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Chapter 1147 – Holies Gather

Chapter 1146 – Astonishment

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Dalfr stared at the beautiful Yinshe Kongyin with astonishment in his eyes: “Yinshe Kongyin, the little princess of the silver brilliant snake race, the most outstanding pearl of the silver brilliant snake race! How could she greet this human? Firmament Holy, is he a human Holy?”

The silver brilliant snake race is one of the three empyrean races of the Tai Yuan Starfield, and it controls countless races of the Tai Yuan Starfield. Yinshe Kongyin is a most outstanding genius of the silver brilliant snake faces younger generation and has reached the supreme Infinity Warlock realm in less than 300 years. Compared to her, who is doted on by the silver brilliant snake race, even if its an ordinary Holy Spirit Warlock, they only have the same status as her.

With her status, a word from Yinshe Kongyin can lead to the annihilation of Alina and Dalfrs families. She is an existence that Alina and Dalfr need to look up to. Yet such a noble existence took the initiative to welcome Yang Feng, which filled their hearts with shock.

“Firmament Holy! Who is that?”

Waves rose in Motts heart, and he quietly connected to the Tai Yuan Star Network that was jointly developed by the three empyrean races and entered an information forum to look for information on Firmament Holy.

“As soon as he appeared, he quelled the races on the Ansara Star and slayed more than five Holies; slayed the Golden Bones Sacred Prince on the Tai Yuan Star; slayed the Golden Bones Great Holy as well as many Holies of the golden bones race and its allies on the Ansara Star. What a ferocious character!”

As soon as Mott saw Yang Fengs information, he felt his scalp turn numb, and a chill welled up in the deepest part of his heart.

There was a flash of astonishment in the beautiful eyes of the cold and noble Gloria.

Mott glanced at Acheson beside Yang Feng, and a myriad of thoughts swirled in his head: “Thats also a Holy! To use a Holy as a servant, this is something that only the most domineering characters can do.”

Holy Warlock rank existences are the protectors and the underlying strength of their race. Even Warlock Emperors wont look down on them. Only the most domineering characters would take Holies as servants and arbitrarily command them despite everything.

Gloria looked at Ruslana next to Yang Feng with envy in her beautiful eyes: “Firmament Holy! For Ruslana to be able to become his woman, shes really lucky!”

“Thats the ruby spirit races little princess Hongyu Yinger!”

“Thats the star thorny races little princess Jingji Yu!”


“Thats silver brilliant snake races little princess Yinshe Kongyin!”

“What sort of bigwig has arrived for them to be greeted by all those princesses? Did a Great Holy arrive?”

In the star harbor, when the aristocrats who alighted the warship saw Yinshe Kongyin and the beautiful women behind her, they were stupefied.

Although the status of those beautiful women behind Yinshe Kongyin is far lower than her own, but they are also noble women in their own right. Any one of them is a goddess sought after by countless people in the Tai Yuan Stars top-level upper class. Yet here they have gathered to meet a person, filling the Tai Yuan Stars aristocrats with astonishment.

“Firmament Holy? Is it the human Holy who killed the Golden Bones Great Holy and provoked the golden bones empyrean race?!”

“Firmament Holy, is it that legendary Firmament Holy of the human race?!”


The aristocrats of the Tai Yuan Star suddenly remembered something, their complexion changed, and they focused their eyes on Yang Feng. Many aristocrats took a few steps back, and their eyes filled with alarm and fear.

Yinshe Kongyin glanced at Alina and company and asked curiously in an ethereal voice: “Lord Firmament Holy, who are these people?”

Yang Feng replied flatly, “Theyre people I met met by chance!”

Yang Feng is naturally aware of the veiled rejection Alina and company displayed towards him. Although he doesnt take such minor things to heart, but he doesnt want these people to benefit from him.

With Yang Fengs current position, a word from him is enough for Alina and company to have a bright future and bring prosperity to their families. On the flip side, a word from him can also bring about hell and eternal damnation for them.

When she heard Yang Fengs words, Alinas eyes showed a look of disappointment and regret. She realized that she missed a great opportunity.

Realizing the implication of Yang Fengs words, Yinshe Kongyin smiled sweetly and mused: “These people seem to have offended the Firmament Holy. I should teach them a lesson.”

“Lord Firmament Holy, please take a seat!”

Yinshe Kongyin waved her hand, and a colorful magic carpet suddenly flew out. The magic carpet radiates colorful lights and is blooming with countless rare herbs that exude enchanting fragrances.

The colorful magic carpet is a Holy grade secret treasure, and it has countless herbs planted, including some Holy grade herbs. For Infinity Warlocks, sitting on the colorful magic carpet long term will have a great effect in the progress of the cultivation base.

Yang Feng smiled indifferently and set foot on the colorful magic carpet together with Ruslana.

Yinshe Kongyin and the other female supreme talents boarded the colorful magic carpet as well.

The colorful magic carpet flashed, turned into a rainbow, and flew towards the Jue Yun Mountain.

Alina and company looked at the colorful magic carpet with regret in their eyes. If they hadnt rejected Yang Feng before, they would have boarded the colorful magic carpet and made friends with Yinshe Kongyin and the other female supreme talents.

The Jue Yun Mountain is one of the most famous sacred lands of the Tai Yuan Star, a place where Holies gather. It is 1 million meters tall, is surrounded by clouds all year round, and is covered with countless spirit herbs.

The area within 10,000 kilometers of the Jue Yun Mountain is a restricted area. Apart from Holies, many aristocrats of the Tai Yuan Star cannot easily enter it.


At Yang Fengs command, the colorful magic carpet stopped at the edge of the Jue Yun Mountain.

Countless runes flickered in Yang Fengs eyes, and tremendous soul force flowed towards the Jue Yun Mountain like a tide and investigated the mountain.

With Yang Fengs current strength, it is difficult for even Great Holies to kill him. However, even if it is Yang Feng, he doesnt dare to enter the nests of the three empyrean races, or else a slight misstep could lead to him being suppressed.

The Jue Yun Mountain, which is place where Holies gather, is a place with extremely high concentrations of elemental particles and life magic energy. If a deadly array is set up there, it will be extremely difficult for Yang Feng to break free.

Yinshe Kongyin smiled sweetly and said, “Lord Firmament Holy, since the Jue Yun Mountain is a gathering place of Holies, there arent any arrays set up there. Otherwise, if Holies felt that theyre in danger, theres no way that they would come here.”

Each Holy Spirit Warlock is not only the protector of a race, but also the representation of the fate and hopes of said race. They wont lightly take risks.

Since the Jue Yun Mountain is a gathering place for Holies, it naturally cannot have any dangerous boundaries installed, otherwise no Holy would come.

After Yang Feng used a dozen plus detection spells and confirmed that there are no abnormalities on the Jue Yun Mountain, only then did he enter.

“Firmament Holy, youre here at last!”

Once he entered the Jue Yun Mountain, Silver Brilliant Young Master Yinshe Xingkong welcomed him with a bright smile.

Yang Feng nodded, saying: “Satellite Holy!”

Yinshe Xingkong is known as Satellite Holy in the Tai Yuan Star and is a prodigy of the silver brilliant snake race.

Yinshe Xingkong introduced the several silver brilliant snake race Holies beside him to Yang Feng: “These are silver brilliant snake race Holies as well as my friends. Let me introduce you. This one is Yinshe Xuanyi, this is Yinshe Luzhu, and this Yinshe Feihai.”

Yinshe Xuanyi and Yinshe Feihai are dashing men with junior Holy Spirit Warlock rank cultivation base. Yinshe Luzhu is an extremely beautiful woman with extraordinary temperament, elegant demeanor, and intermediate Holy Spirit Warlock rank cultivation base.

Yinshe Kongyin is known as the No. 1 beauty of the Tai Yuan Star. But compared with Yinshe Luzhu, she is still lacking.

Yang Feng said courteously, “Greetings, Holies!”

Since the silver brilliant snake race treats him with courtesy, Yang Feng, who isnt someone uncultured, will naturally treat the other party with courtesy, as well.

Yinshe Xingkong said with a bold smile, “Since you have come to the Tai Yuan Star, you are a most distinguished guest of the silver brilliant snake race! Come, let me entertain you.”

Soon, a grand banquet was held.

At the banquet, Yinshe Kongyin, Hongyu Yinger, and the other beautiful female supreme talents can only serve as maids and attend to Yang Feng and the other Holies.

On the tables refined from spirit jade, there are all kinds of delicacies made from exotic beasts. For an ordinary person, a bite from these delicacies can lead to earth-shaking transformations in their soul aptitude. The dishes the food is served on are Monarch grade secret treasures and possess all kinds of incredible extraordinary power.

After three cups of wine, Yinshe Xingkong asked, “Yang Feng, what are your thoughts regarding this Holy gathering?”

Yang Feng smiled and said in reply, “Ansara Star, Borda Star, Duroc Star, Rettakim Star, Ggadahn Star, and Shengye Star. Im determined to get these six celestial bodies.”

Besides the Ansara Star and the Borda Star, the other four are celestial bodies occupied by races affiliated with the golden bones race. They are rich in resources and can give birth to Holy Spirit Warlock rank powerhouses.

Yinshe Xingkongs eye flickered, and he revealed a smile and said, “Alright! The Silver Brilliant Manor will support you.”

The relationship between the silver brilliant snake race and the golden bones race is really poor. Yang Feng acted with great discretion this time and only asked for four more life celestial bodies, which is still within the silver brilliant snake races bottom line. Originally, Yinshe Xingkong thought that Yang Feng, with his fierce and domineering character, wants more than ten life celestial bodies. If that were the case, Yinshe Xingkong would not be able to tolerate it.

Yinshe Xingkong asked, “Firmament Holy, did you come from the main world?”

Gazes of expectation focused on Yang Feng. The silver brilliant snake race powerhouses are full of curiosity towards the main world.

Yang Feng answered, “Thats right!”

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