Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 1146 – Astonishment

Chapter 1145 – Welcome

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“I dont care what happened in the Tai Yuan Starfield in the past! However, since I, Firmament Holy, came to the Tai Yuan Starfield, my human race is no longer an inferior race to be bullied by others. Ill give you a month to prepare and send all humans in your possession to the Ansara Star. Otherwise, I will go to your nests one at a time. By then, I wont give anyone face.”

Sitting aboard the flagship, Yang Fengs bright gaze pierced into the void and his voice vibrated in the void and, according to a mysterious law, entered the wills of the spectating Holies.

“How overbearing!”

“Firmament Holy is so overbearing!”

“That bastard, he dares to involve himself with our races affairs!”


In the void, when the Holies heard Yang Fengs threatening words, they became angry and felt provoked at first, but then looked at the ogre-faced crystal blade races ending, felt their blood run cold, and began to weigh things.

After waiting for Yang Feng to finish to speak, Yinshe Xingkong smiled and said, “Firmament Holy, can you come to the Tai Yuan Stars Jue Yun Mountain in ten days for a meeting?”

Yang Feng looked at Yinshe Xingkong with an enigmatic smile and said, “I am a sworn enemy of the golden bones empyrean race. If I enter the Tai Yuan Star again, wont I be walking into a trap?”

Yinshe Xingkong smiled and said, “Surely you jest, Firmament Holy! With your strength, as long as you dont enter the golden bones empyrean races restricted area, they wont be able to stop you. Besides, the silver brilliant snake race and the cloud dragon race can work together to ensure your safety. If the golden bones empyrean races dares to fight you, our two races will definitely fight and quell them.”

Yang Feng uttered lightly, “Fine, Ill give you face and go to the Jue Yun Mountain again.”

The Jue Yun Mountains meeting is a grand meeting held for the countless forces of the Tai Yuan starfield to divide the power of the starfield.

Since Yang Feng doesnt have the power to oppose all the forces of the Tai Yuan Star, he must also participate in this grand meeting and fight for his interests.

“Then well take our leave!”

Yinshe Xingkong smiled, blurred, and disappeared together with the seven Holies.

Four hours later, the ogre-faced crystal blade races main force was wiped out.

Cubes flew out of the fleet and fell towards the Borda Star like meteors.

As soon as the cubes landed, they grew into munitions factories and began to operate.

Engineering robots swarmed out of the munitions factories and began to collect all kinds of resources on the Borda Star.

Ogre-faced crystal blade race corpses were also collected by the engineering robots as materials for refining various weapons.

Yang Feng revealed a satisfied smile when he checked the spoils of war: “The ogre-faced crystal blade race has seven Springs of Immortality in stock, thats pretty good.”

In addition to the seven Springs of Immortality, there are still three Empyrean grade secret treasure materials and countless rare mineral resources.

The resources of the ogre-faced crystal blade race are enough for Yang Feng to build 50 million 6th generation battle robots. In addition, there are countless resources on the Borda Star, which can be used to produce a steady stream of 6th generation battle robots.

Yang Feng sighed with some regret: “Unfortunately, Yinshe Xingkong came too early! If only I could level the seven races one by one.”

Yinshe Xingkong came at the right time, just when Yang Feng was wiping out the ogre-faced crystal blade race, making it so that Yang Feng could not continue to attack the other seven races, or else Yang Fengs power would increase geometrically.

Now that he has no excuses, Yang Feng cant fight the other races, or else he will become the public enemy of the Tai Yuan Starfield.

A few days later, the seven races sent the humans under their control to the Ansara Star as agreed.

Yang Feng entrusted the miscellaneous tasks to Zhou Ruoyu and the top figures of the Heavenly Yuan Mountain, and then proceeded towards the Tai Yuan Star together with Ruslana.

Aboard a warship flying towards the Tai Yuan Star.

While sitting in a beach chair on a beach and basking in the sunshine of an artificial sun, Yang Feng slightly narrowed his eyes, a look of delight on his face.

Acheson is standing quietly behind Yang Feng like a loyal servant.

Dressed in a sky blue one-piece swimsuit, kneel-sitting beside Yang Feng, the extremely beautiful and sexy Ruslana is peeling extraordinary fruits and feeding them to Yang Feng like a maid.

After she saw Yang Fengs terrifying display, Ruslana put away her bad thoughts regarding Zhou Ruoyu and served Yang Feng wholeheartedly.

“Ruslana, is this your man? Hes a human?”

Along with a charming voice, a great beauty with two ogre horns on the head, wheat-colored skin, and a sexy figure, wearing a revealing one-piece swimsuit, walked over. She is almost as good-looking as Ruslana.

With a surprised look on her face, Ruslana got up, hugged the great beauty, and asked with a smile: “Alina, its you! Didnt you go to the Sacred Land Eternal Battle Tower in the central starfield to study? Why have you come back so soon?”

Alina replied with a smile, “There is a Holy power struggle in the central starfield, with Holies battling dozens of times a month. The situation over there is too dangerous. I came back this time to take refuge. Im going to wait until the situation over there calms down a little before returning.”

In a fight between Holy Spirit Warlocks, even Infinity Warlocks can be reduced to ashes by the aftermath.

As a mere Bright World Warlock, Alina chose to come back.

Alina introduced her friends to Ruslana: “Ruslana, let me introduce you my friends. This is Gloria, the third daughter of the Blue Starfire Monarch. This is Dalfr, the second son of the Thunder Lizard Monarch. This is Mott, the first successor of the Jel Duke Manor.”

Gloria is a blonde, tall, sexy, beauty with a cold and noble temperament. She is slightly better that Ruslana in terms of appearance and disposition.

Dalfr is a tall and sturdy man with a lizard tail and somewhat ugly facial features.

Mott is a handsome man with short blond hair, an extraordinary temperament, and a veiled haughtiness.

When Ruslana introduced Yang Feng, she hesitated for a moment: “Hello, I am Ruslana, and this is…”

Yang Feng got up, hugged Ruslana, and said indifferently, “My name is Yang Feng, and Im Ruslanas man!”

Ruslanas pretty face tinged with two blushes.

Alinas eyes flashed with curiosity: “Ruslana, dont you like women? How could you have feelings for that man?”


Dalfr smiled disdainfully and looked at Yang Feng with a flash of contempt, and then gazed at Ruslana with a scorching shade in his eyes.

Dalfr sent a voice transmission, “Alina, I like Ruslana. Please help me.”

Alina hesitated for a moment before saying in reply, “Dalfr, she already has a man.”

Dalfr uttered, “A human, how can he be worthy of Ruslana. She will be happy if she follows me. If we join hands, we can force that human man to back off. I really like her. If you help me get her, I will give you the magic crystal vein under the Jia Yun Mountain.”

Alinas eyes brightened, and she replied, “Alright! Its a deal!”

Alina and company soon began to chat with Ruslana. They are highly educated people. Although they didnt say anything particularly rude, but by using secret innuendos, they faintly expressed their rejection of Yang Feng.

Ruslana, who detected the faint rejection of Yang Feng by Alina and company, felt worried. But since Alina and her party just treated Yang Feng coldly, she couldnt say anything.

The warship soon landed in a star harbor of the Tai Yuan Star.

“Yinshe Kongyin greets lord Firmament Holy. Lord Satellite Holy asked me to pick you up. During your visit to the Tai Yuan Star, I will be your guide. You can tell me anything you want.”

Yang Feng had just alighted the warship, when a sexy and beautiful silver brilliant snake race girl wearing white close-fitting clothes that perfectly accentuate her curvaceous figure, with extraordinary temperament and peerless appearance, greeted with a smile and saluted Yang Feng respectfully.

Behind Yinshe Kongyin, there are twenty beautiful girls from different races, each of which has a unique charm.

Shock shimmered in Ruslanas eyes: “This is the silver brilliant snake races little princess Yinshe Kongyin! She actually came to meet us in person. Yang Feng, he isnt a formidable Holy for no reason.”

Holies are aloof existences standing at the pinnacle of their respective races. Only other Holies can meet them.

For aristocrats of the Tai Yuan Star like Ruslana, the silver brilliant snake races little princess Yinshe Kongyin is already an amazing bigwig. Even their parents have to look up to her and dare not offend her.

For a bigwig that she could only look at from afar in the past to take the initiative to meet them, this left Ruslana really excited. Shes even more agitated and excited than when she saw that Yang Feng has a Holy servant.

Yang Feng glanced at Yinshe Kongyin and made a faint sound of acknowledgement, “Mhm!”

Alina was stunned when she saw this scene: “Thats the silver brilliant snake races little princess Yinshe Kongyin. She actually came to meet Yang Feng! Firmament Holy, whos that? Even if its a Holy, its impossible to have the silver brilliant snake races little princes welcome them in person!”

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