the voice, even the lowest slaves realized that the golden bones empyrean race is being provoked and that its Holy with the greatest potential and strongest Great Holy have died. This can be rated as a blood feud.

“Firmament Holy, youre too arrogant! Do you really think that no one in the world can deal with you? To dare come here to challenge the prestige of the Tai Yuan Stars three empyrean races, you deserve to die!”

With a flash of light, the Golden Noble Great Holys projection suddenly appeared around the Tai Yuan Star and stared at the flagship in the core of the fleet.

At the top of the flagship, there lies a magnificent litter inlaid with countless rare treasures. While sitting in the luxurious litter and hugging Zhou Ruoyu, Yang Feng looked at the Golden Noble Great Holy.

Yang Feng uttered indifferently, “I have no malice towards the other two empyrean races the cloud dragon race and the silver brilliant snake race. Im here for the golden bones empyrean race. Golden Noble Great Holy, since our two sides have already forged a blood feud, wed better resolve it as soon as possible. Why dont we go to the Ansara Star and fight to the death?”

When the Golden Noble Great Holy heard the name Ansara Star, his face twitched slightly. He uttered coldly with frigid killing intent in his eyes: “Firmament Holy, dont think you can have a peace of mind by setting a trap on the Ansara Star. To become an enemy of the golden bones empyrean race is the greatest mistake of your life. The golden bones empyrean race wont let this matter rest until one of us dies!”

A sea of stars formed from an endless amount of star force and a 100,000-meter-tall white spirit mountain flew out from the Tai Yuan Star and flew in the direction of Yang Fengs fleet.

“Star heavenly whale race, white dragon ogre race, you dare betray the golden bones race! Firmament Holy, youre here to meet these two traitors!”

Seeing this scene, the Golden Noble Great Holy came back to his senses and bellowed, a flash of anger in his eyes.

The Empyrean grade secret treasure the Golden Piercing Horn suddenly flew out and radiated immortal Empyrean might, and a true spirit-level golden horn rhinoceros appeared and charged towards the sea of stars and the white spirit mountain.

The Xi Shen Armor Yang Feng has equipped shone with countless runes. He brandished the Green Yang Halberd, and ten suns shot towards the true spirit-level golden horn rhinoceros.

The golden horn rhinoceros crushed the green suns one by one.

The two Holies Jing Jiu and Gui Longjiu turned into a stream of light each and entered the sea of stars and white spirit mountain respectively.

Now that their Holies have returned, the sea of stars and the white spirit mountain gathered the power of the race and propelled the power of Ling Jiu and Gui Longjiu to the junior Great Holy realm.

Under the cover of Great Holy rank power, the sea of stars and the white spirit mountain turned into two streams of light and flew into Yang Fengs fleet.

“Ha-ha, Golden Noble Great Holy! Well play slowly at a later time!”

Yang Feng burst into laughter and willed, and the huge fleet turned and flew towards the depths of the starry sky together with the sea of stars and the white spirit mountain.

“Firmament Holy! Ill definitely kill you! Ill definitely tear you to pieces!”

Gazing at Yang Fengs back with bloodshot eyes, the Golden Noble Great Holy issued an earth-shaking roar, yet he didnt dare to give chase. The golden bones race cannot afford to lose another Great Holy. Once the Golden Noble Great Holy dies, the golden bones race will no longer be able to keep its position as an empyrean race.

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